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Civic Leader bemoans lack of land in Lusaka’s Chibolya Township to construct social Amenities

General News Civic Leader bemoans lack of land in Lusaka's Chibolya Township to construct...

FILE: Pig/s enjoying on the flooded road that passes through Chibolia Compound in Lusaka

A Civic Leader has bemoaned the lack of land to construct social amenities in his area.

Patriotic Front (PF) Chibolya Ward Councillor, Andrew Mwewa disclosed that his ward does not have enough land to build hospitals and schools to benefit the residents.

In an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr Mwewa disclosed that the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) were released in December last year for the construction of a health post to benefit the people of Chibolya Township.

The civic leader, who is also Ward Development Committee Chairperson stated that, the Committee has been having meetings with people on the way forward in securing a piece of land where a clinic will be constructed but to no avail.

He regretted that the residents of Chibolya are forced to go to Kanyama clinic to seek medical care because of the lack of a health post in the area.

And Grace Hamukuli, a resident in the area has called on government to consider building more schools to help lift education standards among the people.

Ms Hamukuli said there is only one primary school which caters for Grades one to nine while, pupils in upper secondary schools are forced to attend and acquire education from nearby Kanyama and other surrounding learning institutions.


    • You should start thinking about demolishing these eyesore shanty townships, instead of putting more buildings there. What’s wrong with you? Invest in clean high-rise apartments, and relocate people from the shanties to the new apartments. Look at Kilamba city in Angola on YouTube for inspiration. Be progressive you clueless bunch.

    • It is because the Chiseya seya PF thugs have taken and shared all good land in Lusaka .They have become multi property owners and left these poor people to live like this .This is irresponsibility of unimaginable proportion by the unashamedly pro poor government . This is what you get for voting in liars who only care about fattening their bank accounts .

  1. There is what is called compulsory purchase order , CPO to benifit the lager community….

    Looks like this is a gimmick to keep the funds there dormant so they start looting…

    • What you’re saying is very good. …at least in theory. Ask yourself why this wasn’t done when area was under full control of Upnd with Mr Mtonga as MP for Kanyama constituency under which Chibolya falls. I’ll give you the answer. ..doing so would result in riots especially today when even if it’s a Zambian who has bought land everyone will accuse government of ” selling land to the Chinese “. In short your idea is practically impossible though very progressive.

    • How can there be riots with strongman kapoyongo who ruthlessly claps down on any sort of opposition hint of a rally or meeting ???

      This is the epic failure of pf , their energies are directed at staying in power at all costs.

      And CPOs are an instrument that both parties agree on, in most cases. Zambia has plenty land , people who’s yards are earmarked for GRZ use can be offered land in other parts of the country.

  2. Very funny thinking indeed. Chibolya is a piece of land. It is not an expanse of water or air. Therefore, as stated @my point, there is need to be creative.

  3. You would rather buy fire tenders for $42mil than build for an economic space! African governments just spend for consumption. No foresight no vision! Lack of creavitity to build an industry. It’s real hopelessness which is the order of the day. Africa is doomed becoz the leaders are doomed! Feel like pulling all my hair 🙁

  4. Time has come when leaders should be able to think outside the box or consultant other leaders or citizens who are smart in thinking. Alternatively, that leader and the community can put pressure on the local MP and the mayor of Lusaka. One suggestion could be the city of Lusaka can relocated some people in the specific areas where the community would like a clinic or hospital and school to be located. There are many ways the city can achieve that like what my fellow bloggers, Lie Detector and My Point. Zambian leaders and MPs seem not to care about people who live in poverty. From year to year during rain season we see floods in roads and convenient shops and tuntemba in shanties, cholera and other diseases can easily be transmitted in pools of floods. the source. When cholera breaks out…

  5. Look at that African mediocrity up in that photo there.Its ugly ,unhealthy and it looks like every Johnny is doing whatever the hell they want with no rules and no central planning.

  6. The colonial masters saw this and that’s why they ensured those in villages stayed in villages. Those in towns upon retiring were encouraged to go back to their villages. One of the reasons unemployment has been amplified is over urbanization. People in villages just wake up ati ndeya ku Lusaka without any tangible reason or plan. Result is what our bewildered councillor is crying over.

    • But see in Lsk they’ll get easy access to clean water,hospitals ,transportation and even more occasional employment vs nothing back in rural home.

    • 7.1 maybe your village is still primitive. My village has electricity connected to houses and running water. Opportunities abound as long as you’re hard working. Most of these people in shanty settings are just lazy bums who want drink off the sweat of other people.

  7. It is because the Chiseya seya PF thugs have taken and shared all good land in Lusaka .They have become multi property owners and left these poor people to live this .This is irresponsibility of unimaginable proportion by the unashamedly pro poor government . This is what you get for voting in liars and thieves who only care about fattening their bank accounts . Come elections tomorrow ,the poor will get promises and as elections are over these clueless media directors and their leaders will disappear to share the Kaloba and build Mansions across Lusaka and Swaziland .

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