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Government advises church against preaching prosperity gospel

Rural News Government advises church against preaching prosperity gospel

Senior Chief Nkula with Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary Jobbicks Kalumba
Senior Chief Nkula with Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary Jobbicks Kalumba

Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary Jobbicks Kalumba has advised the church body to strictly adhere to the principles and teachings of God.

Dr Kalumba has also appealed to the Church not to focus on prosperity gospel by indulging in any form of Satanism acts in order to attract members to their churches.

The Permanent Secretary who said this in Chinsali yesterday during an ordination ceremony for ministers of the gospel under the Deliverance Ministries Antioch Church added that it is unfortunate that the church is being invaded by fake pastors who are focusing on prosperity gospel for selfish gains.

Dr. Kalumba said that as government considers the church as its partner in national development, the latter should therefore regulate itself by strictly following the principles and teachings of God.

The five newly ordained pastors were Pastors Brian Chali, George Mumba, Henry Sinkala, Erick Kaluba and Chilufya Kalumba.

And Deliverance Ministries Antioch Church General Overseer Bishop Tobias Mulenga appealed to government to come up with proper regulations on the mushrooming of what he termed as “ fake pastors “ in the country.

Government should come up with measures that will demand required professional qualifications of preaching the word of God in order to avoid the increasing number of fake clergyman, he said.

Bishop Mulenga who was speaking at the same function complained that some clergy have even gone to the extent of using magic and witchcraft so as to lure more members in their respective churches.

He charged that preaching the word of God should be coupled with a calling from God adding that entering the ministry should be by choice with the right intention.

Many clergymen in Zambia enter ministries only with academic qualifications in the religious field without having proper understanding of word thereby, misleading the people, he said

He further lamented that government should come up with proper measures on assessing clergyman before they are ordained in various ministries.

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  1. Calling from God doesn’t restrict one to be professionally qualified to perform pastoral functions. No where in the Bible states that only qualified shall preach. You’re very pastors misleading people.

    • I agree with you Ginkgo. In fact this Pastor is contradicting himself. In one instance he says government should regulate the church by ensuring that those entering ministy have the qualifications, but in another instance he says ministry is not about qualifications but one must have a calling.

  2. Miracles happening in churches are strange or magic, call them magic at your own peril. Read Acts 2:14-21 , in the last days God shall pour out his spirit to all people, your men and women will see visions , prophesy and older men and women will dream dreams. These things are written and taken from the great Prophet Joel.

  3. How do you know the true man of God? because Its possible to have a big congregation and yet you are fake, the government cannot know which one is the living church and which one is fake,, remember we wrestle not against fresh and blood,but against principalities and rulers of darkness,

    • Amen to that! The government cannot refute the church. Which criteria will they use. Having a big or small church doesn’t make one a fake Pastor.
      The sentiments from this Bishop are not encouraging. Many pastors fail to manage themselves when in presence of politicians.

  4. These fake men of God take advantage of the poverty and high levels of iliterate people who think that they can get rich by praying alone yet the little they contribute makes the fake Prophets even more successful.

  5. Women Are The Most Vulnerable To Fake Pastors.When Faced With Problems Such As Marrital Problems,children ,singlenes And Strange Diseases Our Ladies Turn To These Pastors Offering Their Little Savings Eveen Sacrificing Their Bodies In The Name Of Mirracles.Immagine One Lady Was Told To Bring Her Underwear For Cleasing After She Went To A Prophet With Marrital Problem Which Was As A Result Of Not Having A Child After MAny Years In Marriage.The Bible Warns Us About The Time Of Fake Men Of God And That Time Is Now.

  6. “Meanwhile, the Ministry of religious affairs is fast asleep”. The Word of God is clear. ” you shall know them by the fruit of the spirit. The government and the ministry of religious affairs cannot determine who is qualified as a minister of the gospel. Going to Bible College or not does not make you the minister of the Gospel. We have seen both some of the pastors who have gone to Bible School and those who have not attended Bible School steal money from their congregations. The Holy Bible has answers. Let the law take it course if any pastor is found to have stolen money be put in jail.

  7. Spot on government, most of the so called men of God especially from the new wave of Pentecostal churches in their various titles are merely con-men deceiving people to make a living. Miracles do not always define a genuine man of God but to the law and the testimony that leads to salvation not to riches. Almost if not all disciples of Jesus died very poor and yet their salvation is assured except for betrayer. The Devils and his follows can do miracles as a weapon to deceive even the very elite of the church, it is written in the bible. However, i don’t support the qualification thing. God can use anyone who is willing.

  8. fake prophets, fake bishops with personal to holder ministries/churches- messages about miracles and money no salvation through Christ

  9. Our women are the most vulnerable. Imagine umuntu alekutonya amabele ati Amen pastor.umuntu Alefumya icanso alekushintilika ati, Amen!

  10. Hahaha, yes it’s true the clergy has been infiltrated by all sorts of characters. But believe me there’s still a remnant who have not bowed to Baal. There are not yet known but they are proclaiming the Word of God not for pay, gain or popularity, favour but purely for the love of God.

  11. @monk wandepaula…..Ala kwaba ubupuba mu chalo. And such women do not want to hear anything against such pastors….kabalebatetekwila

  12. Shudder to imagine what Africa would have been religiously if Jesus had been black unfortunately mwana wa musungu!!!!!

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