HH and President Lungu meet at late Munkombwe’s burial in Choma
HH and President Lungu meet at late Munkombwe’s burial in Choma

All People’s Congress Party (APC) president Nason Msoni says the emphasis of two key players (President Edgar Lungu and Hakainde Hichilema) has watered down the importance and value of the forth coming dialogue talks.

The opposition leader explained that National issues should never be personalised and that his party was of the view that another opportunity has yet been lost to focus on the bigger picture.

He noted that the moment national talks become conditional and specific around individuals they become irrelevant and a sheer waste of time.

“The trouble is it is centred on individuals than on the national question. A national agenda should never revolve around individual at the expense of the bigger picture.

“Am not persuaded to attend in the circumstances and as such intend to boycott the event for reason that it is more of a handshake oriented interaction than substance pedalled,” he said.

He said as a politician who has participated in similar processes in the past he finds this particular dialogue strange as it is more focused on individual reconciliation than the resolution of the national questions.

“In my view what is at stake is far more greater than mere interactions of political leaders.
The lack of political will is apparent for all to see on the part of the PF.

“As legitimate stakeholders we cannot afford the luxury of allowing ourselves to be on the sideshow in matters of national concerns.

“Matters of reconciliation should rather be on the sidelines of the dialogue process as opposed to being the centre stage of the dialogue process,” he said.

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  1. But Msoni u thought u entity by being called President? U ain’t different from Muliokela. Just come join the UPND – Smaller Opposition Alliance like your friends have done.


  2. What is wrong with the Zambian politicians? This is the same Msoni called with a strong VOICE of NATIONAL DIALOGUE. Today HE IS SAYING THAT NATIONAL DIALOGUE will be a mere handshake because it’s based on personal issues of course between ECL and HH. He knows the Outcome I guess but let the CHURCH MOTHER BODIES do their party.


  3. Mson is right. You cannot be calling it Natìonal Dialogue when you are busy individualising it to ECL and HH. When HH boycotts the dialogue then you feel you can not go ahead and hold the dialogue. This is a fallacy.


  4. Worthless comments and worthless opinions. This is Zambia where debates don’t add value to the political stage. It is all mockery and time wasting. If Werensky came back he would have the last laugh how we are governing our country.



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