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Tayali says he is ready to face HH in court after apology and reconciliation efforts fail to yield results

Headlines Tayali says he is ready to face HH in court after apology...

Mr Chilufya Tayali protesting at Civics Centre after he was blocked from filing in his papers.
Mr Chilufya Tayali

Economic and Equity Party Leader Chilufya Tayali has said that he is ready to face United party for National Development(UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema in court after his effort to recconcile with the UPND leader fails to yield results.

Mr Hichilema on October 9th reported Mr. Tayali to Woodlands Police Station for criminal libel, an offense he said he considered serious, adding that this was in view of Mr. Tayali’s continued libelous statements in total defamation of his standing reputation both as an individual and President of the biggest political opposition party in Zambia, the UPND. The UPND Leader charged that Mr. Tayali made unwarranted and unsubstantiated claims against him for a long time now

Mr Chilufya said that despite apologising, the UPND leader, using other proxies has continued to drag him to court. Mr Chilufya said that his apology was not an admission of guilty but rather an effort to reconcile with Mr Hichilema.

Below is Mr Chilufya’s full facebook post

Hakainde Hichilema being a Church elder must be very familiar with the Golden Rule of Jesus Christ in Matthew 7:12 “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”Unfortunately, some of his followers may not know this verse because their Bible is now what HH says or does.

I can assure you that, some of his followers, may even argue with the Bible if HH said something contrary to what is written in the Bible. Because to them, HH is ever right. I just hope some of these Church leaders spearheading reconciliation have not joined the bandwagon.

It is just a few days ago, that, you were praising me when I refused to agree with the PF on their intended Privatization Inquiry, not because I thought HH was innocent, but because I did not see the benefit to Zambians.

Yesterday, I complained of being dragged to Court over matters relating to HH, and mostly likely sponsored by HH, when I had tendered an apology, because such political cases, do not help Zambians. Which is why I apologized so that we can all concentrate on advocating for Zambians.

But most of his followers, have changed the status, they are insisting that it is okay for HH to continue pursuing these cases for the truth to come out. So, the truth should not come out on privatization but on my cases it should.

HH has not even apologized for anything, but I did, yet his supporters are justifying his actions, that apology or reconciliation does not mean cases should be withdrawn from courts.

Where the hell did you see people who have forgiven and reconciled take each other to court? Does that even make sense to you? Or is it your usual indoctrination insulin working in you that, you can’t see the absurdity of this?

My apology was genuine and I still stand by it, but if HH wants us to continue fighting, then I have no choice but to do just that. You all saw it, that, I removed HH from my political activities, but what can I do when he is trying to fool me with withdrawal of some cases yet sponsor others to fight me using proxies.

You are right when you say, the Leopard does not change it’s sports, and indeed I will always be Chilufya Tayali fighting for justice and speaking this as I see them, regardless of who is involved. When I am wrong, I ask forgiveness, but that does not mean you should take me for a fool.

It is total foolishness to play in the mouth of a Leopard, just because it has been tamed. I tamed myself but you are playing in my mouth, don’t blame me when I bite you.

My apology was not a sign of weakness, neither was it a confession to defamation or malice, go back and read it.

I am in no way scared of Court, and I am saying this before any case has been withdrawn, if HH wants us to continue on the same trajectory let him keep all the cases in Court, I am ready to run all the course because I know, I never defamed anyone.

Let us go to court so that HH can go and take the stand on all the cases he has taken to Court, I am ready, since he seems not to be interested in reconciliation.

I repeat, HH can’t be playing to the gallery of forgiving me and withdrawing some cases yet sponsor some proxy, let him come and face me himself.




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  1. Ba Tayali please sober up. You will not achieve anything good by taking things that way. We expect you people as leaders to love one another and live as brothers and sisters. Now the way you have taken the issues with HH is so disappointing to most of us. It does give us even the morale to even support and look up to you for guidance. Shame on you

    • Chilufya is overplaying with his fingers because he knows chiseya seya will provide him with protection through his compromised selective legal system

    • Ba Tayali, you are insisting you did NOT defame anyone but you are apologizing, what then are you apologizing for??
      A man with no principles will do anything, I mean anything for the benefit of sponsor – in this case to the benefit of the one with money.
      That is Tayali for you

    • Tayali is a small deceitful boy he thinks when you apologise everything in court should disappear…if it was up to me I wouldn’t have responded to this parasite’s apology especially the things he wrote regarding the death of UNZA student Vespers. The silly boy has court cases everywhere….people like him only understand when its too late when the Judge is about to pass judgment.

  2. Comment:Awe ba Musonda you seem not to understand what Tayali is saying. The guy has a point and l support him. Look here, govt entered into nolle concerning HH treason case, that was a sign that hh was clean. Tayali opologising is not was guilty, no! so tayali is right.

    • Mulici welewele ukula cita support ifya bupuba. Someone has to some sanity in Tayali, we cannot go on behaving like we are playing akalambe. He is aspiring to be leader hence the need for him to mature and behave a little bit better.

  3. Very dull. Chilufya keep quite, you have no point. Take HH to court if you think he stole. A president without substance. If HH stole the government would have jailed him. Some of the presidents are hopeless. Mr. Tayali you act like a pure cadre.

  4. Tayali’s apology was conditional…..He was overwhelmed with problems and needed time to recover….. His character is that which invite trouble and complain when the going gets tough. He pleads for people ‘s sympathy claiming innocence when he actually caused those problems…. In my opinion, he a naughty boy who has an urge to seek attention. Even when there is tranquility , he wants to cause trouble for no apparent reason. He has a big personality problems hence he wants to attack BIG people thinking he is BIG.
    He is a lost soul and needs prayers.

  5. Tayali is paid for attacking, discrediting and defaming HH. Tayali is broke and has no money hence he has resumed his attacks on HH. Tayali is doing this knowing fully well his Sponsors will bail him out thru a DPP Nolle Proseque.

    • The small boy got some money and was touring Ethiopia and Rwanda last week like Lazy Lungu instead of investing in tangible things…he is there admiring beautiful women there who are proud of their natural hair.

  6. If it is true that HH has insisted that Tayali should go to court and answer charges even after an apology that was done overtly, then I totally support Tayali

    • what you talking about. You mean revenge for a mail ness.

      Whta I see here is children playing kalambe. Cant see anyone mature in the game

    • Tayali issued fake apology to hoodwink HH ao that he drops his cases. How can HH be that stupid to fail to read the small mind of Chilufya Tayali the so called president of father and children political party? It is time Tayali proved his allegations not to rush for apologies because he has done more harm to the person he has accused. If he is broke his pay master will come in to higher him a lawyer. Otherwise the boy needs to sober up and stop overrating himself he is NOTHING but noise maker. His behaviour is that of Nakachinda the mmd/ pf vuvuzila.

  7. If Tayali is wise then he should just go to court with a free couscous knowing his right in all his doing. sometimes he should be listening instead of talking.

  8. Writing like a theif now…..pleading for HH to forgive him , yet trying to blackmail HH into forgiving him.

    Hh don’t relent, take him to court. He has a big mouth for nothing.

  9. Writing like a theif now…..pleading for HH to forgive him , yet trying to blackmail HH into forgiving him.

    Hh don’t relent, take him to court. He has a big mouth for nothing.

  10. Tayali’s livelihood is solely dependent on him attacking HH , without that he will be sent oblivion.Tayali has no life of his own.who is tayali without have you ever seen a parasite survive without
    It’s host. A konto will always be a konto.

  11. Tayali MUST go court to prove his alligations agaist HH. Tayali wanted to hoodwink HH by tendering fake apology with an intent to avoid court proceedings. Let his pay masters stand with him throgh out the trial because hunger has made Tayali to live in fools paradise. Did he think HH was stupid to fail to read his small mind?

  12. “I tamed myself but you are playing in my mouth, don’t blame me when I bite you.” Wapya HH!!!!!!!!!! Uzalumiwa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Like the old adage goes, like stupidity, vulgarity has no age! I wholly doubt this full cycle ***** Tayali’s sanity, what manner of luncy is this/ The chap has made it a habit to malign HH in the press everyday and when dragged to court, he opts to apologise through proxies and when this as expected yields zero results, he goes out on a circus of verbal diarrhea like this stinking people out. Uno mwaka Tayali kunya bebele!

  14. When you political career is irrelevant, you are useless and broke, then you resort to such! Clearly, Tayali is hungry, and he was overzealous with his statements regarding HH, this small politician at some point stated HH was a satanist, a thief, an evil man and someone who was simply trying to get into office to steal more. HH sued, and for good reason. He issued his apology only after being excited when he was dragged to court and he gave an interview alleging he was happy to be taken to court for speaking the truth. The apology came when he realised he didn’t have the money to keep paying lawyers, and he also realised he will go to jail upon being convicted. Even in his message you can detect his fear and begging, he never took HH to court for anything, HH took him to court. It’s…

  15. The summation that one double h and Tayali are equals is my absolute takeaway from the article and commentaries.
    Let’s roll.

  16. The boy is mad. it is only the media trying to prop up the pop. To many of us, this is an empty tin and attention seeker.

  17. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? comedian Tayali kikikiki , ba Chilufya muletusebanya I never saw a Bemba who are so doom like u Chilufya Tayali

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