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Bowman Lusambo directes the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company to secure their water infrastructure

General News Bowman Lusambo directes the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company to secure...

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo (c)flanked by Kafue District Commissioner Joseph Kamana (L) talks to journalists during the spot check of some selected government departments in Kafue District

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has directed the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company to secure their water infrastructure to avoid contamination.

Mr. Lusambo has also urged the water utility company to demolish any illegal structure built on the water facilities.

He says it is the responsibility of the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company to ensure it supplies quality water to its customers.

The Lusaka province minister was speaking in Lusaka when he led a team of officials from Ministries of Health, Water Development and Sanitation to check on the water infrastructure at Leopards Hill boreholes.

Meanwhile, Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company acting Managing Director Jilly Chiyombwe said the water situation in some parts of Lusaka has been improved as it has been chlorinated.

And Minister of Water Development and Sanitation acting Permanent Secretary Kenneth Nyundu said his ministry will work with the company to ensure supply of quality water.

Lusaka Provincial Health Office Director Dr Consity Mwale said about 4-hundred people have so far been treated for stomach infections following the contamination of water in some parts of the city.


    • It’s confusion, Miles is talking about treating water immediately, and his fellow PF Bowman is directing for a private company to go demolish houses.
      The water company should be closed, can’t supply water from a fully exhausted Leopards Hill cemetery.

  1. The people affected should sue Lusaka water. They cannot be allowed to get away with playing with people’s lives.

  2. Lusaka is going to become very interesting shortly as I am sure Miles and Bowman will have serious turf walls as they try to position each other as being the main authority in the city. As elections/2021 grows nearer they will both try to raise their profiles since they both have ambitions for higher office. For a start, Bowman will try to get the more dominant Munali constituency. Not sure about Miles next steps. Mark my words!!

    • If you voted for anyone but Sampa…Bowman would know his place as the Mayor is an elected Public official…simply look at Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London he doesnt see eye to eye with the Prime Minister but get things done. Sampa was merely handpick from a big group of 30 PF candidates for a reason and nothing to do with development.

    • That is the problem in Zambian, you are always talking about positioning and power and missing out on ensuring that those politicians are held accountable. Just read the majority of these PF supporters, their comments to this and the previous article are all related to who is gaining power.
      Come on guys, and Zambians in general, you can do better. No wonder your politicians get away with it.
      Both Sampa and Bowman should be held accountable that this company has let the situation to go this far. Fix that company. Sue that company. Let that company pay for its irresponsibility. That is what you should be concerned about and not who is getting powerful.

  3. Look at Peter Sinkamba’s response to this matter regarding outdated Regulatory Frameworks and look at the response of Stone throwing Grade 12 kaponyas like Bowman..then ask yourselves why our country is lagging behind.

  4. I cannot wait to see the turf war between Bowman and Miles in this matter. Jostling for supremacy is at play in Lusaka.

  5. True what general is talking about. Here we have a serious issue and all that some shallow minded people can talk about is who is supreme. That supreme can go to hell if it’s going to involve risking our citizen’s lives. Sampa and this dull Bowman backing out directives in order to mask his ignorance.

  6. I have made several requests to Lusaka water and sewerage regarding maintenance of their broken pipes, have moved in different parts of Lusaka broken pipes are left un attended to really,this company is the second to none when it comes to laziness. They even fail to send invoices via email till a follow-up is made. Guys wake up!!

  7. Leadership calls for serious minded people. We are busy looking at the outcome only and addressing only the symptoms of the problem at hand. The major issues is what is causing these contamination should be addressed in the immediate, short term and long term. The fact that we have a population of over 2 million in this city and more than 70% are using pit latrines or soakaways (modern pit latrines) and only later to get the same water for drinking through boreholes is a pending disaster for this city. We need to address the issue of pit-latrines or soakaways through a regulatory framework and ensure to enforce it before it is too late for this city.

  8. Bowman open your eyes. …since your government introduced ways to prevent the recurrence of cholera, evil decided to inject cholera directly into our drinking water.

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