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LCC shuts 5 bars, restaurant for failing to meet the set standards


Lusaka City Council Headquarters
Lusaka City Council Headquarters

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) Liquor Licensing Committee has closed down five bars and one restaurant in Lusaka for failing to meet the set standards as stipulated in the liquor licensing Act No. 20 of 2011.

And the local authority has charged Keg and Lion for failure to display their liquor trading license at the time of inspection on Wednesday this week.

Outgoing Assistant Public Relations Manager Brenda Katongola said in a statement that the council has closed Good Tellers, Sims Pub, Hub Pub and Grill, Midway Clans and M’S Liquor store, all of Chilenje South Township.

Ms. Katongola said the authority has also closed Time Square in Kabwata and Shinkole’s Nest in Kamwala South.

“We have closed five bars and one restaurant after they were found to be operating without the necessary documents as stipulated in Liquor Licensing Act No. 20 of 2011. In the same vein, we have also charged Keg and Lion for failure to display their liquor license,” Kabwata Ward 6 Councillor, Longa Chiboboka disclosed during the operation on Wednesday.

Mr. Chiboboka, who is also Chairperson of the Liquor Licensing Committee, stated that most of the bars that have been closed were found operating without health permits, fire licenses and liquor trading licenses.

He stated that his committee will work hard to ensure that bar owners in Lusaka comply with the set standards as prescribed by the Act, adding that those who will be found wanting will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

He warned bar owners, who do not want to comply, that they will be charged with penalties once caught.


  1. There are thousands of bars in Lusaka that don’t meet the standards and you go and close only 5 and even make an announcement. Start doing some work please, noise pollution in most areas of Lusaka is a big problem. Children cant study properly in the night, families are disturbed from loud music in most areas of Lusaka especially in the night and you go close tuma bar tuli five and even praise yourselves. Kwena…

  2. The Lusaka City Council is toothless. Noise pollution from bars in residential areas is not the concern of the council. Despite petitioning them, the council does nothing

  3. Can they also shut down the Market President at Chelston market. That pub known as Made pub has been in serious breach of the laws. I would like to know how Mrs Zulu and her civil servant husband have been holding over a property so damaged by water and a severe fire hazzad because of electrics.

    If LCC can kindly ask the Chelston market master and mistress what the hell is going on with such flagrant breach of the law. The pub had a disgusting toilet with no hand sink with walls so water damaged as to be a fire risk. The ceiling was cracked and fit to fall through as to threaten the lives of occupants. No fire certificate at the time and should not have one currently as the building has been damaged bybthrpe woman.

    • Mzee pub. The marketing association president of whatever her fancy criminal title is. She already has another property as a butcher, but she fancies she can have whatever property she fancies from legal owners in the market and not even pay a penny. They should be mailed. Utter disgrace.

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