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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Investigations on a video involving a male nurse demanding a female client to use Tonga launched

Headlines Investigations on a video involving a male nurse demanding a female client...

Ministry of Health Head Media Relations Stanslous Ngosa
Ministry of Health Head Media Relations Stanslous Ngosa

The Ministry of Health has instituted investigations into the matter where a male nurse in Southern Province is alleged to have denied services to a mother who took her child to the health facility for not speaking the local language.

In a Video that has gone viral on Social Media, the mother is seen pleading with the male nurse that she could speak English and understand the local language.

Ministry of Health Head Media Relations Stanslous Ngosa said the Nation will be informed the outcome of the investigation in due course.

And Southern province acting permanent Secretary Kennedy Mubanga says the video in which a male nurse is demanding that a female client uses Tonga as a medium of communication which has gone viral is disturbing as it is a clear abrogation of the code of ethics of the public service.

Mr. Mubanga has for this reason directed the ministry of health to immediately launch an investigation into a matter and bring the culprit to book.

Mr Mubanga says the video which has gone viral on social media has the potential to undermine the confidence of the public in the civil service.

The acting permanent secretary said following the video in question that has gone viral his office has received inquiries from concerned citizens asking for clarity on the alleged professional misconduct of the male nurse in Kaliningrad area.

He warned that government will not stand aloof and watch rights of citizens being violated by those it has employed to provide a service.

Mr Mubanga explained that all public workers are expected to exhibit good professional conduct when discharging their services.

He has warned of disciplinary action against public workers abrogation the code of ethics with impunity.

In November last year, the Health Professions Council of Zambia suspended the practicing license for Mwansa Chalwe, a clinical Officer, General holder of license number HPCZ 10/2/06491 working at Nansenga Clinic in Ithezi-tezhi, Central Province for violating the privacy and confidentiality of his clients.

It was alleged that Mr. Chalwe posted pictures of clients during an ART session on his facebook page who were attenging Anti-Retroviral treatment session he conducted which violated their privacy and confidentiality.

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  1. Tongas have a problem and they are bringing this problem upon themselves. They are a sick people… ingombe ilede satisfies my view for them. Am sorry, my respect for this sector of our beloved nation is absolutely ZERO

    • Another Lungu who said that ‘six out of ten Bembas are thieves’ needs to be found and fixed! He’s jus as f00lish, man!

    • bloggers, before you write crap, get the side of the story of what really happened Even in the courts of law that video cannot be used as true evidence as what really happened. You have no right to write such hate language to attack another tribe based on the event we are not really sure what happened.

    • It is impossible for Zambians to risk with these pervasive tribal causes. I shudder imaging an opportunity for such despicable mindset in control. Better left on the terraces of ineffectual hallucinations. This is a prelude of what a culture of inherent tribalism can do.

    • Anyone who generalises this incident and apply it to all tongas is not normal. Like the id.io.t above. Otherwise Tongas seem to be the only ones bold enough to stand up to Bemba domination. We are strong and will not be belittled by anyone. We cant allow hardcore tribalists to demean us in our homeland. We will wait for the results of the investigation.

    • I am not TONGA and would not be happy if this really happened, but it will be very unwise to conclude from this shot piece of video of what really happened. This is “He said She said”. Unless there witnesses to substantiate what she is saying on video, there might be nothing here. Mr. Ngosa, might be right, investigate first before you make conclusions. AND no need to insult the whole (Tonga) group because of one person. Its like here in the US where “All” Black men are seen as thieves and criminals because of a few. Its not a good feeling. Lets be judged as individuals and not as a group.

    • Many questions concerning this video, in rural communities its usually the case that government workers will use the local language when talking to clients and can only switch to English when they feel the client in question can’t understand them, from the video one can tell the nurse is speaking English through out, while the client is dead quite, for how long has this mother stayed in that area and if this mother was unable to speak the local language and English, how would this nurse administered medical services to someone he also wouldn’t understand? Both the mother and nurse should have just simply asked if anyone at the medical facility was able act as translator.

    • @ Wab. You have a missguided misconception emanating from an inferiority complex.

      Bembas are not dominating or oppressing anyone. Some one people speak bemba because bigest employer was the mines proximity to bemba land

      People from different parts of Zambia went to the copper belt and learn bemba.

      When someone speaks bemba he is not bemba per say.

      You cant force a language on people. People choose. I for one dont like Tonga, but I like lozi. Thsts why we learn English at school for official communication.

    • What is wrong with the nurse asking the patient to speak in Tonga? Only if the nurse completely denied her treatment on this basis should it be an issue otherwise there is nothing wrong I see here. As for our Zambian nurses in general whether they are Bemba, Ngoni or Luvale- male or female they are just sadistic animals that should be whipped with an Ila bull whip from Namwala ba sa I tell you our nurses are the most useless and cruel civil servants in Zambia.

    • Its funny seeing Tonga’s trying to crap their pants trying to excuse their tribalism. Unfortunately, this behavior is very common in Tongaland. My friend recently moved there with her husband and she says Tonga’s won’t talk to her on the basis she is Bemba. She says people are mean to her. She is learning the language but hopefully she’ll move away from that hell hole soon.
      Anyway, I can excuse the man for his poor work ethic. Must hurt to be a male nurse instead of a doctor!

    • @Its political.. my inferiority complex only exists in your mind. You saying you don’t like Tonga and that you can’t force a language on people exposes your deep-seated tribalism.

    • But did this group not tell Zambians when Mazoka at one time was leading Mwanawasa in the presidential poll that they would make everyone in Lusaka speak Tonga. I am personally not surprised because it is part of their agenda, should they come into power.

    • You all know am from Luapula. The Bemba woman is bitch, very very styupid. Speaking English is not a modern thing. Clinics should be speaking local languages. She didn’t even greet him in Bemba, why is not speaking Bemba then?
      The male nurse is calm and humble. How does she even know he is Tonga?
      Videos nayatumpika ama Zambians.

    • @Advocate, wabe ittole. I would jail that woman, for malicious damages. The nurse is doing a great job, humble as they come. And here comes a tribalist with video camera with her useless accent.
      A married woman playing with videos, “making people life difficult”.

  2. Honestly, has the government not got better things to probe like lack of medicines in hospitals and clinics? it may have been a joke like the president calling Bembas thieves, why is that not being investigated. Please let us discuss important issues rather than komboni issues, this tribalism crap should stop before the country is plunged into a Rwanda.

  3. about time, you know we have more than 70 languages in Zambia and they are not regional but mixed, for example, we have tumbuka speaking people in southern province. equally we have lozi speaking people in kasama. for this reason we thought best to keep the foreign language for communication purposes. so it was under five childish behavior for a grown up man to deny access to medical service for the woman’s child because she did not know Tonga , azamuziba Shadrach, Meshach na Abednego.

    I’m breaker and I approve this message

  4. Nurses in our health institutions abuse patients everyday and nothing is done. It’s interesting that Mr Ngosa says ‘ the nation will be informed of the investigation’ for this particular incident

  5. It is really a sad development. If found wanting the Officer deserves to be punished. However, save a few stones for some senior PF leaders who say we will only bring development to the area when you vote for us. Others are the selective disbursement of CDF, recruitment based on tribal lines e.g. ZNS, early retiring of officers on tribal lines just to mention a few. Animal farm ideology.

    • Effects of community schools, you think in one dimension and please keep revising your dictionary, the right spelling is *****. Your blogger name reflects your low self esteem, you want to believe you are an intelligent. Finally, emotions make people irrational.

  6. This guy should be fired.

    Although the President has told people over and over again that if you don’t vote PF you’ll not see development. That’s wrong also.

    • Fired for what? Your ignorance? Because of the accusations from one foolish woman with no evidence except her threats, harassment and intimidation … shameful.. what she has posted shows nothing to support her the guy is probably innocent.

  7. This appears to be the general problem with our colleagues of Southern Province heritage, they also carry this same attitude when working for other tribes in urban areas. They wonder why the general populace can’t trust them with power. Why is this man in the video making the work of HH difficult in 2021?

    • And they complain ati we hate them. Their attitude makes it very to accept their leader. 2021 hes losing because of this nurse

    • bloggers, before you write crap, get the side of the story of what really happened Even in the courts of law that video cannot be used as true evidence as what really happened. You have no right to write such hate language to attack another tribe based on the event we are not really sure what happened.

  8. Language evolves. Even the so called bemba its not bemba at all.

    Urban bemba is opposition is a mixture of multiple lingua including tonga its.

    Have you even heard compaign political campaign songs in Tonga

    What radicalised Tongas must realise is that no one own s a language. Language is just medium of communication.

  9. During the campaigns in 2016 the trib.als were overconfident of winning. Some civil servants from trib.als were heard telling non-trib.als fellow civil servants “If you cannot speak our language how are you going to work with us?”.

    Never let thes3 trib.als to come near power, tyey are a recipe for Rwanda style genocide.

  10. It’s mind boggling how people come to conclusions. In this video there’s nothing tribal, actually it’s just this so called woman who is talking thru out.

  11. This health worker is very backward and heartless. He is capable of murder. if a man with tertiary education can treat a mother and her ailing child in such a fashion for no plausible reason, what do you expect from a blooming villager from Gwembe valley. Such beings should never get close to the corridors of power. Every citizen should be a blessing to the nation and not a curse. This nurse is a mistake of nature. he is a curse to the nation.

    • Your lack of judgement and ignorance is amazing. Yes there’s an allegation and accusations but Where’s the evidence in this video? What are you basing your point on? Nothing except your preconceived biases!!!! Shameful really. You’re so easily swayed. That is how genocide happened in Rwanda!!!

  12. Waffles at it again, doing what they know best, waffling. Pathetic cretins waffling for nshima as usual….Kikikikiki.

  13. If found to be practercing tribalisim he should be punished , but he is no worse than many tribal bemba bigots on this blog who I have attacked who think Zambia belongs to bembas….

    We all remember how FJT went to a livingstone rally and started speaking in bemba…..

    • Not everyone that speaks bemba is bemba. You are a misguided loose cannon. Come out of the gwenbe cocoon. The world is big and enjoy the space

      With you kind of thinking you pose danger to society and we are not going to experiment you with state house

    • I know all the bembas iwe pompwe and not everybody who speaks Tonga is a Tonga……

      I already am in statehouse by way of my tribes man chagwa lungu….

    • Why does upendi use bemba songs for campaign. Have you ever heard a tonga song at a political rally. Think. Use you heard.

      Language doesn’t belong to a tribe. Tonga language doesn’t belong to Tongas. Its a language and I have right to learn and use it or not.

      Unfortunately I don’t like it. Lozi is better because I can use it in Namibia and south Africa.

      One day while in china a Chinese greeted me in bemba when I told him I came from Zambia. By the way I dont speak bemba

  14. Those are tongas for you!!!Many tongas are too tribal.Only those Zambians who have never been to Southern can fail to believe this.Before HH joined politics in 2006,tribalism was brought to almost zero in Zambia and from 2006 to date,tribalism has become too real in Zambia due to Kainde.I was in Southern on Saturday and met HH near Choma,hesh guys tongas are too tribal.When you are in tongaland as a Northerner or Easterner,you really feel unzambian-believe me!!!VOTING FOR HH COULD BE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE WHICH NONE TONGAS WOULD MAKE AND IT WOULD BE ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE FOR A NONE TONGA TO GET A GOVNT JOB!!!A none tonga would vote for HH at his/her on peril!!!

    • Njimbu don t lie. this tribalism was not from HH it was a gimmick used by the PF for campaigns. Let us try to be honest in things we say. and for your information UPND is not a Tonga party as per your propaganda it is a multi tribe party same as pf is.

  15. The video is too short we need preponderance evidence. It must be a misunderstanding. I once lived in southern province when I was a boy and we used to speak out bemba language even in primary school . We only used tonga language when communicating to our tonga friends who could not understand our language. Tongas are not bad people. The only problem now is to try to use politics to influence the lifestyle and culture.Some people have failed to understand that bemba language is not dominant. The reason is that there are about four provinces in Zambia that use bemba or similar language. Luapula,Muchinga,Nothern province & Copperbelt. Let us forget about the language and politics and embrace one Zambia one Nation.

    • The length of the video is enough. The fact that the nurse was trying to hide his face and trying to grab the phone proves that he is guilty.

    • Expected comment from mwana ushenda. Zambia is a big country and and after visiting and living in a number of provinces, I have come to realise that some people are incorrigible. I have lived in the north western province, CB, Lusaka and southern provinces and some people need Jesus.
      If it were not for the policies of our founding fathers, Zambia would be on fire now.


    • Am you think we can vote for hh when we read your violent language. On Voice of America Guy Scot said hh is a leader of a small ethnic group from the south, and that is how the world look at upendi. Its an ethnic violent political party. Period

      Thats when hh said muzungu opusa.

  17. Let see if in 2021 you use tonga campaign lyrics.

    Ati tongas are the only one who can resist bemba .

    Who told you politics is a tribal race. You are just struggling with a complex.

    Am an eastern er and I dont speak bemba because I dont like it. No one forces Tongas to speak bemba. So whats the fuss.

    Use official language when dealin with people who are not interested in your ethnic language. When someone from your village comes to the clinic you can use Tonga

  18. It was around 20 hours. Mr Munsaka Phebias was alone manning the Clinic.

    The first Client that came had a labour case and was considered an emergence. He went into the labour ward to help the woman. When he briefly came out he found three clients waiting for him as he was the only one at the Clinic at that time.

    Two were seated on the waiting bench and one was standing with a baby in her hands. Mr Munsaka greeted them one by one in Tonga. “Kwasiya buti”. The two seated answered but the one standing responded in Bemba saying, “Sumfwa icitundu”.

    Engulfed with fate, Mr Munsaka asked the woman a question, “Sure even a greeting”? I am told the woman got annoyed and started accusing Munsaka of not being professional for using Tonga in a government set up. Munsaka went back to the…

  19. Engulfed with fate, Mr Munsaka asked the woman a question, “Sure even a greeting”? I am told the woman got annoyed and started accusing Munsaka of not being professional for using Tonga in a government set up. Munsaka went back to the labour ward to finish assisting the patient there as that case was considered an emergency.

    When he was done in the he came out to start screening the other patients. The lady with a baby gave the baby to the husband and got a Camera and started shooting the video with a promise that she was going to make Munsaka’s life difficult.

    MoH has constituted a team to investigate the case. They are now on the ground doing their work. Looking forward to reading their findings in their report.

    Hope Munsaka won’t be retired on national interest.

    • @Mr Kanganja don’t defend the indefensible. It has become common or normal for certain people to ensure only their people get served. It’s a serious development and the architect though mixing with leaders from other tribes is delighted to see such “support ” from “his people “.

  20. If the couple know how to use a phone camera they should know how to answer back in Tonga being in a Tonga area. Why answer back in Bemba in a Tonga area instead of English? The nurse has no case. The couple are tribalists who hate Tonga for no reason. Am no Tonga. Nothing wrong is using Tonga in a Tonga area.

    • Because of one politician’s insanity the entire tribe is being painted as tribalist. This is very bad. The male nurse is not the only one. …I went to a post office and as we were queued waiting to be served a gentleman from a certain ethnic group was called from the back of the queue by the clerk at the counter in their language. In any case personally I don’t see what benefits I would gain if my tribesman became president. Chiluba ruled for 10 years but as his village mate I never saw any advantage at all.

  21. I’m not surprised at all. Even the late Daniel Munkombwe once said to a civil servant in southern province: “we do not want people who cannot speak Tonga here”. Three quarters of Tongas are tribalists.That’s why I did not even vote in the 2016 elections. The top two contenders were not my favourite.

  22. Forgive the bastard he is turninshing the name of tongas. Fire him immediately no need to investigate. Iam annoyed that you are sparing such a bad seed up to this hour, the chief MUST chase him from the village.

  23. “ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” says Sejani. Tongas by nature are very tribalistic people. It also happened to me when I was working for a certain government grant aided institution which was and is still dominated by Tongas. I was transferred form Solwezi to Livingstone where the headquarters were hosted by then. One day my boss found me speaking bemba to my bemba friend and he got upset with me and started shouting at me that Bemba must not be used in the TONGALAND, I tried to explain that myself I was brought up on the copperbelt where Bemba is used as a medium of communication and Tonga is not yet on my tongue. all in vain he could not take it. I reported the matter to his boss unfortunately him was also tonga he did not discipline him all.

  24. The problem is some people go to clinics/hospitals with attitude, they behave though they’re the only ones deserving better service than others. Let the investigation be publicised before we judge. Why did she post to social media before they could seek clarification from the higher authority?

  25. Investigate this case if the male nurse will be found wanting just fire him there and then. There are a lot of trained nurses who are able to serve the public with humility. This is not strange in that part of the country until such a time when especially indigenous people will accept in totality to live with people from other tribe circles. But there are very good individuals from that side who have even opted to settle in other parts of the country and they don’t even think of getting back to their place of origin. Can all people change and be accommodating to others. Let us move out of the cocoon of feeling that our tribe or language is more superior or perceived inferior!

    • Iwe kanganja. How do bembas come in. Who said the woman was bemba.

      Your hatred is towards bembas is scary. Shade off your negative attitude and see the world different ly in 2019.

      So many bembas would want to support your party but on second thought its really scary. I would seen you are bottled up.

      Under your current preposition you pose danger to national security.

    • You have never supported any party led by a Tonga person. That is your nature of tribalism you animals called Bembas. You didn’t vote for Mazoka, the cream of the man, and now you are demonizing HH and Tongas in general. Stay in your Bemba kingdom. Stop imposing your stup.idity to other areas of the country.

  26. Comment: To some people, when one Tonga says something, all Tongas have said it. But not so for other tribes. One is innocent before proven guilty; not so to some people over Tongas. Tongas are guilty even when proven innocent.
    The quest to paint Tongas started decades ago. These are the fruits. One has to be really daft not to know the end result of this journey. Make Tongas feel the hurt at all cost. The Chinese language is here, to some people it is more palatable than indigenous Tonga in Zambia. No matter how Tongas are abused, no commission is set.
    History is full of oppression. Tongas are not the first to be oppressed nor will the be the last. Throughout history, whenever the oppressed came to their senses the results are in black and white.
    Sometimes, you even say to yourself,…

  27. We want to know the woman’s name and where she works from. You will realise it is these people sent by Lungu just to distabilise normal operating communities. Why didn’t the husband talk? I am a nurse and I don’t see anything wrong the nurse has done. Let that woman train as a nurse if she wants instead of hiding in the name of the language.

  28. Tongas are good pipo but some chaps hate other tribes.I also believe some tongas like competing with bembas in sort of issues.No one mentioned that this woman is bemba but they are busy accusing bembas.We should live in harmnony guys.Power will not take us anywhere.just work hard instead of depending on taking over governmnet in 2021. I had interest in UPND but coz of some f0000shi chaps like this nurse i better stick to PF otherwise if some tongas are not controlled other tribes can suffer.They should not feel that bembas deny them power it’s bcoz of such kind o f behavior.Inferiority complex in some tongas is just too much.Bembas are not ruling Zambia but Lungu(eastern) and inonge(western).Please guys let us change othersiwe HH will die in opposition.Even when lungu did chimbuya…

    • The woman spoke in Bemba when she was greeted in Tonga and that where the whole issue started. She is Bemba. We do not care whether HH dies in opposition, tell that pros.titute to relocate to other areas

  29. Continue
    .Even when lungu did chimbuya tongas were busy forcing us to denouce lungu n embrace.very use—-less tactics.we can’t be cheated jst get Kambwili,chipimo otherwise we can’t trust some chaps from UPND.

    • it doesn’t matter where the information is coming from ..but what matters is how you handle that information, that makes how sensible and mature you are (wisdom)…

  30. I’m not Tonga but worked in Southern Province as a Civil Servant. Tonga’s are generally very nice people. Very cordial and welcome. I personally didn’t see anything wrong with our colleagues of Southern Province. Very generous people.

  31. During my boyhood days juvenile criminals were sent to Katombora prison in Southern Province and because they all spoke iciBemba and as result many people in the province thought all Bemba people were thieves and yet some were from actually from there like the infamous Kambole Musalale,

  32. This is really sad and outrageous.

    Zambia is a diverse country made up of so many different ethnic groups, tribes, languages and cultures.
    That is what I like about Zambia.

    I am a Chinese businessman who has been running a store in Lusaka, Zambia, for 5 years now.

    The vast majority of Zambians that I have interacted with have been good people.

    But this Tonga male nurse is not a good person. He is a racist Tonga supremacist.

    To deny someone medical care because of language is pure evil.

    This Tonga male nurse is an evil person who needs to be fired from his job and prosecuted to the fullest
    extend of the law.

    He deserves no mercy.

  33. I feel sad for this man, who might not even be Tonga but works in an area where Tonga is the common medium of expression and uses Tonga was a vehicle of communication for the local population. We have been judge, jury and executioner. All we have is one side of the story. The MoH is investigating the issue. Why not allow due process to take over rather than become armchair judges, jury and executioners. Patients have rights. So do health workers. Any disrespect of a health worker as is customary seen in most situations amounts to abuse of the health personnel. And we have a lot of abuse of health workers in the country. It is wrong. Health workers deserve respect as much as their patients do. Lets us wait for the investigation, MOH will inform citizens and due process will be done.

  34. This is all because Dundumwezi is near Kalomo. Sore point for the PF. The woman just wanted to create a scene. The nurse was greeting her, not denying her child treatment. Check the witness account. The PS is jumping on investigating what was done or what the woman said? Really? What a lame excuse for diligence.

    When I am in Livingstone and not in foreign countries shop attendants speak to me in Nyanja and I reply in my language or English asking them how they can work in a shop where all business is in English if they are illiterate. Many laugh and switch. And this is in Livingstone where the national anthem in school used to be a salute to the Imutakwandu. As a minority language speaker who as a result learned to speak Bemba, Lozi, Tonga and Nyanja, I resent any unofficial…

  35. Am Ngoni by tribe. However,that does not mean that one of the Ngoni’s can’t do what this Tonga nurse did. Wherever you go bad people and good people are there. In view of this issue, it does not mean that Tongas are like what you are thinking. That is just an individual and people who behaves like that can be found in all the tribes in this country. “Personality is an individual thing”.

  36. Nshili mutonga but I feel like you’re all blowing things out of proportion. Umuntu nga akuposha mulife vernacular Ya mu area alimony ni respect temusalula iyoo. The male nurse didn’t demand the use of Tonga. He used Tonga just as an icebreaker. Nefishili fyakuilishanyapo mwebantu

  37. Nshili mutonga but I feel like you’re all blowing things out of proportion. Umuntu nga akuposha muli vernacular Ya mu area mulimo ni respect temusalula iyoo. The male nurse didn’t demand the use of Tonga. He used Tonga just as an icebreaker. Nefishili fyakuilishanyapo mwebantu!

  38. In every tribe you will find an *****.Learn to love one another you guys.We are all zambians.Some of us who had parents working in the civil service during Kaunda era had our education in different districts of Zambia and lived in harmony with the people of Livingstone despite being born on the Copperbelt.The hatred and intolerance being displayed in the media right now is very alarming and not healthy for all peace loving zambians.You should learn to co exist and stop despising other tribes.You are all black people and you belong to the big community of Africans.Politicians should look and address this problem with urgency

    • Am Tonga myself and have no problem with any tribe per say that except individuals who use tribe to make them feel beter than others. This beef that seem to exist between Tongas and Bembas is the devil trick we are falling for. These two people’s are actually related, they all came from Congo,the Tongas having come earlier.Evidence is the similarities in many names like clan names Ngandu,choongo, mwene and many more.We also have similar lines of speach sometimes like , leeta imbi, umulele oyo,mubili, uluse , tunwe and many others. We are related people. Now easterners have even joined the band wagon of hating and disrespecting Tongas. Lets have a bigger picture. Our black race which is looked down on and suffering all over the world .
      This nurse should have been more professional but…

  39. Majority of tongas are bad. We have a Tonga worker who hides all the documents he works on when he goes on leave. He won’t answer his phone when you need something from him, if he answers he will give half baked information. He is a deacon at sda church.

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