Friday, April 12, 2024

Tayali shows the Poor Drainage in Lusaka’s Central Business District



  1. Walking barfooted in murky water and not knowing what he is steeping on. I’ll dend him a pair of gumboots. This should be a 30 second video that has taken 9minues. Too much repetition ka Tayali.

    • You see how drinking sewer water does to politicians?
      Close Ministry of Water & Sanitation. Form Ministry of styupidity and mental health.

    • Kanonga ebo, if it was HH doing this ka tayali would have spewed bog from all his orifices to condemn him. We know you need to be in touch with the grassroots, manje si uyu musango. The cholera task force should ensure that proper fumigation is conducted on him and isolate from the public for 48hrs. He
      is a serious health risk to the nation and he is putting the nation in danger by wadding like duck in filth waters contaminated with human excreta.

    • Between HH and the bacteria in that infected water, Tayali will be finished for sure!

      Tayali thinks he is the Zambian version of Robin Hood.

    • Forget Tayali. My eyes are fixated on those beautiful gas guzzlers people are driving and they dare complain about the price of gas!

    • Bezar how people don’t see this as a personal protest and sacrifice by tiyali to walk bare foot…in civilised countries we have people who mount similar protests and sacrifice , like chaining them selves to trees about to be cut down…..the public don’t see a danger or stupidity of such action but look at the reason….this is what it should be like.

    • Its really sad, the man is highlighting a very important issue, and yet you have a bunch of i.d.ots here blaming him, for walking barefooted. Tiyali, he is what he is, but Zambians must learn to be serious and recognize when things are bad.
      I expected comments that would be calling on Miles and Chisambo, but alas!, none of that.
      Zambians, this “I don’t care Attitude” is really sickening. Even if a Diaspora person came back to Zambia with full of knowledge, I believe within a few months one would be discouraged because of hitting the walls.
      I hate to say this, but it’s really “klazy” 🙂

    • He is trying to get attention from the powers that be, now that his cases with HH in court are still active and coffers are dry… What he does not know is that he has been replaced by some other vuvuzelas championing privatization agenda… USED & DUMPED…Sorry bye!!!

  2. Lusaka Water is contaminated with sewer, how can an educated man stand in that dirty water barefoot..?
    You guys are really immuned to filth!

  3. Tayali – Stop waffling around. Why don’t you mention Kilometer Sampa. Wi-Fi guy. By the way you are putting yourself in danger.

    • He cant as that would complicate his funding ….I mean this is chap who was thanking Lazy Lungu for paying his debt.

  4. And you are building malls named after yourself at a huge cost and neglecting simple things like city drainage system.
    Anyway DRC has given us a sign.

  5. Still wants to be Mayor for Lusaka?
    Campaign is on for 2021.

    Please use CERTIFIED anti-bacterial lotion to protect yourself.

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    I agree with this guy… this looks really bad. But mate, you should be wearing some water proof gumboots. No wonder you have cholera in Zambia… unbelievable!

    Also met your use of ‘technician’ is a little confusing there… who is a technician, you mean plumbers or civil/water engineers or you meant technocrats?

  7. Miles Sampa, Lusaka Mayor, you are a total let down. After President Lungu and the PF gave you another chance after rescuing you from HH the hynaes party, you have seriously failed to improve the status of Lusaka. Its time you upped your game or quit. We dont want those let done the PF party simply because they want to survive. Where is the Local Government and Lusaka City Councile?


  9. This is not the problem of PF alone. You heard Tayali that this problem is there year in and year out. Even HH will come and he will go this problem is still going to be there. Thats the way our simple minded intellectuals work here. And do not be surprised to here that China has been called in to solve this problem which even Tayali says he can solve in three days. Look at pot holes in the middle of the roads. Bus stations with no lay bys. Every year its the same story. We have polititians who dont even care even if you talk they just look at you as if you are mad.

    • That is the problem….. the GRZ of the day is not held accountable.

      Ati it’s was like this so that one will also leave it like this ….? Disgusting attitude .

      Zambians are too used of failure and meritocracy.

      The GRZ of the day needs to be held accountable. Period.

    • “Even HH will come and he will go this problem is still going to be there.”
      So you have given up, nothing can be done to improve the situation?
      What is Lusambo or Sampa paid for? Do you know how much they earn, leaving you out to accept the status quo? Again, this mess should not have politics behind it, its crystal clear, someone is not doing his job here. period. Learn to hold your elected leaders accountable, otherwise, they take you for granted. Unfortunately. Sampa has just dribbled you with his 100days lies, anyone raising a finger? Zero.

  10. *Pabwato needs their boats to operate, so its normal, just misplaced their plan where the water needs to be, Perhaps to drive in town too.

  11. This is the work of the opposition. Miles Sampa is frustrated and has no clue outside not paying for his lunch. Lusambo does not want to visit council and roads. He’s scared to work on real issues. So what do we say .. Work of the opposition? Simple solves all our problems? ChimbwiNoPlan. #CNP. Tayali, great that you admit you not a technician and you advocating at laying man level. It’s good as it raises awareness of something already obvious and hope action will be taken. The whole draining system within the CBD needs a complete overhaul. The system is old, overburdened and can not just cope with the current population numbers. If we were prudent in the use of resources, this would not have been an issue of a budget but because of #CNP accompanied by rampant resource…

  12. Good one Tayali. Now go and walk bare foot at Soweto market. I hear there floods there too especially kumango area.

  13. Now tiyali you are doing something sensible instead of baiting people to sue you with personal attacks…..

    Keep it up….

    Can you give your account number to help raise funds for such activities.

    Well done.

  14. Thanks Bwana Tayali for your sacrifice and heartfelt concerns.I’ll say it again Lsk authorities and workers are just there for a paycheck and they’re inviting another cholera epidemic.For God’s sake proper drainage management isn’t rocket science so FIX IT and stop mediocrity.

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