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SASU condemns the violent and criminal actions of the Zimbabwean government on its people and student leaders


People arrested during protests wait to appear at magistrates’ court in Harare.Courtesy Skynews

SASU condemns the violent and criminal actions of the Zimbabwean government on its people and student leaders.

The Southern African Student Union (SASU) is utterly disgusted and dismayed by the ongoing criminal behaviour being carried out by security forces in Zimbabwe. The corrupt Zimbabwean government continues to cripple its own economy and creates its own problems, this is owing to a failure to manage the economy and other geopolitical factors.

Zimbabwean citizens like all other civilians in a democratic state have the right to protest, a right which is protected by the constitution of that country and an established practice globally. It is criminal and unjust for the regime of President Mnangwangwa to respond to the peoples outcry, by use of the military, for the military is trained to protect borders and not instill fear and discipline amongst its people. The abuse of the security cluster by the current ruling elite is in breach of the ethical code and must be condemn by all and sundry.

The decision to cut-off internet connection by the Zimbabwean authorities was nothing but a failed attempt to silence the people of Zimbabwe. This was a direct and reckless response to the reaction of Zimbabweans to the fuel hikes and collapsing economy; this stunt further affected the striving economy by halting all operations of businesses and entities that rely on the very same internet connection to do business. Amongst those affected are students who could not access their student materials and daily portals to submit their academic work; a clear sabotage on the future of Zimbabwe by its government.

We condemn with utmost contempt the arrest, kidnapping, torture and brutal killings of innocent protesters, those found to have been part of this frivolous act must be brought to book! We call for the immediate and unconditional release of all those arrested, amongst the 80 student activists detained, the Deputy Chairperson of SASU, comrade Alister Pfunye remains incarcerate

We call on the SADC and AU leadership to urgently deal with the current challenges in Zimbabwe, we further call for immediate intervention on the economic challenges, which include, but are not limited to the frustrations confronted by all Zimbabweans, from political parties, civic movement, workers, business, and facilitated by credible and undefended institutions.

Issued by SASU

Thabo Moloja
South Africa

Maxwell Dlamini
Acting Secretary General

Ester Simon
Secretary of Information and Publicity

Rethabile Ntshinga
South Africa


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