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Lusaka Water advises people affected by water contamination to empty their water tanks

General NewsLusaka Water advises people affected by water contamination to...
FILE:  Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company's water supply and sewer construction works in Mtendere and Kalikiliki Compound
Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company’s water supply and sewer construction works in Mtendere and Kalikiliki Compound

The Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company has advised its customers in areas that have been affected by water contamination to empty the water tanks before refilling them.

Company Marketing and Public Relations Manager Patson Phiri said the contaminated water if not removed risks contaminating the fresh water being pumped currently.

Mr. Phiri assured that using a comprehensive leak detection system, the company is investigating the contamination to ensure that it traces the exact point where the contamination took place.

He said when the leak detection results are out, the nation will be informed on what caused the contamination and how it is being addressed.

Mr. Phiri has since urged Lusaka residents to report the leaks as quickly as they are spotted to avoid such incidents in future.

“Even though we have not yet established the points of contamination and the causes in Nyumba Yanga, Malata and Ibex Hill, residents in Lusaka before embarking on any works should acquire permits from the Lusaka City Council to avoid damaging the water supply infrastructure”, He said.

Meanwhile, Consumer Unity and Trust Society Center Cordinator Chenai Mukumba has urged the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company to expedite investigations on the matter as there have already been reports of people suffering from diarrhoea diseases as a result of consuming contaminated Water.

Ms. Mukumba has also urged the water utility firm to be more responsive to all claims concerning potential water contamination.

In a statement issued to the media, Ms. Mukumba said consumers must also heed the call by the Water Utility company and empty their tanks before refilling them with fresh water.


  1. Such things happen even in developed western countries , as accidents or dilapidated pipes once in a while.

    It’s the response to this issue that counts and atleast this is not a cholera outbreak and hopefully this contamination is not due to avoidable filth and garbage pileup.

    • “The Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company has advised its customers in areas that have been affected by water contamination to empty the water tanks before refilling them.” What a joke. Lusaka Water have not even spotted where the contamination is coming from. How will consumers tell whether the refilled water is also contaminated or not. Awe sure, pa Zed kuwaya waya fye .

    • This is the dullest Public relations Officer in all the parastatals in this country. He must be fired with immediate effect.

    • Contaminated shi-t water passed though the meter before getting in my 10,000 ltr tank. Now you are telling me to drain all that. Are you going to waive the bill???? Tell me Mr. Useless Public Relations Manager. Are you also going to pay my hospital visit bill and my taxi costs to the hospital. You should also take the responsibility to clean the shi-t from my tank.

    • They must also refund me for the 20 rolls of shinda paper. Shiki almost took my life. This is no joking matter.

  2. This is a joke, am sure there is no leak, this is just a way of running away from responsibilities in case of death etc, how can it be a leak if no leak has being detected.

  3. Where is the consumer ombudsman in Zambia. This is when to make points for yourself. But i doubt if govt or even city council knows anything about the ombudsman role. Ni pa Zed.

  4. Lusaka Water and shi-t company has killed me. Four days off sick from my business. K50,000 loss of income.

  5. inventories as @ 31 Dec 2018
    1. Treated water in the Reservoirs
    2. collected dung not discarded
    3.chemical to treat dung

  6. YesterdAy when I was walking from nrdc bus station heading to chelston I got smell of sewerage around that place kindly send your workers to check that smell maybe you are saying its mterendere but not its along great east road check the area from nrdc to up to the next road which branchoff great east road from nrdc to your right

  7. This is really a sad development, I think people involved in tempering with water utility structure should be brought to book and fined. People are already sick cause of taking contaminated water. If these people are not booked then the lusaka water and sewerage company should be taken to court for failure of failing to fulfil their mandate. Lives could be lost and this should be taken with keen interest cause it involves people are maybe pillars or future pillars of their family respectively. I will follow this discussion closely and if no clear legal conducts are made. Expect the beginning of a new era from me, I love justice and will die serving to my people.

  8. The best thing is to take this foolish company to court and answer charges of negligence especially to those people who ended up at the hospital. This will be setting an example of what ought to be done next if the same problem occurs! This same PR Phiri was busy talking about how his company adhere to WHO regulations in the earlier PR message to the public when he denied the contamination of water. Let those who went to the clinic see any Lawyer so that the company can be taken to court and compensate those affected than wasting time letting the company scotfree!

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