Three girls of the same family in Kabwe district have drowned after they tried to swim in a dam in Kang’ombe ward of Bwacha constituency.

Two of girls are aged 8 and one is 10-years-old.

And President Edgar Lungu has sent a message of condolence to the bereaved family.

Central Province Minister Sydney Mushanga delivered the message on behalf of the head of state.

Mr. Mushanga said government will ensure that the three girls have a dignified send off.

He said government will cover the funeral costs.

The bodies of the victims are in Kabwe general hospital mortuary.

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  1. Condolences to the bereaved family. Its always nice to know that there are kind people left in this troubled world _ funerals can be very expensive. My concern hear is; is pf trying to gain brownie points here, by offering to take care of funeral arrangements? Is there no government organisation that assists with bereavements where family can’t afford ? There must a social / funeral fund section within the department of social security?? Or even private donations !!
    Don’t get me wrong,but I just worry that pf is taking care of this tragedy with funds from where? So many zambians die tragically and does pf assist financially with all of them? Does pf have finance put aside specifically for such issues or there is no proper accountability?


  2. As sad as this is, how does government pay for the funeral or is it just a subtle way of politicking? There are many Zambians who would give money to this situation. These girls may not have tried to swim in a dam had the government provided appropriate social amenities for these girls aka pools with life guards, hello somebody? My heart goes out to the family but this move by the government is putting a bandaid on a bigger wound. It is the same thing with the many deaths on Zambian roads, completely senseless.


  3. When government does nothing to help such vulnerable people, you’ll be the first ones to throw a stone at them.


  4. 8 and 10 what of the other girls age, how do u swim in a dam in this cold weather? Which party did they belong to?


    • Get real, I don’t think a child of 8 or 10 has any political affiliation. Leave children out of politics please.



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