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IDC appoints Board of Directors of the soon to be launched Zambia Airways

Economy IDC appoints Board of Directors of the soon to be launched...

Zambia Airways
Zambia Airways

Industrial Development Corporation Group Chief Executive Officer Mateyo Kaluba, has with immediate effect announced the appointment of members of the Board of Directors of Zambia Airways.

Those appointed include Bonaventure Mutale State Counsel, a senior member of the legal profession and Former Attorney General, Robinson Misitala, an Aeronautical Engineer, aircraft accidents investigations specialist and Aviation business Executive who previously served as Managing Director at National Airports Corporation and

Misheck Lungu, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Communication.

The other members of the Board appointed in line with the Shareholders Agreement between IDC and Ethiopian Airlines are Tewolde GebreMariam, the Group Chief Executive Officer for Ethiopian Airlines, Rahel Assefa, the Vice President Marketing for Ethiopian Airlines and Kassim Geresu, the Vice President Internal Audit and Compliance for Ethiopian Airlines.

Mr. Kaluba said an additional member of the Board representing IDC will be appointed later, bringing the number of IDC appointees to four.

He said the Chairperson of the Board will be selected from the members representing the IDC adding that the new board will spearhead the process to operationalize Zambia Airways.

Mr. Kaluba said the appointment of the Board marks an important milestone in the establishment of a national airline.

He said the Board will take the necessary steps to ensure all the regulatory requirements to operationalize the airline are met as well as put in place a competent management team.

“The skills mix and vast experience of the board members gives us the confidence that we have the right team to actualize the joint investment between IDC and Ethiopian Airlines”, he said.

He further said, the board will have regular interactions with the media and the general public to ensure effective communication and information sharing with the general public.

Mr. Kaluba has since congratulated the new members and wished them well as they take on the responsibility to make Zambia Airways an airline that will bring pride and jobs to the Zambian people.

Zambia Airways is a partnership with Ethiopian Airways.

This is contained in a statement issued to the media by IDC Public Relations Manager Namakau Mukelebai.


    • This is the step in the right direction especially for us who travel alot ku Zambia. The only suggestion is that don’t give yourselves huge salaries for now wait until the airline gain ground then you can reward yourselves for your hardwork. As for our friends in Upnd lets hope for the best like if you live in Canada or the US we make alot of connections before we can land at KK airport.

  1. Already setting up their salary packages before even this pointless airline takes off…no seasoned business man on that board just job seekers!!

    • @2 Jay Jay,Good observation,it appears we are still stuck in the past of running airlines as a matter of national pride rather than a business venture.If we look on the Ethiopian appointees they are all well vested with the airline business,instead of searching for similar expertise among Zambians we go picking names instead of matching experise or prominent business advisers!!

  2. Another white elephant project.
    ZA cannot copy & paste the business model of EA which is successful bcoz of “dobba-dobba” (picking up passengers from several destinations in the region before heading to Addis Ababa, book them in free hotels there before reconnecting them to their final destination after 2 to 3 days.
    The only winners will be ethiopians who will bill ZA for consultants, catering, uniforms, training, aircraft maintenance, insurance, etc.
    Ask Malawians, they are crying after being ripped of by ethiopian airlines.

  3. Mushimba Airlines – absolute nonsense. It would be a laughter comedy if it was not a disaster on our taxes and the national economy and national debt.
    Please President Lungu, can you make this Brian Mushimba pay for this airline from his deep pockets? Otherwise I will not vote for you in 2021.

    For the avoidance of doubt I can never vote for Trib.al Hacks either.

  4. Alaaa ba under5 , you always want to see negative things happen,these upnd cadres are useless this is why I say your party is sat.anic , full of dev-il worshippers, give honour where its due. Yaba I forgot your ha ha god was involved in privatisation he is not happy to see Zambia Airways back again. …chinkoko.
    Pf government good development.

  5. Bazed, please at-times its good to talk less,This is a step in a good direction,”Everything starts somewhere,A wise Man Once said”,Thanks!

  6. South African Airways is struggling, Kenyan Airways is also struggling and so are big airlines like Air France . How will an airline run by PF cadres keep afloat?

  7. Just shows what sh!t u have in this chipante pants sh!t hole govt run by a convicted debarred thieving lawyer who stole from a widow and sold Zambia cold storage, the moron has sh!t for brains

  8. The fact that the IDC’s appointees’ are all PF cadres speaks volumes about the GRZ’s seriousness with this airline project. IDC’s business model is flawed and is bound to go burst. The fact that IDC is the majority shareholder of a venture with an experienced partner simply means IDC will have to put in more investment for a business which has at least 5 years lead time to break even. Kaluba is wrong choice for CEO for IDC as he does not understand investment strategy. What IDC should be doing is to initially invest as minority shareholder so as to leverage the risk to profitability. As things stand IDC has purchased 90% zampalm, 90% superior milling and intermarket bank, all this investment portfolio is loss making!Am i missing something

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