Vespers Shimuzhila

Yesterday morning, the Zambia Police Spokesperson, Esther Katongo, held a meeting with the President of the Zambia National Students Union at which the Zambia Police reported that an inquest will be opened into the death of Verspers Shimunzhila, a fourth year student from the University of Zambia who died in October 2018 after the demonstration at UNZA that led to the police teargasing the student dormitories.

“First, we are grateful to the Zambia Police Command for having kept us informed about the progress of their investigation from the beginning of our meetings with the Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja on 12th October, 2018,” said ZANASU President Mischeck Kakonde

Mr. Kakonde said that the Zambia Police Spokesperson revealed yesterday morning that the Director of Public Prosecutions has asked for an inquest into the death of UNZA student Verspers Shimunzhila at which various witnesses who include students, the police and pathologists will be called to testify at the coroner’s court so we could put this matter to a conclusive end.

Earlier last year, a student from Lusaka Apex Medical University, Elijah Phiri, a second year bachelor of pharmacy student died from the bullet wound from suspected drilling in the area but until now, the State has not explained the source of the bullet despite a long on-going investigation. ZANASU had on 12th October, 2018 demanded an independent inquiry into the death of Verspers so we could know what led to the death of Verspers.

Issued by

Ms. Assa Williey
ZANASU Information and Publicity Secretary

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  1. This must be taken seriously.

    Let PF govt compensate atleast 1billion kwacha.

    Home affairs minister must resign

    I G must resign or both must be fired

    Am a non partisan political consultant


    • Rule of thumb states whenever there’s a fracas at campus every student has to vacate the room and lock it then run for safety whether guilty or not, visitor or passersby because police will not conduct screening when dealing with demonstrators.


    • All civilized police around the world disperses a riotous crowd from the streets NOT out of their rooms into the street o that they can beat them to pulp.

      The problem is that during riots, Zambia Police follow students to their hostels & throw teargas into the rooms, force open doors to beat up students even innocent ones. They even come with live ammunition to fight small boys & girls. Remember Mapenzi Chibulo. What’s so disturbing is that HRC has been silent all this time.

      This inquest is a waste of time. Police cannot investigate themselves, they falsely believe they are above the law, that’s why they’ve even started shooting each other over trivial matters, ati “he refused to arrest a TV repairman who failed to repair my wife’s TV”.


  2. Please UNZA, name the hostel, building, or any street around the university after her. The innocent poor young lady Vespers is a hero. May her soul Rest In Peace.


    • The answer is simple. She died while doing what she loved to do; in her room studying. Hoping to make Zambia better. @Babylon Burn, you don’t get it!


  3. It is so sad losing a young and brilliant Zambian lady.I fully support that an inquest be commenced and pray that its conclusion be made public.However we need to recount some painful hallucinations that were uttered by a known politician whose chose to view and use this death as a platform to propound his ethnic hate.This extra judicial killing of a young girl pursuing her education at the highest learning institution is a clear indicator of how far we have fallen below the one Zambia one nation.The country has witnessed various incidences of ethnic cleansing.We have seen high ranking officials falling over each other in their rash to the media to proclaim suspensions and retirements in national/ public interest of the victims of ethnic hate.We have now reached a stage where those…




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