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It’s the prerogative of Political Parties to appoint who should represent them at the National Dialogue-ZCID

Headlines It's the prerogative of Political Parties to appoint who should represent...

ZCID Board Spokesperson Jackson Silavwe
ZCID Board Spokesperson Jackson Silavwe

The Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) has clarified that it’s the prerogative of participating political parties to appoint who should attend the forth coming national dialogue and reconciliation meeting.

ZCID Spokesperson, Jackson Silavwe explained that it is not the responsibility of the ZCID nor the three church mother bodies to choose who should participate in the meeting but that all powers have been left to the political parties themselves to choose a member to represent them.

Mr. Silavwe notes that ZCID and the church mother bodies have only provided guidelines that the forth coming meeting slated for January 18, 2019, is for Presidents and Secretary Generals of political parties hence, the attendance should be within the set guidelines.

He however, noted that there is need for all political parties to adhere to the guidelines and invitations to avoid any form of confusion.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Silavwe was speaking in Lusaka today when he featured on the Hot FM breakfast show.

Meanwhile, Mr. Silavwe has also advised participants attending the meeting to stick to the agenda which was already set by themselves in the previous meeting which was held at Kapingila House.

He disclosed that so far, the political parties that attended the meeting agreed to put on the agenda issues such as Electoral reforms, constitution reforms, and public order act as some of the matters that will be discussed during the meeting.

Mr. Silavwe was reacting to growing concerns among political stakeholders on who should attend the national dialogue and reconciliation meeting.

The three church mother bodies, Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCP), Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) and the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) are expected to lead the national dialogue and reconciliation meeting which is expected to take place on January 18, 2019.

Various political parties’ leaders including President Edgar Lungu have since confirmed participation.


    • Obatala – Why are you complaining more than the widow as if it was your money? We have heard this nonsense from you several times. Some things just keep quiet about them and preserve a bit of decency in you.

    • The fcuker stole, ni pompwe even if it wasn’t his money why does it pain you when some one mentions that the moron stole and hid the money between his scatted teeth

    • Edgar Fallen Lungwisha Ichalo – If you are the complainant report to the Police so that the case can be heard in a Court of Law instead of your endless yapping.

    • I am sure Nakachinda, Sunday Chanda and Antonio Mwanza have heard that Kambwili will attend dialogue. Its not up to PF to censor who attends though they are free to do so within PF.

    • Abilima u are a piss of sh!t cadre with no future by the way that thing of yours is coming back today so go to the airport and dance for ur ka 300 kwacha maybe ur to malnourished kids of urs can have a meal today, useless cadre

    • Edgar Fallen Lungwisha Ichalo I will petition ZICTA today to see if they can trace you and find out if you have the immunity to insult. I know you are not in Zambia and think the long arm of govt is too short.

  1. Its people in the form of Sunday Chanda who Zambia should be worry with dictatorial tendencies of despotic attitude once allowed to ascend to toxic PF leadership, equally will dictate who can attend a national indaba.

  2. If the aim of THREE CHURCH MOTHER BODIES and ZCID is to look at electoral reforms,review of public order act and constitutional reform, why calling the process as “ NATIONAL DIALOGUE AND RECONCILIATION “? Plain truth is that PF and UPND leaders should be counseled that politics is not A DOORWAY TO HEAVEN.They should be counseled as SINNERS who needs deliverance mostly to repent. Bitterness and hatred among some political leaders is too much. They’re hiding in saying that constitution should be reformed, or public order act should be reviewed BUT the problem is not paper-claims-job, the biggest problem is MORAL ISSUES such as tribalism (HH) one -man – show (HH) hatred master (HH) regionalism pioneer (HH) ..He has poured all these muddy waters in Zambia and the country is in danger…

  3. This is truly a waste of money and valuable time, just meet at the ballot and forget about this dialogue crap. Let opposition parties campaign freely without locking them up for unlawful assembly just like MMD let the PF campaign, this dictatorial behavior from PF is making this unnecessary dialogue look important

  4. Upendi us crying too 2 much

    Lets give them 4000 votes from lundazi

    Lets give him 2000 votes from munali

    Lets give him 2000 frm kalulushi

    So we add 8000 votes to upendi

    Does that negate 2016 results

  5. The question is; how is this character making noise about attending the dialogue to make noise about corruption going to attend a meeting on behalf of another Party when he is a Member of Parliament for another Party?

  6. In short they are saying Dont force lungu to attend .pf can send any one including muliokela to represent them

    • That is not how a true leader of a country who wants to see peacfull development should behave , like a spoilt kaponya drugged child…….ati because so and so is attending so I will not attended ??

      Disgusting childish polygamist son diaper behaviour as sha.ron would say..

  7. ZCID, arent you contradicting yourselves? In one breath you say its up to political parties to appoint who should attend the dialogue and in the same token you say the the dialogue is for political presidents and secretaries, what’s going on guys? I thought a political party has only one president and secretary.
    Please provide leadership or this whole thing of dialogue is just a waste of time and money. Why is this same dialogue being advanced, simply because HH and UPND have been rejected, i dont see the rationale if you asked me. HH nichilalila, and will continue doing so even after je is trashed in 2021 believe me.

  8. I don’t understand why the PF kaponyas are panicking about CK …..CK gets paid by the Zambian tax payer , not PF.

    The people of roan voted for CK , the person , not PF the party.

    • @ Spaka
      We cant be moved or scared by any of you in opposition and you know it, infact its you in UPND who should be wooried of Kambwili! Do you honestly think Kambwili is there to usher HH in power? Oh my foot! UPND is under seize, a combination of Kambwili and GBM in one camp and you think these guys ate there to be second class politicians to the Under 5? Think again bwana, hard fact but yet true!

    • Malinso

      Why are PF worried what will happen to UPND ?? Just concentrate on providing jobs, leave the alliance of UPND to UPND

  9. Hope Raphael Nakachinda, Antonio Mwanza, Sondo Chanda have heard. How can big CK go to Nathan Chanda to seek permisdion to attend dialogue? Its crazy to think so shallowly ba PF.

  10. Under 5 politicians think dialogue will win them elections, leave the public order act the way it is because there will be anarchy in the country

  11. “ZCID and the church mother bodies have only provided guidelines that the forthcoming meeting…. is for Presidents and Secretary Generals of political parties hence, the attendance should be within the set guidelines.”
    As far as I know, CK is neither NDC President Nor Secretary-General. So if NDC was to adhere to the rules, then CK is out. Do you the logic and do now understand why CK is getting mad?
    Its easy for ECL to pullout, because his excuse will be that its an insult to him to be in the same room with people below the title of Secretary General.

  12. It is suppose to be attended by political party presidents or secretary Generals only or anyone appointed by a political party can attend?What is your frame work or guide lines saying?If anyone can attend,then pf will choose anyone.Forget about president Edgar Lungu period

  13. A guide line is a guide line, Kambwili can have the so called the perceived popularity but can not be a president. There was one man who thought he owned Kasama but his daughter lost despite having billions of pounds. Politics. When you make make noise and condemn the ruling party you become famous.Moral is also needed in politics. To be a president your party should have a certain number of members of parliament that will be symptom that you are nearing plot one. Unless a miracle happen.

  14. Confusion at its highest order. But get to think of it, people in Mutendere East know nothing about this so called dialogue. Those who do like me care the least about it

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