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First Lady to address Los Angeles Council


First Lady Esther Lungu with the interim president of the University of Southern California Dr Wanda Austin shortly after their bilateral talks at the campus in California, United States of America on Thursday, January 26,2019-Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA
First Lady Esther Lungu with the interim president of the University of Southern California Dr Wanda Austin shortly after their bilateral talks at the campus in California, United States of America on Thursday, January 26,2019-Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA

First Lady Esther Lungu is today expected to address a full council meeting of the Los Angeles City Council at City Hall in downtown Los Angeles.

The first Lady will be speaking to council members of the City of Los Angeles and other officials in the County of Los Angeles to officially thank them for the donation of four fire engines to Zambia at a cost of 4 million US Dollars about K47.6 million including shipping and delivery to Lusaka.

Mrs Lungu will address a gathering of 15 councilors and other City officials presiding over 15 districts in the City of Los Angeles.

Honorary consul for the Republic of Zambia in California, Robert Sichinga Junior, has confirmed the First Lady’s program to ZANIS in Los Angeles.

Mr Sichinga said the First Lady’s engagement with the Los Angeles City Council is an important milestone in opening doors to attract foreign direct investment to Zambia.

The consul said the meeting which is also open to members of the public is an opportunity to put in full swing the sister relationship that exists between Lusaka and Los Angeles as twin cities.

Meanwhile, President of the Los Angeles Sister City Committee, Dr. Ernestine Robertson, expressed optimism that the meeting at the Los Angeles City Hall will also give Mrs Lungu an opportunity to further engage council members to advance some of her passions that are close to her heart such as women empowerment.

Dr. Robertson said the African American Firefighters Association also known as Stentorians, the lead organization behind the donation of the four fire engines to Zambia, are delighted with the support they have received from President Edgar Lungu in advancing efforts aimed at escalating the partnership that exist between Los Angeles and Lusaka as twin cities.

Los Angeles California is among the top earning cities in the world with the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) amounting to 800 billion US dollars just after Tokyo and New York.


  1. The cost is the same as our wheelbarrows at $1 million each. Interesting!! We shall compare them properly when we see them.

    • @Danielle; I realize that about the costs too. I have seen 2 types of fire engines in my State. They have one specifically for high-rises(which is big and impressive) and just ordinary one for one level building. So we will see which is which.

    • These PF chaps think Zambians are stup!d, trying to justify their useless wheel barrows? Secondly how embarrassing it wi be to hear grade 7 Esther deliver a speech in English? Iye uluse

    • @ lffy, delivering a speech in English does not make a person educated…You’re an example of a dandehead who suffers from acute inferiority complex

    • @ Iffy, it will be in nyanja with the bed room attendant and cook as interpreters… it will be very interesting indeed

    • Really laughable…what bilateral talks can a Vice President (sorry Interim) of a University and a wife of Zambian President (former house maid) have…am sure the ZANIS Journalist is laying it thick to impress back home so he can be offered another trip to waste taxpayers funds.

    • Stentorians as known African American Firefighters Association are behind this donation but what is this Lusaka -LA committee organisation I keep hearing about without faces….Please Old Chawama Hen Ester come back you are wasting taxpayers money you silly woman. We all know your organisation is a tool for corruption …where is Vera, Mpundu Trust? They disappear once there husbands leave office as they are sham charity organisations heavily dependent on President’s slush fund.

  2. Begging bowl tour just like her husband likes to do. Los Angeles did not become a rich well developed world class city thru begging and dependency .

  3. State house Trying very hard to justify the esther lungu 25 man delegation on a chartered jet for 2 weeks in LA……what ever lies we throw we see through and we know a max of 5 people could have done all this…..

  4. Many Zambians have brains the size of mustard seen. They were justifying mobile hospitals which are now full of rats. Wheelbarrows were justified as ‘state of the art’ fire engines. Now you have begged for left hand drive engines with no spares. These will be parked soon to provide rats with ‘state of the art’ accommodation.

    • chikubabe season reloaded kikikiki now that now know the cost of a fire engine…. what is upnd going to talk about. when we say under 5! you say we are a bunch of jokers, who is a chipantepante and a chimbwi no plan now? come 2021 you will have nothing left to talk about. bushe tukalalya imisebo as if i come from dundumwezi

    • cozcowjr

      If you think because Amos chanda throws a $1million price tag on those 2nd hand American trucks , you think those scania trucks fitted with a pump in Some ones back yard will bond with a $1 million price tag each , you are dreaming….my prediction ……those 2nd hand trucks will be found to cost $500, 000

    • @ Cozcowjr, try use the Internet effectively,in your mind Amos Chanda knows more than google; don`t just listen to rubbish without verifying the information. Cadre mentality will kill you in the end, you think $1 million is small money to buy such useless wheel barrows…. then I wonder your levels of IQ mune.

  5. Copy and paist …..let’s see if Mrs lungu can beat this…

    w w w Mileage

  6. The PF are really such stupid *****s, do they really think we can fall for such stupidity? There is no fire engine anywhere in the world that can cost a million dollars, none, not even one that can extinguish the fires of hell where all those involved in this fraud are heading to.

  7. I’m sending this article to Dr Wanda Austin just to show her how stinkingly thieving this cow and her husband really are. I will also send her all the details about the South African wheel burrows they bought at inflated prices for which they are now using her donation as a cover up. The gutlessness of Lungu and his goon of thieves stinks indeed.

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