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Zambia Police deny Chishimba Kambwili’s Party permission to hold an Indoor meeting in Kitwe

Headlines Zambia Police deny Chishimba Kambwili's Party permission to hold an Indoor meeting...

NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge and NDC Political Consultant Chishimba Kambwili
NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge and NDC Political Consultant Chishimba Kambwili

The National Democratic Congress is extremely disappointed with the continued decimal professional conduct being exhibited by the police on the copperbelt.

Party Secretary General Mwenya Musenge says some political elements within the hierarchy of the police command are making their work extremely difficult.

Mr. Musenge said the police have yet again been denied permission to hold its provincial consultative meeting in Kitwe which was scheduled for tomorrow at a Chillers corner in Kwacha township where the District general membership were supposed to be present.

He said his party is suprised that its request to hold this all important meeting has been turned down despite having met all the requirements by giving police the seven days notice for this meeting.

“Police have informed us that our meeting can not be sanctioned owing to security threats that the police have received intelligence information that PF carders plan to attack delegates to this meeting. As a party, we urge all NDC members at various district levels to proceed and attend this meeting”, Mr. Musenge said.

He said the meeting will go ahead with or without police presence and if the police cannot protect them, they are ready to defend ourselves.

He said the move by police to deny them a permit is purely political and out of spite.

“Further, we want to inform the general membership that NDC consultant Dr. Chishimba Kambwili and all members of the central committee will be in Kitwe tomorrow for the provincial conference”, he added.

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  1. That is the fear and undemocratic ways of lungu….the corrupt cold storage board privertisation theif fears his own shadow…..then he wants people to be preaching humble leader …..when we disagree with this nonsense ati unpatriotic …..

    • Corrupt Kambwili railway thief and scrap metal killer is now your darling Ha Spaka. Politics is bad for your health.

    • “Police have informed us that our meeting can not be sanctioned owing to security threats that the police have received intelligence information that PF carders plan to attack delegates to this meeting.” I have read the letter from the police. Nowhere does it say -“police have received intelligence information that PF carders plan to attack delegates to this meeting.” Who is concocting these lies?

    • Let’s all wake up, there’s hidden dictatorship in Zambia just as we had one from 1964 till 1991. Let the opposition hold peacefull iwee Ka Lungu, president dental fimo fimo.

  2. Do you have to go to police ati am visiting chite and chite in the house

    Cheap publicity seeker. He is the one that shut down membes post. Dont give him freedom

    • You are an arse.hole , you want people to supporting this tin pot dictator corruption of lungu ???

      If you are are so popular , what do you fear ?

    • Dundumwezi voters go online hehehe.

      It really hard to reason with you guys because you think the same hehehe NO wonder GBM has lost weight.

    • Reason what naimwe ?

      A wrong is a wrong…lungu abusing police powers to oppress anyone is wrong.

      Next it will be your preferred political candidate being denied meeting space, what will you say ??

  3. Ck told us kapoli ni kapoli refering to hh.

    Spaka do you understand that figure of speech. He meant there is nothing you can about hh under the sun.

    He made hh rating go beyond recovery by dishing out explicit description from every angle.

    • Politico

      Even if CK was abusing citizens freedoms, does not warrant support for this tin pot tendencies of lungu.

      These are the tendencies that end up depriving Zambia of the best leaders to lead, I am not saying any of the opposition are the best leaders , what I mean is if such suppression is supported , able bodied future leaders are also suppressed denying Zambians a free and fair vote to chose the best candidate of their free choice…

    • We have Sinkamba, Kabimba, Kalaba, Felix and Nawakwi whom we can choose from. Nevers is about to reunite with Felix. They’re all better than Kainde, Chipimo and Kambwili and the Useful Idi’ots

  4. Ck is a pf member of parliament. He needs to be cleared by pf to hold a meeting.

    Let him go to Nathan chanda .

    .Nowonder upendi fails to win because consultants are not analytical.

    How do you surport ck moves

    He is pf member of parliament

    He a consultant for ndc which is opposed to PF

    He plays for 10 united which wants to beat beat both NDC and PF

    Then what is ck?

    • If that is the thinking of PF , let them come out and say so , not abusing police powers setting rotten tin pot corrupt lungu presidents of using police to silence opposition….

      This leaves a bad taiste , and when we call lungu a corrupt tin pot dictator , those tuma chanda boys Want to call us in patriotic ……chiputa baati

    • Spaka – It is not the thinking of PF – it is the fo.olishness of Kambwili. He wants to eat with both hands and thinks that other people are stupid. As long as he remains PF he should not be allowed to hold parallel meetings. Stop your blind and illogical insults on ECL and call out people for their own st.upi.dity.

    • abilima

      The police should not be used to do the dirty work of lungu and PF.

      Denying political opponents meetings using police is wrong….

    • Kambwili has created a problem for himself due to greed – and you want to champion that? Why is it difficult form him to divorce himself from the PF and concentrate on his NDC? I have no sympathy for his fo.olishness and greed. he has invited the wrath of the Police on himself and if he thinks that will gain sympathy, he can continue in fools paradise.

  5. @spaka. Can a upendi mp hold an indoor meeting in monze for Hamududu s party without informing upendi party structure.

    Thats action likely to cause breach of peace. And police will say NO to avoid blood shed.

    Unayendako ku lilayi iwe.

    • Ime this is nothing short of abusing police powers to oppress opponents….if you are still hoping for CK to come back to PF and don’t want him meeting Zambians, tell him so…..

  6. A person who want to rule Zambia should be a Christian like me Edgar lunga then empty heads in copper belt clapped for him.copperbelt makes me wonder weather are human beings or not.Edgar lungu is busy oppressing friends in opposition but them , they are busy praising him.

    • I don’t know if I just detest PF ou they’re really pricks. Even the few positive stuff they do smell of corruption

  7. Pf had their meetings and even conducted elections for party posts without any permits. But anybody else is denied. Dictatorship at it’s highest.

  8. What is this thieving debarred lawyer wanna be scared of, under MMD, the stup!d PFoools party held meetings with out any interference but they wont let the opposition even go to a toilet they will arrest, these are dictator tendencies which should not be allowed Ina democracy, all the thief know is the word and the moron can’t practice what he says


  9. Lungu, it does not matter who you are oppressing, weather ck or hh , or mukuni or kalaba , you will be labeled a corrupt dictator.

    When we say you stole and rigged elections this is what we mean….if you are so popular as you your supported claim , what do you fear ???

  10. “Police have informed us that our meeting can not be sanctioned owing to security threats that the police have received intelligence information that PF carders plan to attack delegates to this meeting. As a party, we urge all NDC members at various district levels to proceed and attend this meeting”, Mr. Musenge said.” Musenge told them that PF thugs, like UPND thugs were plotting to attack NDC officials and members. How are the police bad for trying to protect people? Musenge himself told us this.

  11. @@Spaka. Ck deserves to be jailed

    Fred membe was a self made up coming billionaire. The Post was supporting families and here comes CK only to kill dream with his PF.

    Who was ck.

    Ck was a rail striper

    Musenge was a maize smuggler into DRC

    The money they made from politics they even bought online PHD s so that you may think they are educated.

    Zwd even reported how he converted a golf course in luanshya into his personal grazing land as MP

    He has built a complex of flats.

    Where did he get the money. These guys are not in politics to serve but to steal.

    Spaka take it easy. Dont be overwhelmed by emotions.

    Tell you what I will never insult you back but will challenge your views with a sober mind

    • Politico

      Accept my apologies for insulting ….what I am saying is this abuse of police powers by lungu should not be selective as because it is so and so…..No.

      This is wrong for our democracy. Let the people decide of their free will who to support …..what if lungu continues using the same police abusive tactics against every other opponent ? What kind of democracy is that ??

    • By the way am not PF . I wish one day we could hold direct dialogue and share serious political views.

      I believe upendi and pf both need new top leadership

      This country is under siege current leaders.

    • Politico

      “..This country is under siege current leaders…”

      And you supporting this abuse of power by lungu shows how shallow you think…

  12. Some of these people we hear on social media they on vomit insults why? That’s why I don’t like them. Seriously as big as they just vomiting insults hey guys be matured .

  13. This is one typical indicator of dictatorship or an oppressive regime. The constitution is being defiled and we are clapping. Shame!

  14. I rarely post on this forum and I may receive insults even for this one. Comrades, why do we support even something wrong just because I belong or other associate myself with a certain political party? Mostly when I read what people write, it is all hatred, why have we lowered ourselves so much because of supporting politicians? Let us preach love and unity. We can’t even discuss issues logically sure. What went wrong?

  15. Zambia police are cowards cannot stand PF Cadres. They would rather deny Kambwili his human rights and obey PF cadres instructions. I cannot allow my son to join unprofessional service even if it was the last job on earth. Officer Incharge described his inefficiency by saying he had no manpower to police 1000 people. Its sad to have powerless police in our uniforms.

  16. You only have to give the police notice. This was done – an indoor meeting for that matter! How much more evidence do Zambians need (I mean right thinking ones) to show that there is an atrocious, dis-respecter of the rule of law regime in Zambia? That the police are puppets hanging at the strings of the PF melancholic melody? Pathetic. When you can’t govern, you see shadows, become more and more paranoid about losing the grip on the self indulgent resource harvesting – the only thing you know.

  17. I don’t want to know the reasons why the police stopped Kambwili, what I want to know is which party Kambwili is a member of. Honest people don’t behave in a manner that clearly shows that allowances are more paramount than integrity.

  18. It is very undemocratic when people from all walks of life are denied the right to mingle, assemble and especially express themselves and their views. Democracy is about letting people expressing themselves for as long as they are within the confines of the law. It is sad in Zambia today that while we claim to be democratic, we still oppress those who oppose the govt. As much as I do not like Kambwali for the manner he behaved during his reign in the PF led govt, I still think he is a free man who should be left to exercise his democratic previledges just like any other human being in a democratic dispensation. Instead of the police denying them the permit, they should instead insure that there is security for everyone as that is their priority to protect citizens and insure peace and…

  19. Take heed not to assemble as relatives or friends lest you get attacked by PF cadres. Only PF members have the right to do so.

  20. Let the two dance. When the two were members of PF used to behave the same. They were very arrogant to other political parties and to the Tongas. If their party were elected to government, their behaviors would still be the same.

  21. But how can police give a permit to an imposter? The police are a law enforcement agency aren’t they? That neckless man has himself insisted that he is still a member of PF.

    The police should be arresting him, it’s like uttering a forged certificate to be employed as a teacher.

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