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Lungu urges security wings to remain committed to duty


President Edgar Lungu congratulates the newly appointed ZAF Deputy commander Major. General Benedict Kalinda during swearing in ceremony at State House

President Edgar Lungu has urged defence and security officers in the country to remain loyal and dedicated to serving the country at all times.

President Lungu said officers in the defence and security wings should maintain their loyalty to the appointing authority and superiors, and further remain nonpartisan before, during and after elections.

The President said he is aware of some officers who go behind their superiors to solicit for appointments, adding that such officers are a danger to the security wings.

The President was speaking during the swearing in ceremony of the new Zambia Air force Deputy Commander Major General Benedict Kalinda.

The newly sworn in Air force Deputy Commander, General Kalinda has replaced late Major General Kapotwe Chintu who died on January 11, 2019 in India.

President Lungu who is also Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces said he was confident that the new Deputy Commander will remain loyal and serve the people of Zambia diligently.

He noted that having served in the Air force for 30 years, Major General Kalinda deserves to be promoted, for having demonstrated good leadership qualities.

He however urged the Deputy Commander to be wary of people who might try and lead him astray during his execution of duty.

And speaking to journalists after being sworn in, the Deputy Air force Commander thanked the Head of State for showing confidence in him through the appointment.

He said he will work closely with the Air force commander to realise the vision of the Air force, which includes defending the airspace.

He added that he will also ensure prudent use of resources in the security department.

President Edgar Lungu confers with the newly appointed ZAF Deputy commander Major. General Benedict Kalinda (l) and Lt.Gen. David Muma take the official picture shortly after swearing in ceremony at State House



  1. Military Generals are easy to appoint? So when are we going to identify and appoint a suitable Auditor General? Can’t one of military Generals do?

    • You can say that again my brother. Within a month a ZAF second-in-command is replaced! Auditor General kaya mwandi. I’m sure they are still searching for someone who will be concealing their loot. I mean what can anyone think? The best loyalty someone can give is saying and doing what is right, not dancing to the tunes of wrong doers.

  2. To remain loyal to duty … Sounds like a story line from the comedy magazine because the one saying it evades responsibility and has passed it on to Tuma media directors especially the Ka Amos I know it all chanda when his Kaiser does nothing .

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