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Why is Mr Hakainde Hichilema Siding with the Mines and not the People on the Revised Mining Tax?

Columns Why is Mr Hakainde Hichilema Siding with the Mines and not the...

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President Hakainde Hichilema

By Sunday Chilufya Chanda

Mr Hakainde Hichilema’s recent obtuse remarks on mining taxation is a betrayal to the Zambian people who deserve better revenue from the Country’s mineral wealth. It is equally an insult to the intelligence of Zambian mineworkers whom he seeks to mislead.

It appears that the UPND leader has very bad advisors, but then it is not surprising given that he himself is his exclusive Chief Advisor; he objects to ideas only when others have them, and accepts ideas only when he originates them.

It is such vanity that has consequently rendered him incorrigible and beyond advice.

Mr Hichilema’s vacuous commentaries on mining taxation and related matters reflect the lack of depth in a party that has not had a manifesto for over a decade; but is instead marshalled by the prevailing whims and mood swings of an individual on a day to day basis.

Hakainde enforces an Exclusive Patent of wisdom on a Political Party he treats as his personal Property

Ironically, Mr Hakainde Hichilema’s blithering contradicts the UPND position in the moments that followed the presentation of the 2019 Budget On Friday 28th September, 2018.

Speaking to an array of journalists after the Budget Speech presented by the Minister of Finance by Honourable Margaret Mwanakatwe, UPND Spokesperson, Charles Kakoma welcomed the changes to the Mineral Royalty Tax.

Footage was subsequently shown of him on ZNBC TV News and Private media channels elaborately praising the 2019 Budget saying that the changes in the mining tax regime were timely as they came at a time when Zambians felt that they were not benefiting from the mineral resources. The UPND Spokesman further described the changes as “fair”.

UPND Welcomes the increases in the taxes slapped on Mines

A few hours later, Mr Hakainde Hichilema in a vicious mood swing at his party secretariat brutally trashed Kakoma’s statement that welcomed the new mining tax regime (which was ironically representative of UPND in-house economists). Mr Hichilema further savagely cast aspersions on the new mining tax regime. What a callous circus master who has no qualms embarrassing those around him!

We feel for our longsuffering brothers and sisters in UPND who have to tediously toil under the tantrums of their leader who pays little or no attention to teamwork and mutual respect.

The billion dollar question is why is Mr Hichilema rubbishing the voices of reason even in the UPND and why is he siding with the exploitation of Zambians by agents of international capital?

Could it be that Opposition parties in Zambia have sold out completely to mammon so as to become mouthpieces of capital?

How can Mr Hakainde Hichilema honestly say the mines are contributing enough to the economy?

As his very own Spokesperson Mr Charles Kakoma rightly observed, Zambians are not benefiting from their mineral resources.

UPND Welcomes the increases in the taxes slapped on Mines

The government, with the support of the Citizens of this Country, is thus determined to change this scenario for the benefit of ALL Zambians.

Mr. Hakainde Hichilema would be wise to know that this particular issue is above partisan politics; it touches on patriotism which is above all political parties because it touches on our very nationhood; Zambia’s sovereignty!

We surrender him to public scrutiny to judge his levels of opportunism and patriotism. For once we are asking our brother for once in his political career, to stand with the people.

Zambians Are Geared To Benefit From Zambian Minerals; The New Mining Tax Regime Is Beneficial To ALL Zambians

The mining sector, being an important source of foreign exchange earnings, plays a critical role in the economy.

The revised Mining Tax Regime that has seen an increase in Mineral royalty tax rates to be and the introduction of import duty on copper and cobalt concentrates among other measures is designed to benefit the ordinary Zambian.

Therefore, how can a man who claims to be an “expert” call for the scrapping of a measure that will benefit Zambians such as the proposed 5% import duty on copper and cobalt concentrates? But this is what mouthpieces of capital do!

Could his itch have something to do with scratching his reported business interests with some mines?

Mouthpieces of Capital fighting against the Socio-Economic welfare of Zambians

Why should Mr. Hichilema be so keen to play the role of a “puppet mercenary” to be used to arm twist government and manipulate the peoples-chosen administration into backing down over an issue that will benefit miners and citizens at large?

Citizens and mine workers in particular should find this call as shameful and disgraceful!

Such greed is extreme and is evidently bent on protecting the interest of those to whom Mines were sold to at the expense of ordinary Zambian citizens.

We are aware that while some Opposition leaders sold some of our mines for a song, others remain as suppliers and looking for better contracts! Their interest is personal profit at whatever cost but Zambians will never allow them to sell our nation’s soul or trade our country’s extractive inheritance for a bowl of soup.

Zambia is not for sale to the highest bidder as some of these Opposition leaders would want make their interests to believe.

It is very clear the interest they represent and that why they have been miserably out of touch with Zambian voters for more than a decade.

While government is busy continuing to solve the problems helped to create; we advise Opposition leaders like Mr Hakainde to keep quiet if they have decided not to side with the masses.

Better to remain silent and be thought an unpatriotic fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

The Author is Patriotic Front Media Director At the Patriotic Front Secretariat Lusaka


  1. Hakainde has always had the interests of imperialists, mercenaries and corporate criminals who ra*pe our growing economy. Look at how he behaved in the 1990s.
    You can’t have such a selfish person as president. He’s an Under 5.

    • I just saw the name of the author and went straight to the comments. Chanda, you are lucky you may just end up at the new jail in. Your days are numbered imwe bapomwe

    • @Own-Threatening Sunday Chanda with jail clearly shows how dictatorial and lack of respect of the law a upnd govt would be. Sunday is a PF media director and its his job to highlight such issues. Unfortunately the upnd media team focuses on useless national issues and specialise in insulting the head of state, a situation that has seen them lose popularity and by-elections in their strongholds. Threats will not take hh to plot 1. Sesheke is in danger of falling to PF and those are strong signals of what’s coming in 2021.

    • Why kill the goose that lays the golden egg(s) , why do you want to destroy your only reliable and valuable source of income, fine you will get your taxes, they will reduce on production and downsize the labor force, in the end you lose on revenues and you send more people on the street, who wins?

    • You dont need to be a prophet to know that PF have failed to manage the mines. The radical move to change from VAT to sales tax without any reasonable basis spelled the doom we are witnessing. Its this harphazard way of doing things that has destroyed Zambia.
      If PF cant manage the taxes they are collecting now, what makes them think they will be able to manage the new taxes they are proposing. Sunday Chandas own brother was fired for failing to manage Zampost and mismanaging donor funds for social cash transfer meant for the very poor PF claims to be working for. Ba Sunday Chanda even has guts to be writing such lies, what shamelessness is this?

    • Provide us with the HHs statement on the mines Mr. Sunday Chanda. You are just shi.tting in your pants because you have failed to run the country and judgement is coming.

    • Nemesis-The reason the Chileans or Asians are better off than us is that they got beyond that mental slavery like yours and set their own rules and standards which these multinationals and imperialists had to abide by. Even the Arabs are more successful today because they control their resources. And here you are disparaging the grz at the expense of Zambians. And we wonder why Africa is poor?? Is it the leadership alone that must be blamed or is Africa burdened with a non functional population of impotent intellectuals and under privileged masses unlike the practical Asians who have learnt the habit of solving their problems??

    • It’ll be the masses who’ll suffer due to failure by PF00Lish policies.

      PF should concentrate to resolve the stand-of with mines instead of listening to HH. Thousands of jobs are at stake & 2019 GDP & growth figures, the value of the Kwacha are also under threat.

      Actually they should have consulted with chamber of mines before including into 2019 Budget the new taxes on imported concentrates & mineral royalties and new Sales Tax to replace VAT.

    • Ba Sunday you don’t possess the relevant knowledge and experience …maybe some knowledge but zilch big corporate understanding & experience of how taxes impact real businesses …to challenge HH on this matter someone who still owns and runs company’s and has consulted to firms on matters of taxes, audit and advisory …I will only leave it to those that buy into Neolithic argument. Taxes under the PF are a diminishing return ..

    • Taxes are just going to emoluments and debt repayments period! U can only tax companies so much and that is the reality…your taxes are not really helping Zambians you hardly have any project you can point at that you have directly funded from taxes …You always borrow or it is donor funded. The fact that you allow capital flight is the major problem…if you can even put policy to mandate companies to keep earnings/capital for 6 months in Zambia before they can externalize you will be amazed at what that will do to your exchange and interest rates. What HH is saying is nothing strange America favours big corporates in taxes over smaller and Individuals it has instead bolstered their production. One anomaly that Trump has corrected is to introduce taxes that deter their companies from…

    • When imperialists enter a territory the use an old yet effective tactic known as ‘divide & rule’. In Zambia today they have successfully colonised the intellectuals whose job it is to disparage the PF amd cause tension in the country. Tell me, which western nation consults a grouping of private companies when formulating tax policies as our colonised Maloza is suggesting??? hh has dug his grave and alienated himself from the ZAMBIAN VOTER here. Arabs control their oil and that’s why they are rich. Now our imperialist puppets and impotent intellectuals want us to let these multinationals dictate even our tax policies. Killing the goose that lays the golden eggs??? No!! We can run these mines ourselves. If the start shutting down revoke licences and let ZCCM move in!!!

    • Our colonised intellectuals are focused on partisan aspects of this issue as the imperialists would like it. This is a national matter that requires unflinching patriotism regardless of party or tribe. PF is not a foreign invading force that has grabbed power by force as upnd wants us to believe but are a group of Zambians who were endorsed at the ballot and are fighting for Zambians’ interests.

    • Typical of PF, they always want to condemn anyone who has a different way of putting out the fire but don’t want to analyse the cause of the fire because they are guilty.


    • I think HH is trying to tell you CNP’s that the taxes can be introduced categorically to prevent the cost of mining sky rocketing and the ordinary Zambians whom you have already overtaxed to lose their jobs. Kindly listen to what is being said and not who is saying it.

  2. H.H is only saying what he’s being told by his paymasters, Angloamerca.the man is a Zambian who feels for his fellow Zambians. But he sold his soul to the devils who don’t care whether we benefit or not as long as they make their monies.HH is a stooge of the very evil imperialists who have done everything in their power to make African a perpetual dependant on the Western world. HH does not have a soul of his own,but the devil’s

    • Political complacency in Zambia led vile speaking Michael Sata take over Zambia, in turn created dishonest Edgar Chagwa Lungu take over Zambia while Zambians are still complacent. Today, Sunday Chanda a psychotic disciple of both Sata and Lungu school of thought is clearly aspiring to take over Zambia. All because of Zambian political complacency. Beware Zambians Chanda is another despot in the offing.

  3. Because you got the whole tax regime wrong and you morons will never admit that you are wrong, if it is the author Mr know it all , any way to dull PF cadres and not educated people, what the guy writes is just the same rubbish trying to reinforce a failing strategy, that just how dull the people in govt are, what a shame. Banch of grade 4`s and drunks what the fcuk can you ever get right.

    • I wished you could be real in your analysis! But alas, i understand you very well. I will advice that you keep the insults to yourself other than bring them on the fora….who told you that you have a horde of educated people in upnd? Just the running mate concludes my thoughts of you as their cadre. Shame on you, am sure you will wait until you wait no more my friend,maybe i should tell you that it is not this generation that can vote for your selfish president, let him come in incarnation probably! At least its not me and i who can waste my precious vote on your selfish leader. whoops Nayaaa ineeee.

  4. 1. The mines should pay Tax to government and it should be reasonable tax without any armtwisting tactics!
    2. The PF government has only increased taxes in the mines to pay for their mismanagemnt of the economy and debts accrued! This is the only reason PF is taxing everyone!!!

    • They seem to have outspent themselves and over borrowed , the mines is the only saviour out of the quagmire they are currently in, during olden times when a king had overspent on wars, they used to go to extreme of even opening their wife’s and daughters just for them to get out of the cesspool they made and fell in, is Zambia this desperate ?

  5. Good offensive which needs good defence from the opposing side. No need for insults. Debate issues not personalities and please do not hate the messenger examine the message.

  6. This is the worst betrayal Mr HH has manifested to the Zambians, and it sets a precedent to what would become of his Gvt if at he would form one. It is an open secret that Zambia has not been adequately benefing from the minerals , how could him as a potential future head of the nation rubbish such reforms which are designed to improve the welfare of Zambians? The new tax might bring some short term adverse shocks, but it is better to Face it head on than to keep procrastinating the ideas witch in the long term would raise the living standards of Zambians. NO Boss on this one you have missed the mark. It can’t be business as usual!!

  7. Why does Sunday Chanda always attack HH? Sunday you come over very strong on keeping the bread on your table. Back to the issue of the high taxes on the mines. To begin with these investors have got to pay high bribes to get in, then they have been favoured so much by a fegime that has made life so easy and profitable for them. then the electricity goes up and fuel and prices of deliveries goes up too. Then the government comes up with ammended taxes and they are looking at their huge profits dwindling down so they do what any bussiness person does, cut down the labour. Who suffers? The Zambian worker. From the start there should have been no corruption and rules and regulations should have been laid down, So mr educated Chanda consider this.

  8. Bane we should not time with HH’s political expression of FAVORITISM to His fellow foreign conglomerates. HH has a bloody ALLIANCE with the Oppenheimer foundations (Anglo American)of mineral exploration. A strange tie which was founded in 1917 .In Zambia was pioneered by HH’s father Mazoka who was a chairman in Central Africa by mid of 80s.Mazoka died his son became a heir to date.HH is a mineral rights referee of these bloody imperialists who have brought misery in Africa at large. His in politics today because they want the mineral belts of Zambia. Which they believe that they owned regardless of who is a mine owners. HH will always SUPPORT the imperialists third African scramble.

  9. The problem with people with baked beans for brain is that they’ll will always rush to discredit others in defense of their erring bigoted idols before they can listen to the voice of wisdom.all they’re good at is insult. Do you really have to expose your teaspoon sized brains in this manner?grow up.plot 1 is not for people with brains in their foul mouths. Until you learn to be civil and stop losing that’s the only way to be a champion

  10. The masses in Zambia are always wrong! The masses don’t know how to check out facts. All they know is how to huff and puff using emotions! When unschooled Cadres take the seat of technocrats, the business environment becomes heavily politicized! Investors hate a heavily politicized business environment because Politics is a huge business risk! Investors think in terms of numbers and numbers don’t lie! Trouble is, you cannot reason with cadre mentality! What is to go wrong will go wrong! Brace for impact!

  11. You can tax the mines and the citizens to the bone, but with the clueless kaponyas in PF , there is little or chance of the economy working out…….

    Just like for a football club, hiking fan stadia ticket prices is not the the only way to raise revenue, winning trophies brings more revenues , hiking ticket prices while performance is sh.it , drives fans away.

    PF and lungu are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They indeed have lost the chance for immediate economic benefits from the borrowed monies by over charging on economically useless roads. The investores pouring did not come ,they may have taxed citizens to the max and the mines are the last option…

    • @Spaka, I am with you.
      That taxes must be revised is not in dispute. But there are some taxes that do not make sense, such as import duty! Who are you protecting by imposing import duty on foreign ore/concentrates? Why not encourage the miners to bring in the raw material (ore/concentrates) to produce copper to capacity and then tax them on the final product via VAT or indeed the much touted Sales Tax? Mind you, the sources from where these concentrates are purchased have to pay export duty for the same material to be trammed into zambia!!! That makes it double tax!
      Just as a reminder when the current miners pull out we risk getting another Vedanta-ish investor.

  12. Try to read HH”s contribution three years ago and see if it has has changed…/lusakavoice.com/2015/04/11/hakainde-hichilemas-mining-tax-proposal-advice-to-edgar-lungu-and-pf/

  13. Zambian journalists fake due to siding in the heir reporting, always condemning one leader to another. What you should know you fake journalists is that leaders come and go but your professionalism must be protected at all times because it is the one which defines your job. Be careful Zambian journalists.

  14. To tell the truth HH has inferiority complex which can destroy this country.The man loves worshiping white pipo. Nowonder he mentions Trump to sort out Zambia.He is not qualified to be a Zambian leader but a leader of political groupings.I don’t also see the reason is supporting mining firms.When given chance Zambia can be divided by HH.He is not yet ready but full of bitterness.I wanted to support him but bcoz of such crazness i’ll not waste my vote.Eeven ifi bana kambwili is following him he will just be used but Zambians can’t be used by HH.among opposition parties Kalaba has come out to be the only smartest of all.The rest are too bitter n lack new ideas.HH should grow up.its true he benefited from the sale of mines

  15. Anyone who thinks that increased taxes are meant to improve the lives of ordinary Zambians should visit the nearest mental hospital. Firstly the increase in taxes is meant to help repay the huge accumulated debt which debt was largely looted by the political elite. Secondly it is meant to use for vanity projects by the PF government towards the next election. If anything the new taxes will worsen the economic plight of the majority of our people who will lose jobs. Sunday Chanda must learn to differentiate between political posturing and proffering solutions. The chap is an ***** who shouldn’t be taken seriously by right thinking Zambians. How can he try to hoodwink us when we see the looting of taxes happening everyday.

    • Passed by Chilenje Level 1 and was amazed at how it developed from a small clinic into what it is today. Anyone who uses Great East road will see Levy hospotal and the huge structure next to Chaimama Mental Hospital that is being built. Most of that borrowed money is what set up these structures. Looted by politicians or PF?? How can people loot billions of dollars and not get noticed in the small Zambian economy?? The richest guy in Zambia is Mrak O’Donnell at about $400m. If PF politicians looted the billions wouldn’t they be on such lists and clinics like Chilenje would still be small. That’s the problem with upmd politics -its based on lies and fantasies. Sesheke is about to fall yet you choose to try and dupe voters yet they can see the truth themselves.

  16. As a staunch UPND supporter, it is painful to admit that I actually support the PF Govt and Sunday Chilfya Chanda on his statement. I don’t like Sunday nor do I like the PF but all well-meaning Zambians should support this Government on this one. Zambians are not benefiting from the copper we own when we really should be. The change in mineral tax policy is probably the only way we can share the wealth if investors don’t like it they can go and we will wait for those who are ready to do business on our terms. For too long they have exploited us without even doing any thing for the locals in the areas they operate.

  17. PF has depleted the countries resources reintroduction of Sales Tax is a means of generating money to pay for the huge nkongole

  18. Could we have the exact statement that HH made to this effect, that Chanda is alluding to. I know HH talked about Zambians being overtaxed – I haven’t read the one on the mines specifically. I always peruse Chanda’s winding statements with a pinch of salt. He sounds like ‘comical Ali’ for the most.

  19. Another despot in the making, Sata was violent and no one talked to him, even threatened to dethrone Chitimukulu. Planted violence concept into PF with its disciples now ravaging Zambia. Lungu through crooked means ascended to presidency using Sata’s name. Today Sunday Chanda is the despot in the making. Before he can attempt to lead the toxic PF many will die. Typical of PF legacy.

  20. Mr. Chanda should have asked HH why he sides with the mines. Ranting without thinking and analyzing issues is what has caused Sunday to write an article of no value, attacking HH as a man, instead of attacking HH reasoning. Every Zambian no exception, would like to benefit more from the mines. 2019 National Budget, excited us Zambians by introducing mine tax sale. The mines have rights to lay off workers just like the government has rights and power to increase taxes. If the mines lay off some workers, the government should immediately redeploy laid off workers as plan B or C. The ball is in the court of the government to analysis issues not to rant. Note, ZCCM-IH which is a shareholder in the mines is not ranting. Do you know why?

    • You are completely off bwana – you can’t de-link HH from his thinking. What sort of logic is this? Also, the mines should not blackmail the Government with layoffs to force the Government to revert to the old tax regime. Nobody is ranting apart from your illogical analysis – ZCCM-IH did not introduce the taxes, it is Government. Do a bit of understanding before you comment.

  21. HH is infact a very dull and deceiving person and most of those who support him on this blog are opportunists who he has promised jobs in the unlikely event that he formed government. Surely, one doesnt need to look too far to see how the so called imperialists have protected their resources for centuries. Just look at what President Trump of US is doing today! He is making sure America gets the best of its resources and the results are incredibly showing. Look at the chaos UK has found itself in as a result of Brexit. All these happenings clearly indicate that these contries ensure the protect whats theirs and dont damn care about anyone outside their borders and yet, and not surprisingly HH is again on the losing side! We the people are behind PF Government on progressive developments…

  22. For those who are smart enough to remeber.. when Anglo-America was running KCM.. how were the workers conditions of service and benefits verses the conditions of service we have with our modern guys managing all these mines.. how was business for contractors under Anglo.. verses now?


  24. Don’t intimidate Sunday Chainda with jail terms when he is telling HH the truth. Surely, you don’t have to be an economist to see that the tax measures that the government has put in place are for the benefit of the Zambian people. This fact is very well known by our “superior” economist by the nàme of HH but wants to continue hoodwinking the masses to believe his negative utterances on this issue of taxes. Zambians are intelligent enough to know his tricks of opposing anything good that the government does.

  25. Plenty of minerals in Congo, why not go and mine there? Far, far higher yield rates than in Zambian ores yet they don’t even want to pay duty on those ores like everyone who imports anything. Those that cannot pay taxes for the conducive environment Zambia provides with its peace and loans developed infrastructure should leave. Tax is not negotiable in any decent place in the World coz it costs a lot to provide decency. Tax authorities shouldn’t give a hoot if you can’t cope with paying for the nice environment and go bankrupt.

    Leave if you can’t pay. The right of admission has always been reserved in Zambia. Those who took it for granted have to butt off now!! Or pay import duty and sales tax like we all do.

    • @ mbeba na kolwe
      I cant agree more than you brother or sister. HH is directionless and has no heart for this country unless one hasnt known him. Look at how he has held on to UPND, honestly is he the only one capable in that party?

  26. Is it normal for media director of a ruling party to be obsessed with the fear of HH to a level of hallucinating and dreaming of and about HH all the time. This could be a medical condition

    • That is his job – to hit the opposition. Just dismantle his posting if you have the hammer, but from what I see, you have a very small stick.

  27. Sunday Chanda’s writing is always in the manner of molding HH as ‘an enemy of the people’. He has his economic views – take him on them constructively, with reason than personal attacks. Have a debate and then let people make their own informed decisions. At the same time, the government is the one implementing the new tax regime and bears a heavier burden of justifying it. It’s not enough to simply say we want more money in the ‘kitty’. Show the data and how the taxes are going to be used. By the way, there are so many taxes that can be imposed – but would it make economic sense? I state again, I don’t know what HH said specifically about the mines, but he did allude to the economic fact that over taxing the citizenry means there is nothing left for stimulating business ventures…

  28. The tax issue with the mines must be handled with the diligence it deserves. Politics aside it is an economical matter which may affect the livelihood of many Zambians and future generations.

  29. UPND is a decrepit party. This is so because no one has been allowed to think and express the truth on any subject matter without being reminded that the party belongs to one man, its leader whom everyone must consider the ultimate in understanding all matters. What they do not know is that the leader is pass-remarkable and should never be taken seriously. He is now pinned between a hard rock and firm ground because these same mines he assisted in selling to them for a song. 2012 is near and God willing should I be around, gonna give my vote to someone else not associated with this capitalist.

  30. The so called Zambian Citizen & Zambian First fellows ‘re both myopic.
    What good has Vendettas done apart from ruining the once well refurbished KCM beyond redemption.
    For your own info, Anglo-Amercan are major share holders in the mines industry globally..a fact.
    Anglo-Amercan took over Nchanga Mine by then from ZCCM Ltd when it was on it’s knees and injected in huge cash flow to resuscitate it from total collapse.
    When Anglo-Amercan took over Nchanga Mine which later changed its name to KCM, it substantially increased the workers salaries by almost 50%ask anybody who worked there at that time.
    How then can you accuse HH of bringing back according to you the imperialists, Anglo-Amercan? When their investment portfolio is good.
    With the information I ‘ve I have given you about…

  31. with the information l have given u, wisemen would go for the Anglo-Amercan investors because they know how to invest & take care of the locals while on the hand they gain out of their money put in their business.
    Let not hate TH for falsified reasons at the same time misleading the public and the readers.

  32. HH should be speaking for the people of Zambia instead of these investors who are taking advantage of free Zambia. If a civil servant who earns K5000 is able to pay over 30% tax, why can’t the mines pay? If Mr HH was talking of reducing the tax burden on Zambians, that would have made sense. Anyway, I am not surprised because even in the beginning, he gave these mines to the same investors almost for free. Mr HH himself does not like paying tax that’s why he makes money in Zambia and keeps it offshore. Avoiding tax in your own country despite being rich. Very unpatriotic individual for some one is calling himself a leader. Ubu nibu pompwe. HH impress us in order for us to give you a vote. Don’t just criticise anything anyhow. Talk sense.

  33. Does the name Chanda ring a bell? His elder brother has stolen millions and left Post Office workers without pay for over six months. Remember that his elder brother was doing pyramid deals with public money for the poor. He has built mansions in both Lusaka and Copperbelt and Chanda does not condemn him. Poor workers are harrowing in poverty, Chanda is not talking about their bread and butter but he is quickly talking about issues he doesn’t understand. Defending the undefendable! Who does that! Come on, give us a break! Give the poor Post Office workers a break! They need their money that your brother has creamed away!

  34. HH/UPND’s modus operandi is ‘tired, old,’ TRIPE. When something’s not working for you, take the tin out, shake and rattle it around until you find a new path. The politics of defiance, offensive demeanour for the sake of it has not reaped him any good harvest.

    New leader, new path, resolution for UPND Party is advisable.

  35. “Mr Hichilema’s commentaries…… reflect the lack of depth in a party that has not had a manifesto for over a decade”.
    That is being naive ba Sunday Chanda. Trib.al Hacks has always had a manifesto, to put a trib.al in State House. You remember Ackson Sejani don’t you?

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