Bilateral talks between Tanzanian and Zambian authorities on the establishment of a One Stop Border Post at Zombe Border in Northern Province have commenced.

This came to light when officials from the Provincial Administration and a delegation from Tanzania conducted a joint inspection of the existing infrastructure at Zombe-Kasesya Border over the weekend.

Acting Northern Province Permanent Secretary, Sineva Kambenja led the Zambian officials to the bilateral meeting on the establishment of the One Stop Border facility at Zombe-Kasesya border while, Senior Economist from the Ministry of Finance and Planning in Tanzania, Robert Mtengule led a high powered delegation from his country to the meeting.

And speaking during the exchange meeting, Mr. Kambenja said the Zambian government is keen towards establishing the One Stop Border Post at Zombe border in Mbala district in order to boost trade between Zambia and Tanzania respectively.

He urged the Tanzanian delegation to take positive feedback to their country about Zambia’s readiness to establish a One Stop Border Post at Zombe-Kasesya border.

And speaking at the same meeting, Tanzanian delegation leader Robert Mtengule said his team is satisfied with the constructive dialogue it held with Zambian authorities regarding the establishment of the One Stop Border facility at Zombe-Kasesya border post.

He observed that preliminary findings show that both Tanzania and Zambia will greatly benefit from the trade opportunities once the One Stop Border facility is actualized.

Meanwhile, Mbala District Commissioner (DC), Kedrick Sikombe, who was part of bilateral meeting, informed the Tanzanian delegation that the Zambian government is in the process of tarring the Zombe road and connecting electricity to Zombe border to enhance trade between the two neighboring countries.

The Zombe-Kasesya border post is fast becoming a viable route for traders from both Tanzania and Zambia because of the increased trade volumes between the two countries.

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  1. You are struggling to Maintain Nakonde Border while TZ has tremendously improved infrastructure on their side …it is a Stark contrast when u are in Nakonde and it clearly shows you which government is more serious. I suspect based on the evidence of Nakonde that TZ officials will doubt Zambia comittment to the new Border


    • When were you last in Nakonde?

      Go and see what PF has done.


    • @ 1.1 you are joking right ???? I hail from there and I am constantly in that area so I find your statement filled with absolute ignorance ….you might be thinking of Chirundu maybe


  2. Ask them (Tanzanians) what they spent to build their border at Tunduma/Nakonde border. Any serious structure costs money and the opposition only condemns everything. We need a balanced view on all these infrastrure development.



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