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Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia Warns Public against Taking Natural Power SX High Energy Drink


Natural Power SX energy drink
Natural Power SX energy drink

PSZ Warns the Public Against Taking Natural Power SX High Energy Drink

The Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia (PSZ) wishes to advise the members of the public to avoid consuming a popular aphrodisiac (sex enhancing) drink marketed and sold indiscriminately in shops and supermarkets around the country and beyond. This product is produced by Revin Zambia Limited, a Ndola based company and marketed as a male sexual performance enhancer. Its label claim indicates that it contains natural extracts of Ginger and Tongkat ali, a well-known aphrodisiac and testosterone booster as main ingredients as well as other sweeteners, preservatives and stabilizers.

According to the information of the test results shared by the Uganda National Drug Authority (NDA) and obtained by the PSZ on the analysis of the samples collected upon receipt of a complaint from a consumer of Natural Power SX energy drink, it was established that the product was contaminated with Sildenafil Citrate. The complainant reported prolonged erection of nearly six hours, heart palpitations and abnormal sweating; these are all classical symptoms of Sildenafil Citrate overdose.

The members of the public may wish to know that Sildenafil Citrate sold under the popular brand name Viagra among others is a very important drug for erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension. This drug is carefully prescribed at the right dosage (usually between 25 to 100mg max) once daily. To put it in an energy drink is extremely dangerous as theres no practical way of limiting the daily intake by consumers.

As professionals, we took interest in this matter and our preliminary findings indicate that the amount of Sildenafil Citrate contained in each bottle of the test samples way exceeded the 100mg maximum recommended daily dosage. Can you imagine the effects if a person consumed more than one bottle per day. To us, this is no coincidence but a clear and well calculated unethical business practice. As stated, this practice puts the consumer at very high risk of over dosage with dangerous health consequences and possibly death. It also puts the nation’s export products reputation at risk as this product is sold in other countries such as Uganda and Malawi to mention but a few.

As custodians of medicines and major stakeholder on pharmaceutical matters, the PSZ is very eager to learn how this company acquired the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) to prevent future recurrences. Further, we call upon relevant national institutions tasked with the responsibility of maintaining public health and public protection to investigate thoroughly and take appropriate action. The PSZ is aware that this product falls under the food and drugs act and therefore it’s the responsibility of the local city councils and in this case, the Ndola City council to take action in conjunction with other relevant organisations.

We further wish to advise manufacturers of drinks and food items to desist from putting advert labels on the packaging indicating that their product is able to treat various diseases as seen by the labels on this and other drink products produced by this company. If indeed these products contain medicinal benefits as claimed, strict quality tests and registration procedures need to be undertaken and marketing done in accordance with the Zambian law as provided in the Medicines and Allied Substance Act.

Finally, since this product is Zambia Bureau of standards (ZABS) certified, we call upon ZABS and other relevant regulatory institutions such as the ZAMRA and the Food and Drugs to take keen interest in this matter, conduct quick and independent analysis with a view of removing the product from the market as soon as possible in order to protect consumers until such a time when the product is certified safe. ZABS should do well to consider engaging Pharmacists or other relevant health professionals in their ranks in order to competently handle such matters concerning pharmaceuticals that may be found in the products under their regulations such as food items.

Issued by
Kanyika Jerome
President PSZ


  1. But Zambians have been drinking this energy drink for a long time and we love the drink. The Ugandan guy must be extremely hony and should never be allowed to drink any energy drink…. Not even Red Bull

    • The board at Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia need to be fired!!!

      I think it makes sense now, I have a couple of friends who’ve died of heart attacks

    • Natural Power SX High Energy Drink has been on the market for a long time now. I take it and rejuvenates me, it is a great Zambian product.

      The Ugandan guy must have take several bottles at once to have a 6 hour erection. ZABS has approved the drink to be on the market, instead of banning it, Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia (PSZ) should work with the manufacturer to perfect it. Zambia needs to produce and export, that is how we will create jobs.

      We dont need Red Bull, If Natural Power SX High Energy Drink has issues, it should be perfected and not banned.

    • It had to take Ugandan authorities to ban it for our so called authorities to take notice yet its legally sold on shelves!!

    • If you want to get rich, just come up with a concoction that exaggerates men’s prowess in bed! Viagra is the only drug on the market that has killed more people and yet it still hasn’t been recalled. It’s sad that even males under the age of 40 resort to Viagra when all they need to do is lay-off the incessant watching of P0RN and over consumption of alcohol.

    • The funny thing with docile silly Zambians is that they get very concerned with such sexy stuff on social media even leave a thousand comments but leave a dozen comments when it comes to their drinking water being polluted!!

  2. What do these Zambians do in offices?It had to take a ugandan to know that there is viagra.Zambians should be serious otherwise men will start dying like cockroaches.So shocking results.U wanna take actions after being reported but the company is in Zambia.No wonder anyone can do anything stupid in this country n gets away wiith.Pipo love bribes at the expense of life.Nonsense——————-Zabs n Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia .Both directors should be fired.Crazk the whip mr.president pipo are getting free money

  3. So it had to take Uganda to check what it contains ?? Where has ZABS been … and even other regulatory bodies … ?? It’s a shame that they went ahead and only warn people now !!

    • ZABS has approved that product and the ingredients well labeled on the bottle. The main ingredient, TONGKAT OIL EXTRACT is on the bottle. The issue maybe overdose or mixing with other mutotos.

  4. Exactly, what is the government waiting for? Are they going to wait till someone dies?

    Is it not a shame that an import foreign country body are the ones who carried out the test?

  5. Why should it UGANDA to analyse a Zambia n drink

    These is just sabotage by competitors who used our lable and put their own stuff

    Learn to be analytical thats why you keep losing elections.

    Am a non partisan political consultant

  6. Drink at your own risk. Alcoholic drinks are harmful to an extent too but they are still on the supermarket shelves. Whisky, Brandy, Cognac & co. are responsible for numerous broken homes and tragic road accidents.

  7. How many Zambians have suffered 6 hrs election after taking that drink

    These ugandans are just playing dirty.

    Out of curiosity I have taken that drink . The did was not DONE

  8. Interesting drink. Please don’t rush to ban it but subject it tests and if it’s in deed natural, find ways of improving it. It might turn out to be the first real forex earner for the country.

  9. Comment:
    Typical of economic sabotage. This product has side by side with a sister brand from Congo DRC, both known to give similar effect. While others prefer taking it chilled, in which case it’s potency is reduced, straight from the shelf yields better results. Just formalise the necessary paperwork and classify it accordingly or else it will be one less off the cocktails.

  10. Comment:this is hw thy want to destroy zambian business y not ask him hw many bottles he took,we wont stop us its our product ad we need it.

  11. They have just discovered that sildenafil has lost makert to this natural herbal drinks what wrong with this western influence.thats why it has and still not being approved SONDASHI formula. Come on people think.

  12. Zambia Bureau of Standards certified the drink safe, but how come this organization is playing those tests down? This drink has been on sale for many years now.

  13. Where can can we get this fantastic drink ? Don’t be dull good men, just start with a half bottle and dont have more than one ! Those greedy pharmacist are just looking to overcharge for their pills and powders.

  14. Then what about other products manufactured in Zambia and Zabs certified, I am sure every Zambian is now marinated with risky staff such as tetrazine etc because there is no regulatory body. ZABS we trusted you, how could you do this to us.

  15. We have been taking this stuff for a long time and no side effects,the Ugandan guy took overdose, maybe they have discovered the other stuff which they want to bring on the market. Business is competition. We have never heard of anyone complaining in Zambia,why a complaint should come from Uganda? After all the manufacturer have created jobs for Zambians.

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