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Privatization inquiry yet to be tabled in Cabinet- Mwanakatwe

Economy Privatization inquiry yet to be tabled in Cabinet- Mwanakatwe

Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe
Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe

Cabinet is yet to table the issue of whether an inquiry into the privatization of Zambian assets can be instituted or not.

Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe says at the point the institution of this inquiry has been discussed and decided upon in Cabinet, it will be made public.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe says the nation will be informed of the opening of this inquiry through the government spokesperson at an appropriate time.

In an interview with Q-News Mrs. Mwanakatwe has however declined to state whether or not the inquest into the transfer of control of national enterprises is part of the Cabinet agenda items.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe says Cabinet issues are confidential matters that cannot be discussed through the media.

He states that, as Minister of Finance, she will therefore not discuss Cabinet matters through the media whether such matters have been discussed or are scheduled for discussion.

The Minister of Finance says she can only discuss a tabled or scheduled to be tabled matter if Cabinet agrees that such a matter be put in public domain.

She says she is, in this case, unable to also state whether or not an inquiry into the privatization of Zambian assets will in future be an agenda item in Cabinet.


  1. Stop that nonsense of privatization. It was 2008 worst PF media mistake, the Chanda boys set fire on a rat, which run to bedroom and all PF got on fire.
    Cabinet can’t start asking Ba Edgar why he never got as rich as HH from privatization.
    – Tayali ‘s Lusaka drainage
    – Closing Ministry of Sewer Water & Sanitation
    – Relief Aid in flooded rural areas.

    • Why is Hakainde and supporters scared of this inquiry. Let it go ahead. You won’t make poverty an excuse to keep ill-gotten wealth from privatisation. If HH was responsible in giving true value and negotiating better deals for our companies, we would ve pumped money into economy to improve things. But guy keeps our money in external bank account. How can we trust him with managing country this guy. No way! He will open more Swiss accounts if he cones to rule.

    • Start by investigating Lungu & Lewis Mosho’s failed attempt to loan Zesco an illegal $500-Million by STAG-Africa CC, a firm that’s not even a registered company in RSA.

      – Investigate how public prime land is being privatized to Chinese. NRDC, Jacaranda primary school, Silverest forest, Chimbokaila prison, Zaffico forest etc.
      – Investigate why fuel is the most expensive in the sub-region and clean up corruption in the crude oil tender process.
      – Investigate why our education system has collapsed & Zambian universities have been downgraded to college status
      – Investigate why copper goes out but the money does not come back. Why is Chile rich from copper while Zambia & DRC are poor.
      – Investigate how Chinese, Rwandese, Tanzanians are stealing informal sector jobs from locals who…

    • – Investigate how we’ve become heavily in debt just 10 years after HIPC relief & measures to prevent ballooning of future debt.
      – Investigate where 3rd EURO-bond went. Not a single project ever received a cent from 3rd EURO-bond

    • You are a bunch of joker, please spare the tax payers. Where is the report on the fire that gutted the Lusaka City Market in July 2017, now you are saying releasing it will not help solve anything at the market.
      Vincent Mwale says government will just concentrate on solutions and preventing a repeat of such fires.
      Hours after the market was gutted government had immediately blamed the opposition UPND for having caused the fire and President Lungu went on to declare a ‘Threatened State of Emergency’.
      12 people were later arrested and linked to the fire but to date no update or report has been released by the police or government.
      Some of the accused were arrested in Livingstone, blindfolded and flown to Lusaka by the Zambia Air Force as they struggled to find who to blame.
      Lusaka City…

    • Continued
      Lusaka City Market has remained in the same state after the fire and there is no sign of any reconstruction of the market. There is also no report of the moneys that were donated by various entities towards the reconstruction of the market.

      My children and other children and their children will still ask questions. It’s pointless dodging the inquest in this unfortunate privatization ordeal. Posterity will seek answers and so let’s lay the foundation and prepare a report for them. It’s amazing to note that the shameless guilty are moving freely among us. This question should not go away until we put to bed what went down.

    • It is caller CLOSURE.
      If the conmen and unpriots are unquivocally innocent. So be it, but closure has to ensue.

    • Maggie, can you start by finding out what happened to the colossal moneys that were donated by various entities towards the reconstruction of the market. Surely a market would have been built by now, this sounds more serious than the fire itself. PF awe mwandi, anything goes!

  2. Funny indeed! When did cabinet matters become confidential. The presidential spokesperson gives updates on issues discussed in cabinet after meetings are concluded. Some sections of society have been questioning whether it is him or Information Minister who is supposed to give those updates. Regarding the inquiry on privatisation, let cabinet probe itself because it’s the same cabinet that initiated that program. The Minister who will give an update on this issue should also indicate the cost structure for the undertaking and the income that will be generated by the probe so that you are equally held to account if our meagre resources will be wasted.

    • Radio Phoenix, what’s the proble As usual when their is Let the people talk on Tuesday’s and Friday’s there currently unavailable on the app.

  3. Hon Mwanakatwe, please continue working hard, you inspire orher women. You are one the few MPs that regularly visit their constituencies and engage with the electorate and on this attitude we commend you. Your recent visit to Lubwa ward is highly appreciated and we are hopeful you will attend to the issues of piped water supply and roads especially around Holy Cross school and the surrounding areas. Works done today gives you an edge over your competitors. Hopefully even Nkandu Luo will learn something from you and start working in Munali constituency. Hon Jean Kapata is a practical and brilliant MP despite Mandevu being so varsity.

  4. The problem with the topic of privatization in Zambia is that its always highly politicized .So in the end just arriving at the objective truth becomes impossible.

  5. Let the Inquiry go ahead. In any case, even if Inquiry does not take place, we the people of Zambia know what role HH played and how he became rich kid overnight. No wonder, every election we remember this and can’t trust him to run this country.

    • what do u remember if you did not steal the elections u think u would v been in power u know the truth abt privatization bt you think your broken record of accussing HH wil hold in 2021 wishful thinking

  6. Why Privatization enquiry now after more than 20years. The Original idea was to witch hunt HH for Political gain. Now that it has been revealed that ECL actually privatised (sold) Cold Storage of Zambia the Privatization Enquiry is dead in the water.The writing is on the Wall.

  7. Majority Zambians don’t trust HH than they trust Lungu generally. U can insult me Hakainde supporters for stating this plain truth

  8. When is Zambia having its GRZ shutdown? I think we need to shut down and take a break from these time wasters!
    It is shocking how Zambians can’t talk about things that directly affect them. Drive through Kalingalinga, Kamloops, Kounda square roads. It’s a nightmare to even imagine these areas have GRZ representatives who should show concern about the state of roads in those areas. Unfortunately, Zambians are dumb! They can’t even talk or complain to their representatives to do something about potholes and craters that are daily messing up their vehicles for which they have to incur huge costs in repairs! Are we serious as a people? If we can’t even tell who is responsible to fix our roads for which we pay tax to use, how are we going to catch the Privatization thieves? Let’s wake up…

  9. Let’s wake up to our civic duties! Take care of small things first, then you will be competent to deal with bigger issues!

  10. Privatisation under Chiluba came with lots of promise and hope. People lost jobs and pensions. It will be important to know what happened. Did it meet the desired goals? Where did we go wrong? How can we prevent this (whatever went wrong) in future? I think the focus should be broad and not narrow down to individuals. It will be expensive but knowledge has never been cheap.

  11. Truth be told,Privatisation in Zambia was a scandal of the highest order.Reading through the PRIVATISATION ACT will make anyone angry at how selfish those drafting and enacting the ACT were, in order to defraud Zambia of its assets.Little wonder Mwanawasa and Kunda(May their souls rest in peace) countered the PRIVATISATION ACT with the PUBLIC FINANCE ACT of 2004 thought it came too late to save Zambia from instant Kwacha billionaires.

  12. A batch of foools
    1. Why now
    2. Where were you when the exercise was taking place
    3. Who authorised the privitalization
    4. Most key players are deceased

  13. Kudos is silent after he found out that we now know lungu sold cold storage board of Zambia to foringners who stripped all the equipment and shipped it out of the country devastating whole communities in Lusaka who depended on that company…

  14. It is in the interest of the zambian public who are owners of the assets looted during privatisation , not any party or any president , those characters who plundered the resources must be followed up if found wanting must face the law of the land.
    If this government doesnt do it other governments in future will , the rot need to be sorted out and made to pay for the wrong this criminality cannot go un punished this is the demand from the general public.
    A nation left to be lead by criminals is a cursed nation you cannot allow zambia to be so , it pains all zambians how these criminals tormented them and still continue through their tired talk and bragging about the plundered wealth , this issue is not for politicians politics out but the general public and the law of the land .

  15. Another witch-hunt in the making. This would have been a foregone conclusion had it not come out that Lungú was also involved in privatization. Now they have to tread carefully lest the whole thing will backfire on them.

  16. Better halt scrap dealers looting and reaping our industry of valuable machinery that can be put back to use before we has a desert of indigenous Zambian industries before tabling privatization.
    The impact has really affected our performance for we have to import the same equipment to get back to industrial life.
    Let the smelters start extracting our still virgin iron ore than take the shortcut.

  17. Matumbo, you are right. Its better to do so that next time each and every individual will know what is happening in the field of Privatization. They say we learn through mistakes. So, if something went wrong at that time then better we correct for the betterment of mother Zambia in the future. So, if we say lets forget about it since it happened 20yrs ago,how are going to handle future endeavors of such caliber? Let the inquest BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!

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