Southern Province Minister Dr Edify Hamukale
Southern Province Minister Dr Edify Hamukale

Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale has called for the advancement of the Keep Zambia Clean and green campaign in the region ahead of the Southern Province international investment expo slated this November, 2019.

Dr Hamukale says as the province is scheduled to host an investment expo , it is important the region is kept clean and green especially in the provincial headquarters of Choma Town.

He emphasized that that the keep Zambia Clean Campaign relaunched by President Lungu last year should be the main phenomenon even after the soon to be held investment expo.

Dr Hamukale said by keeping the region clean and green, it will help attract more potential investors in the region adding that this will benefit the people social- economically.

And Choma Municipal Council (CMC) , in a move aimed at ridding the central business district of illegal traders, yesterday swung into action and confiscated assorted merchandise from street vendors.

The exercise which had provincial minister and District commissioner Sheena Muleya at the helm, saw several vendors scampering in all directions as the council team pounced on them, unawares.

Some shop owners who were found displaying their goods outside their trading premises were also not spared as their merchandise was seized.

And Choma Town Clerk, Timothy Mambalakata warned the crack down on vendors would be intensified in order restore sanity the provincial capital.

“Actually, the shop owners were warned not to display their merchandise outside the corridors but they have continued to defy the ban,” Mr Mambalakata said.

He said the local authority has done enough sensitization against vending, urging to conduct their business in designated places.

Ms Muleya on her part said while the council will keep on sensitizing people not to trade from undesignated places in the Town, regular raids by the local authority on vendors will continue.

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  1. It’s time chiefs in provinces that defined by direction or location called on their people to find local names for the provinces, what is southern, northern, western, north western, central provinces, if you can’t find brilliant local names even English names with meaning can, but i would prefer a Spanish name for Southern.even new Texas can do or Gaucho land.local name Msasanza and not Mzanzi.


    • Consolidating regionalism and tribalism at its best. To them it natural to come up with such proposal.

      A bat sits in a tree upside down and you cant ask a bat to change the sitting position because it feels comfortable that way.

      These people will tear this country apart.



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