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Harry Kalaba’s DA banned again, told stop conducting any political activities

Headlines Harry Kalaba’s DA banned again, told stop conducting any political activities

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba
Former Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba

Government through the Ministry of Home Affairs has again banned the Democratic Party and had urged it to stop conducting any political activities.

Last year, the Democratic Party sued Government through the Attorney General on the basis that the Registrar of Societies rejected to issue their Party a duplicate Certificate of registration despite having paid the annual subscription fees during the amnesty period.

The matter proceeded before the High Court which ruled in favour of the Democratic Party.

Home Affairs Public Relations Officer Nephas Chifuta has confirmed the ban of DP in a statement today.

Mr. Chifuta said after not being satisfied with the High Court ruling, the Attorney General appealed before the Court of Appeal.

Chifuta said the court of Appeal has issued a stay of execution of the High Court judgement which has reinstated the decision of the Registrar of Societies pending full determination of the matter before the Courts of Law.

“In view of this current status quo, the Democratic Party is advised to forthwith cease to conduct any political activities across the country until the Court of Appeal orders otherwise,” Chifuta said.

And Chifuta says the ministry remains committed to ensuring that that the Democratic Party adheres to the stay adding that any violation to this order shall be met with the full force of the Law.

“The Ministry of Home Affairs in its quest to ensure that law and order is maintained, respectfully appeals to the deregistered Democratic Party to adhere to the stay as any violation to this order shall be met with the full force of the Law,” Mr Chifuta said.

Earlier this week, Harry Kalaba accepted the DP’s offer to stand as its 2021 presidential candidate after being expelled as Bahati constituency PF Member of Parliament.

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  1. Kalaba is being persecuted politically just for turning against his old PF party just like GBM ,Kambwili and others before.

    • Remember how this bushilist demonised the then acting President guy Scott, now he has to dance to the tune of the monister and his coallegues created.

    • For as long as this resident of the state house is in office, Dictatorship and the Rule of Law will be the face of Zedian Politics.

    • They thought he would go running to the courts so dull SG Mwila can dance like a fooool at the court…but he dribbled the foools now they are banning him; cowards they are!!

    • And those Chanda chaps were saying that Kalaba is not a factor. Remember what happened to the impeachment motion, same thing . Zambia is a failed state, zero democracy

    • Home Affairs Ministry in the hands of cadres who cannot even know who stayed the execution, the only thing is that the appeal and the stay are both legal provisions except probably in this case the AG is not doing this without pressure from the PF.

  2. Lungu is evil,am at a loss for the his hypocritical prayers and Pharisaic clergy, he hires clergy to confuse national dialogue, a complete shameless and corruption individual destroying courts,police,governing systems, may God deliver Zambia

  3. Lungu is not evil,he is just out of his breath,the challenges that come with leadership have overwhelmed him.To make matters worse he has a thoroughly incompetent team.

  4. PF government and its leaders can not be said to come form God. its a devils party. these guys have done more harm to Zambia than anyone can imagine.

  5. It was not enough to expel him from the party, now they want to destroy him entirely. HK was so convincing when he hoodwinked the Zambian voter to vote for PF. He could easily have sold ice to Eskimos and now he finds himself holding the wrong end of the gun.

  6. Five out of Zambia;s Six presidents never looked for nor worked towards presidency. All Except Sata were asked by the people to take up presidency and did not even have to spend money because those that believed in them made resources available. Kalaba has neither the true Humility nor the broadness of understanding Zambian demographics, needs and NATURAL BORN LEADERSHIP and magnet to resonate with the common Zambian. Pomp, pride, pre-destination theories and executive hunger drive him and not service

    • Kalaba like Mwanawasa resigned on principle. Life has a way of rewarding people with sound and firm principles. Mark my words, I know what I am talking about…

  7. Its very unfortunate that in Zambian its politics of personal destruction that rule the day rather than politics of issues ,ideas and ideologies .

  8. Could someone explain EXACTLY what is wrong with DP’s existence. As in, a checklist that they have failed to meet and how egregious that is? There is no wamuyayaya – certainly not in a multiparty dispensation. Live alone and let live. Allow competition of ideas so that our country can move forward. It is but a stage – let’s allow one another to come and go. Awe mwe. I have never understood mediocrity to be honest.

  9. For me anybody and anything is okay to replace President Lungu at state house except Trib.al Hacks and his trib.als.

  10. PF knows very well that Kalaba is a potential threat to their so called stronghold in Luapula and some parts of Northern province. While Kambwili is also busy confusing Copperbelt. This can have a great impact on their victory. So they must know that 2021 things won’t be as easy as it was.
    Yes they will have the money to dupe people through temporarily grading roads or buying vitenges and t-shirts to dupe the voters but, people will not forget their problems. People are angry. 2021 PF will be booted out of power because it is the party that has caused more harm than good to our beloved country.
    We stand with Kalaba, we say no to PF dictatorial tendencies.

  11. PF politics stinks big time. When someone holds different view he is an obviuos enemy to them. If some resigns because of too much stealing he has to be crucified and die on the cross. Its clear that these guys are thieves big time and dont want to be exposed and will do anything under the sun to make sure that they continue stealing from the government.
    Remebmber ba PF its all vanity and none of you will go to hell with your riches. Ask Chiluba if he managed to go to hell with stolen money from government. Some of his stolen monies is still stuck in Swis banks and we are still suffering here and alive.
    What a disaster!!!!!

  12. I cant understand this. The DP went to Court challenging the decision of the Registrar. The Registrar’s decision was quashed. The Registrar decided to appeal. The Court of Appeal is yet to hear and determine it. The fact is: an appeal is not a stay of execution. So, unless the Registrar has obtained a stay, the decision stands quashed. Court Rules are very clear: an order of Court must be obeyed whether or not valid or irregular. It is not for a party or his Counsel to judge whether such order is valid or not. The validity of a court order is not to be tested by litigants or the person to whom it is served. It must be obeyed unless discharged. The Attorney General knows these rules. He must prevail over his client. Otherwise whoever tampers with the DP activities must be cited for…

  13. ….for contempt. I will be shocked if the Courts will entertain this level of contempt, especially after the Cifire and Sinjela cases.

  14. Prophet Bushiri deceived Kalaba, got his money and led him into temptation and now the reality is dawning on Kalaba. Bushiri is in hot soup.in South Africa for money laundering and illegal activities.
    We are know that the excuses Kalaba gave when he resigned from PF were fake, his true ambitions where based on the false prophesy by Bushiri snd I see that he will be crashed beyond recognition. Please be civil in politics and come clean on issues of national importance otherwise the consequences are grave.


  16. I hope you Zambian will understand democracy. When you leave your party you either stop politics or go back to your party if you where in the house of parliament. Moreover you can be an advisor for your party. Remember you are presenting people not animals. It’s like when a member of parliament see’s it’s enemies within the party or not making “money” starts accusing someone. In short Zambian are camilons. insults and shouting at each other shows immaturity and primitive. Please bring the policy of stop abusive words. No cash in hand when dealing with the police so that this massive collapsion we for seeing can reduce. I don’t deserve to be abused when responding to my comment but please be wise to support Africa as Zambia at all

  17. Is Kalaba really a threat to this government to the extent that taxpayers money is being wasted trying to ban his party? Even if he is a threat politically, it is his democratic right to form a party and participate in any elections, so he should not be persecuted. Thank you

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