Monday, April 15, 2024

BombShell releases “Mutima Wanga” music video


Bombshell delivers the highly anticipated video for her single titled “Mutima Wanga” which stars Elkanah Luam from Zambia’s popular telenovela – Zuba.

The video was shot and directed by LawdakJunior Mafia and Jamiel Banda.




    • Be careful with these useless videos and pictures you’re taking. Time will come when you will to get married and settle down. Trust me no man in his senses will marry you, including those boys you’re dancing with. Listen to what parents are advancing you.

  1. This is a classico….Sellable beyond the borders of Zed….Ema video aya and not those videos taken from cheap fones

  2. African music rarely sounds good when mixed with English language, especially with a fake American accent. The only African singer who made great music in English was Fela Anikulapo Kuti – but his style was Afro-Jazz and his English was with a very heavy African accent.

    • Bufi. The late Papa Wemba had a big hit in English called Show me the way. Fellow Congolese Franco had a big hit in French called Les Sida Kenyan David Amunga had a hit called I’m going back to Africa. OSIBISA from west Africa had several hits in English including Welcome home, Sunshine Day. Fela was singing in Pidgin, a corruption of English

    • I could add Yousou N’dour, Manu Dibango and a lot more exceptions, but my argument is still that African music sounds better in African language. But then, I guess it’s a matter of taste…

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