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Lusaka Water confirms water contamination

General News Lusaka Water confirms water contamination

Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company
Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company

The Lusaka and Sewerage Company has disclosed that some parts of Lusaka have experienced cases of isolated water contamination.

Addressing journalists in Lusaka, Company Managing Director Jonathan Kampata said the contamination was instant and it affected parts of Ibex Hill, Nyumba Yanga and Malata area near Kabulonga.

He explained that the contamination was not from LWSC water supply but from a leaking pipe.

Mr. Kampata said the water utility firm in collaboration with other government agencies has scaled up surveillance of water supply in the affected areas.
He said the water utility firm has also intensified chlorination of its water supply.

Mr. Kampata confirmed that this was discovered after investigations were carried out on collected samples.

Mr. Kampata however said samples collected and tested have proved that the water is not contaminated.

He has since advised residents in the affected areas to take precautionary measures such as boiling water and emptying water tanks before refilling them.

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  1. “He explained that the contamination was not from LWSC water supply but from a leaking pipe.” who is the owner of the leaking pipe? If that leaking pipe belongs to LWSC, then it means the contamination is coming from LWSC who has failed to keep the pipe intact.

    • The enermy is trying hard to put cholera bacterium so they can start saying that ecl cleaning campagn was in vain. Its a big success for lusaka not to record any case since the on start of the rains.

    • @Oval Head, I doubt its vandalism. Its probably a normal breakage in the system under ground. I also wonder what you mean ‘enemy’, this can only apply to foreigners.

    • @Oval Head, such simplistic thinking will not take us anywhere. PF failures cannot attributed to “enemies” . The reason most things in the country is sheer incompetence. Most institutions are been run by unqualified people. Cronyism and patronage are the order of the day. We cannot continue like this

    • Oval head

      Can’t sing about HH privertisation any more seeing lungu was neck deep selling of Zambian companies leading to whole communities in Lusaka with no means of survival …..


    • Only in Zambia it took them a week to confirm this..meawhile their customers were drinking shiit and are sick with stomach upsets on toilets; Zambians need to wake up and lawyer up. Any other country the MD would sacked but since we have cadres on boards and docile customers this is normal.

  2. flag Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    In Zambia, in the Capital City! How embarrassing.

    First the denial, then the admission and then the denial again!

    This is what happens when incompetence meets corruption, bribery, fraud and the desire to get rich quick at the expense of working and delivering for the people.

    And when people dig their own boreholes, they tax them.

    What a rotten country this is!

    By the way too much of Chlorine is equally bad and harmful… you need a balanced pH level recommended for consumption.

  3. We fail to maintain our water systems, yet we plan on building a nuclear plant in Chongwe. We have failed to maintain and ran a blood bank……nuclear plant for butt. Nkandu Lou should be housed at the same nuclear plant.

  4. Filthy LCC drains were the cholera epicenter plus mountains of trash and uncontrolled street vending.This LCC water contamination is a self inflicted wound resulting from all the above plus their lack of maintenance culture.

  5. How can you intensify chlorination of water? Had you stopped or are you increasing the amount in the water? Either way not acceptable, you can only put so much chlorine in wster, excess is harmful. Surely you know that Mr Managing Director? Unless of course you are a party cadre, PF cadre to be specific since myself I cannot be appointed.

  6. Everything is contaminated in Zambia -the piped water ,the airwaves ,the politics ,the street food vendors,these blogs are contaminated by Sharon & Mushota.Even cell phones in Lusaka are full of smut .

  7. With all the filth and garbage in Lusaka streets this contamination comes as no surprise. Add LCC’s own lethargy,corruption and incompetence then you get a country moving into another cholera epidemic.

  8. Lusaka water should be very alert in these time and the son of the devil and enemy of the state. He is disappointed so far that he does not have cholera to use to blame the PF against. You may never know what he may do knowing that his campaign is always centered on wishing something bad to happen so that it is blamed on PF.

    • Hehehehe

      The rats have lost the privertisation song against HH seeing lungu was at the centre selling key Lusaka companies that provided a living to thousands of Lusaka residents , now the last song is blaming the UPND for their incompetence

      Sontapo , sontapo Zambia cold storage board

  9. He is trying to cover up as you can see.
    On one hand he is saying we have tested
    The water is clean and on other he says
    We have intensified with chlorine. In
    Short he is scared of alerting the public.

  10. Who gave this guy his MD job? How can he make statements on people’s lives bordering on politicking. Let’s have the details of that leaking pipe? What is it? Sewer pipe? Private pipe? What? Lay people’s fears to rest so that even as they take precautionary measures they know certainly what they are up against. Awe shuwa mwe! Na mu 2019 so cabe bati?

    • You would think the clowns have made savings with the half a billion the Americans have pumped in varies projects but all no they have used excess money for allowances and new vehicles for bosses

  11. I bet the pipes were tempered with during the road construction of the road. No politics involve in life threatening situation such as this…

  12. I bet the pipes were tempered with during the construction of the road. No politics involved in life threatening situation such as this…

  13. LWSC never own up for any of their failures. For example every time they a breakdown of their equipment they always claim the shutdown is due to ZESCO maintenance. This time they cannot blame it on ZESCO hence the water utility company’s MD blubbering.
    Bring in the MD for Luapula Water & Sewerage Co Ltd to come and take over.

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