Thieves have broken into Ndoka rural health centre in Kalabo district, Western Province, getting away with a TopStar television screen and its set of accessories, recently installed at the facility under the Village Satellite television programme.

The stolen equipment include, a projector screen, satellite dish, multipurpose decoder, subscribed smartcard and portable power station.

Ndoka Ward Councillor Biemba Samutumwa confirmed the incident in a telephone interview with ZANIS, revealing that the equipment was stolen on Friday January 4th, 2019.

Mr. Samutumwa said that no arrests have been made so far, as the perpetrators have gone into hiding.

He lamented that the rural community has been robbed of access to information on current affairs, public policies and national development.

He has since appealed to the community to help with any useful information that could lead to the arrest of the criminals.

Recently, government installed 80 TopStar satellite decoders and accessories in four communities in Kalabo district, in order to enhance access to information among the rural communities.

The equipment was installed in Ndoka, Mbalala, Lilambo and Luola communities, under the Village Satellite TV project.

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  1. The so called wise men from the east should explain how the needles got into the body of the small boy. Its beyond my imagination.


  2. Can the wise men and women who embedded needles in the young boy’s body do it to the thieves who have stolen the community TV. Bushe indoshi shibomba shani. They usually leave bantalamisoka to go scotch free. Those who are FREE… members do something since you also operate in dark world. Like one opposition leader we know.


  3. I did not know there are Lozi thieves because the Lozis say Bembas are thieves. Maybe there are some emigrant Bemba thieves in Western Province.



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