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Headed for a Rubble: When 10 Misleaders Unified by Duplicity and Mutual Deception Babble about Building a Political Tower Of Babel

Columns Headed for a Rubble: When 10 Misleaders Unified by Duplicity and...

Opposition Leaders
Opposition Leaders

By Sunday Chilufya Chanda

The Scriptural Tower of Babel represents the pride of mankind wanting to reach the heavens and be their own gods. It also represents the unification of all people in error. Because of their pride, ill-motives for unification, and greed, their mission failed as they began to babble in different languages each did not understand of the others.

Reports of an “alliance” (more of a “reliance” ) of ten opposition political parties “resolving to work together” and field candidates in the 2021 Election, as one body is reminiscent of the Scriptural account of the tower of Babel; it is a union of the erroneous founded on error.

As practicising democrats, we have always held that Political parties perform an important task in a multi-party democracy such as ours.

Apart from offering the necessary checks and balances, they are meant to bring like-minded people together as they to seek form government in orderthat their policies can be implemented while they hold public office.

For our democracy to thrive, the ruling party needs worthy competition in the form of a credible opposition party worth its salt; one that knows where it stands ,where it wants to go and how it plans to get there.

In the interest of the development of our country, the Patriotic Front covets a contest of ideas; not the challenge of regional allegiance practised by some, or the flat comedy of a huddle of personality cults; or an ensemble of charlatans and tin pot dictators, coming together just to make noises like the builders of the tower of Babel.

The leaders of these political parties would do better by uniting to remove the log sized errors in their eyes that impedes their democratic outlook, before they can point out the specks in the ruling party’s eyes.

Anything else would be a farce.

How can callous tyrants with the most appalling records of intra –party governance pontificate good governance?

What can come out of the union of a motley of one-man wannabe political parties frolicking and fawning at the feet of their “reliance” Partner; the (mis)leader of a regional personality cult; and specialist in hostile takeovers; predator of relationships who perches himself at the apex of the “alliance” food chain?

Hichilema and UPND:

  1. How democratic is the UPND and how can they be dogmatic about “good governance”- considering that they have not held a single convention or intra-party democracy since 2006?
  2. A political party that does not hold elective conventions or conduct intra-party elections is a mere personality Cult. The fact that the lord of the Lord of the UPND manor has crafted an indefinite tenure clause into the UPND Constitution makes him de-facto Life President. At best, he can only babble and jabber about democracy and good governance; He doesn’t practice what he so vehemently preaches. He talks about democracy and good governance, but doesn’t believe in it. Like Sigmund Freud once said:
    _“He does not believe that does not live according to his belief.”_
  3.  What can a party like the UPND which has not had a manifesto for more than 20 years offer in terms of alternative policies? All they have is a flyer they call a “Ten Point Plan” and all they do is criticise and chase after every Progressive move the Ruliing Party makes, in the manner a bow-wow chases after the tyres of every moving vehicle.
  4. A political party without a manifesto is both visionless and directionless. And because it is directionless and visionless, it is prone to drift with the wind like a rudderless vessel.
    How can they take “Zambia Forward” when they themselves don’t know where they are going?

Chipimo and NAREP:

We will repeat what we’ve said before:

  1. NAREP was established in March 2010 by Mr Chipimo and it has been a poorly performing de-facto one man show or “sole-solo- trader” ever since. For close to a decade, he has been micro managing everything in NAREP. Since inception, Mr Chipimo has been the “party’s” Presidential Candidate in the 2011 and 2015 General Elections in which he spectacularly failed to garner even half a percent of the Presidential vote. It is bad enough that he did not even manage 1% of the vote. But surely; less than half a percent!
  2. Mr Elias Chipimo’s unflattering record just goes to show not only how seriously the people of Zambia take him, but how seriously he takes himself. He is his own electoral college. Phrases like “Convention” “Intra-Party Elections” are alien to NAREP. What morality does Elias have to even talk about Democracy? Like Hakainde his gaffer, all he can do is blither and blather, about good governance.
  3. NAREP is Elias Chipimo and Elias Chipimo is NAREP; they are inextricably intertwined. If NAREP performance has been dismal and disastrous, it doesn’t take a genius to identify who personifies the dismal, disastrous (and hypocritical).
  4. For close to 10 years, each and every candidate associated with Mr Chipimo’ NAREP has been routinely and resoundingly rejected by the people of Zambia even when they could have done better by themselves.

In the decade Mr Elias Chipimo has “led” NAREP, his nondescript party has received a smidgeon 0.2% of National Assembly election votes and his party of sorts has failed to win a single seat ever since. He has been ignored and rejected.

Miscellaneous & Sundry:

Charles Milupi formed ADD almost a decade ago, participating in 2011 general elections where he garnered less than 1% of the vote.

During this period His party has never held any convention or elective process of note, Charles Milupi is the embodiment of ADD. His party and political career are on the cusp of extinction and Hichilema has come in handy as a piggy back ride to merely delay the inevitable.

The same can be said of Mike Mulongoti and his fellow insignificant others. Even Hakaindes new found domestic jester the NDC “Insultant” is an alien to democracy.

They are self-seeking one man shows masquerading as political parties; with no internal dialogue and zero intra-party democracy.

Like Hichilema and Chipimo-How can they give what they do not have?


Even if a log stays in water for decades, it can never change to a crocodile!

Hypocrisy is not a way of getting back to the moral high ground.

Pretending you’re moral, saying your moral is not the same as acting morally. To play the despot and pretend to be a democrat is hypocritical.

Sincerity makes the very least person to be of more value than the most talented union hypocrites.

When erroneous charlatans unified by error gather to erect a political Tower of Babel; the labour of their babble ends up in rubble!

The Author is Patriotic Front Media Director At the Patriotic Front Secretariat Lusaka


    • That’s what happened to the impeachment motion, after dismissing it at first then PF realized they would lose it. If you are confident enough then bring it on and let’s see if LungWu will survive. Your days are numbered PF and tell LungWu the truth.

    • All, Happy 2019!
      Nothing wrong in being coerced into your HH’s subjects. But alliance of the vulnerable is inconsequential because its built on belittling and denigrating the incumbent Chagwa other than ideology and national interest. It creates nor critical mass to offset Chagwa. They can prepare for worse humiliation that will not pass forming and storming in the Tuckman’s stages of group development. People make leaders and not useless alliances. Leadership is not about being wealthy and usefulness to multinationals. There is a lot to learn from personalities that turned iconic leaders like Obama from the Hoods and Madrassa of Indonesia, Churchill (alcoholic), Kennedy (drug addict) or Lloyd George (sex addict). If they can’t do it via the traditional means, the idea is a Brought in…

    • Auto Correction: “It creates no critical mass to offset Chagwa.

      I really sympathize with the political incompetency and desperation of HH. They say experience is the best teacher and Lesson learned is valuable Organizational Process Asset to leverage, but in Zambia the opposite is true for HH. A journey into UDA, UPND/PF and the Chainama Hotel Alliances, they have all failed to pass Tuckman’s stages of group development. His desperation never stops amusing the wise majority. It is inevitable to have s strong opposition for checks and balances in a burgeoning democracy. But the HH circus bring to the fore the bigger problem of mindless desperation as evident in the fate of opposition parties and the apparent futility of opposition politics in our country today.

    • Akalupala and a big bum (where Sunday’s brains are located) are too blame for this obsessive behaviour that border on a Chainama case

    • Sunday need confined to Chainama mental hospital.
      He is suicidal. And you people are watching him, you regret as you watch him hanging himself at Freedom statue!

    • Warning: views expressed in the article are entirely Chanda’s own and do not represent the views of the entire Zambia population.

      By the way can Chanda enlighte the nation on what has happened to the
      Mulungushi ttextiles which was commissioned during campaigns in
      Kabwe, let him speak as Christian for lungu, what are the production levels at this industry and how many kabwe residents have been employed so far?

    • Chanda is that one stubborn green fly that goes down and is buried with a corpse. Remember that spokesperson for Saddam Hussein who even when Americans had reached Saddam’s palaces in Baghdad he plainly told the world that Americans where lost in the desert, but what he forgot was that that war was the first to be televised live on TV. In 2011 Chandra went down with mmd,in 2021 you are going down with pf . remember regime change in this country has always happened in a year with a 1 at the end., 91,2011,2021 here we come.

    • Why obsession?
      Even if a log stays in water for decades, it can never change to a crocodile!
      But obsession by one political party sticking around too much can turn into fear especially from a bootlicker. Fuseke Chanda.

    • We already know who the presidential candidate is for this alliance, but who will be the running mate? The million dollar question is what will cause this alliance to crumble because it is full of members who are full of themselves and are less concerned about the plight of the poor but fattening their personal accounts.

    • One time Antonio is causing me to be side-lined mayo, mayo mayo,… Nalacula ine bantana cake, Cake yalowa, maya mayo…

    • Do you know that in Zambia regime change has always occurred in a year with 1 at the end? In election that happens in a year with 1 at the end God gives Zambians to change the leadership. I see change on the horizons. This is an eye opener to any pf cadre with grey matter between your ears ,Abandon boat.

  1. Iwe kaka lupala Chanda , stop your nonsense articles which dont add up anything to write about with regards to the alliance of the political parties . They have united for a common goal of removing your corrupt government lead by the thieving president Lungu

  2. This so called Alliance is a non starter. (HH) is misleading others. He says Zambia is going down yet all Zambians can see development? Milupi is now a clown. Fresher Mwale says President Lungu is not a president. The collective of misleaders is still in its infantry.
    What can we expect from a Fresher and an Under 5?

    • Kambwili says they have come together as an alliance to remove President Lungu in 2021?
      How many times has (HH) formed an alliance only to crumble during the election year? In 2019 they still have no direction. Simply headless chickens. Meanwhile PF is mobilising the grassroots in readiness for 2021. UPND came close in 2015 and 2016. They failed. In 2021 there will be new entrants on the scene such as Kalaba, Felix and Sinkamba. I see UPND coming out a distant 3rd in the 2021 elections.
      (HH) says this nation is going down. Milupi says they have come together for the Zambian people. I say they are both lying.

    • I want to remind the Zambia Correctional Services that Gladys Nyriongo former Minister of Lands has not yet served her jail term.
      #Justice for all.

  3. Kudo and senior citizen you eat together with PF that is the reason why you are able to defend criminals who suppress people.it is difficult to give advise to a person who used to sit in group 4 in class.

    • Half pint you and your misleaders are saying Zambia is a Totalitarian state where you are oppressed, suppressed and maligned. You say there’s no democracy.

      Where in a Totalitarian state have you seen 10 misleaders having masterbation session in a hotel, freely raising money for the Chief Despot to lead the Alliance?

      In a Totalitarian state such freedoms are not there. Those big lies you tell people are the reason they can’t vote for you.
      You say you are suppressed by the PF criminals? How come you’re blogging freely and we are all able to see your dullness?

    • Even if you sit in group 1 if you don’t have charisma the masses wont vote for you. Look at (HH) who claims he wrote his final exam on a Friday and got employed on a Monday after the weekend. He still has no employment at State House because Zambia’s biggest employer rejected him 6 times.

  4. There goes the messenger of the devil with his tu ma articals,iwe ka Sunday, Monday moron stop wasting peoples time with your demonic thinking and evil that u harbour in that stup!d mind of yours that only thinks of stealing from the poor and sharing with your moron brother and the drunk debarred thieving lawyer wannabe

  5. Surely,for the PF spokesman to talk about the Alliance means they are making some impact on the Political Richter Scale.
    This is the same type of insolence displayed by KK and UNIP when the Movement For Multi Party Democracy was formed.
    ‘Go ahead and form your small little parties ‘ said KK words he has lived to regret ever after!!

    • @Donqueen spot on. I remember those KK’s words like yesterday. And remember what his advisers were telling him ” your people are behind you your excellence…”

  6. it is the signal of the end . those who can still remember the unip endIng will not wonder to hear this from sunday chandra . kk used to ask what do these people have in common . and he would give himself the answer NOTHING so they are going no where. what chandra forgets is that zambians have been crying for a strong force to kick out pf. forget about BABEL.

  7. By 2021 when HH starts to impose himself as the “preferred candidate”, everyone will leave the alliance. If these people have brains, they should give us clear road map and how the will elect (not select) a presidential candidate then we might just take them a bit serious. Now marriage between HH and Kambwili is definitely that of convenience. When Kambwili was in good books with PF, he had very bad words for HH and Tongas.

  8. Chi shupu chanda. One of the most overrated scam-bags. Were people have seen that things are not OK they unite, if PF was doing or fulfilling its promises these alliance would have not existed.

  9. Writing in mind that in 2016 Ba Lungu won with less than 1% even, after vote fraud, violence during campaigns, PF using GRZ resources, even by staying ministers and many more electoral abuses, that is enough to send urine dripping down someone’s pants already. Fear of election loss taking crazy toll on Pf state house, even purporting to Marshall such a costly privation inquiry just aimed at one person,HH – how sad!

    • He does it for the ruling party, PF and the majority voters who put them in power and continue to reject hh and his band of tribalists!!

  10. Sunday, you are a very bitter person. If Zambia does truely practice democracy, why does it bother you so much that an alliance has been formed? The conclusion I get is that you fight for one man only, yourself. Anyone who is fighting for Zambia will not condone the wrongs going on in our country. Your days are coming and hope soon and you will need all that english dictionary you spew to defend yourself.

  11. You didn’t need a long article to describe the alliance of the 10, we know who they are and what they represent. However, they’ve every right to do what they are doing. The PF are also guilty of so many political transgressions. As we go towards elections those that will fall out with PF will shamelessly parade themselves before the same alliance, that’s the nature of the present day politicians

  12. The PF is running a very toxic cycle of politics of patronage. Lungu, like a mafia boss would, has taken over the party and set a tone by severing dissenting members from the party. Does the PF lack leadership such that Lungu has to stand again? At the direction this is going, expect another constitutional amendment to allow Lungu to stand in 2026. Zambians have got to rise up. Freedoms have been challenged.

  13. If truly these articles are written by this twat, I would employ him to use his knowledge to the betterment of this country than issuing disparaging artifacts bent on being insolent and subversive. Why are you so preoccupied with the gatherings of the so called charlatans, visionless one man parties all of a sudden? Surely you must be feeling the weight now that they have decided to field candidates collectively in 2021 in their respective strongholds. If this is what you are paid for as a director of whatever, then that is a waste of resources indeed. Instead of inspiring the young generation with clean politicking, yours is pervasive, repressive, callous drivel that postulates a negative light on our internal politics. What is wrong with these parties coming together and form a…

  14. How come zwd is not covering the 10 united

    In the past zwd zealously sung about the AILING DICTATOR
    OUTGOING 2016 president
    FORGED ECL song has been abandoned.

  15. Sunday knows how to communicate his thoughts and these articles are punching big holes into the alliance kikikikiki

  16. If it is true that kalan nchima was fired from prime TV I’m stopping watching prime TV the way I did to muvi TV.

    • If this is your measure of genius, it goes a long way to tell your level of intellect. Keep it up, keep commenting maybe one day you will get your ABCs right and spell “genius” as it should. Salam.

  17. Political complacency in Zambia led vile speaking Michael Sata take over Zambia, in turn created dishonest Edgar Chagwa Lungu take over Zambia while Zambians are still complacent. Today, Sunday Chanda a psychotic disciple of both Sata and Lungu school of thought is clearly aspiring to take over Zambia. All because of Zambian political complacency. Beware Zambians Chanda is another despot in the offing.


  18. The all party leaders in the picture to the knowledge of the wise no one is fit and look like he can lead Zambia.
    We have seen the pics of who becomes Presidents; Lungu was always behind the other front Runners. A wise Man will alway seek God YHWH.
    Lets learn from the Bible on God Choosing the Next king of Israel to Saul. Question what did God do.
    Like the all leaders in the picture Jessie’s sons who had well built bodies because of Military training as they were Souls soldiers lined up before Prophet Samuel;but with the eyes Samuel thought by looks and physical appearance since they were big that one out of them will be selected by God but none was picked.
    Then Prophet Samuel asked God which one of these?
    Jehovah YHWH answered not even one ask Jessie there is one who is not around…

  19. Sunday chanda is chasing the wind
    Five long insulting essays still no reaction from the opposition
    Now I believe the old saying
    “never argue with a fool people might not notice the difference”
    The fella has been ignored

  20. When propaganda meets a set of people operating decoration brains.. they sing praise.. not knowing why.. just coz it helps them sleep better knowing that they briefly quenched their thirst for hatred.. even if the alliance does not go anywhere… why should it affect u… what value is there for u to remind us of this..leave them alone if they are visionless…

  21. Mr Chanda does not understand history of politics in Zambia. He should be reminded that PF, like Narep, ADD or NDC, started as a one man show (Michael Sata) until it garnered political speed and acumen over the years. It took PF about ten years before it formed government. Mr Sata did not relent, even when he was a one man party then, until Pf came into party. Politics has a way or repeating itself. Don’t count out anyone (Donald Trump for example), it’s the electorate to decide, even if they decide to vote foolishly its their choice.

  22. The PF have a manifesto and the alliance does not. He who lives near the river can hear the crab cough. What Chanda is saying about PF is Gospel truth that the party is democratic. Proof is there. The copper belt just ushered in a youthful leader through one man one vote. Saying your moral is not the same as acting morally. I have learnt one phrase today.

  23. All political parties must elect office bearers in order to pursue tenets of democracy. Any party that want to participate in national elections, they must first have internal democracy… THIS IS A CAMPAIGN THAT WE MUST PERSUE IN ZAMBIA. NO INTERNAL DEMOCRACY IN POLITICAL PARTIES NO PARTICIPATION IN NATIONAL ELECTIONS.

  24. Lungu will be impeached and lose the presidential debate in 2021. Why you “Lusaka Times” are cursing an ally in your country. We are Lebanese living in Lusaka and getting your money and using your workforce with very little amount because of your stupidity. You will never succeed in building a decent country and we (Lebanese, Indian and Chinese) will be benefiting from that!

  25. Unless we opened our country for u bastard, u wouldn’t have collected the money u did. This is our country and one day, all ungrateful aliens like u (Kaddoura) will be kicked out of it!

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