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Relaunch of Zambia Airways deferred again

Headlines Relaunch of Zambia Airways deferred again

The highly anticipated relaunch of Zambia Airways has for the second time been deferred.

The relaunch is now expected to take place in the third quarter of 2019.

The rebirth of Zambia Airways was initiated planned for October 2th 2018 but was forced to be pushed to April 2019, a date which has also been deferred.

This time around, Government hopes to finally put all logistics in place to enable it launch around the third quarter of this year.

Sources at the Ministry of Transport and Communications have revealed that there have been disagreements over the operations model for the airline submitted by the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC).

The sources said technocrats at the Ministry are objected to the type of aircrafts the IDC and its shareholder Ethiopian Airlines wants to purchase fearing that they may result in losses.

In its model submitted to the Ministry, the IDC wants Zambia Airways to build a fleet of 12 aircraft by 2028 using the US$30 million initial investment.

It hopes to be transporting 1.9 million passengers by 2028 adding that “it will put in place a performance driven culture to ensure the airline is commercial viable.”

According to the plan, Zambia Airways will initially operate regional routes, subsequently expanding to intercontinental destinations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The sources have revealed that the Zambian government prefers purchasing smaller aircrafts such as the Embraer SA’s E2-family E195 or Bombardier Inc.’s C Series but that Ethiopian Airlines appears to be inclined to add Boeing Co.’s 737 Max 7 or even Boeing 787 Dreamliners to the fleet.

The sources disclosed that Transport and Communications Permanent Secretary Misheck Lungu will soon toe travelling to Ethiopia to try to convince the partners (Ethiopian Airlines) to agree on the choice of aircrafts.

They said the other reason for the delay is that the newly appointed Zambia Airlines Board of Directors is yet to meet for its inaugural board meeting.

“What this means is that the Board will have to wait before they could meet until P.S Lungu returns from Ethiopia and submits a report on what type of equipment to go with. As we speak now, the launch is postponed because there hasn’t been any agreement on the type of equipment to purchase. Government doesn’t want to buy larger planes which will only service regional and domestic routes, it will be counterproductive and unsustainable,” the source said.

“Further, we don’t have a CEO yet, the board will have to meet first to determine how the question of the CEO will be dealt with the other shareholder. There are some suggestions from Addis Ababa that they give us a CEO but Government seems against that proposal so these are the reasons for the deferment.

Zambia Airways was established in 1964 and operated flights to London, Frankfurt, Rome and Amsterdam, as well as regional destinations.

It ran into financial troubles and was liquidated in 1995.

Ethiopian Airlines will hold a 45 per cent stake in the revived Zambia Airways, while IDC will hold the remaining 55 per cent.


    • These two above are the kind of breeds zambia must shed. As a people we can’t go anywhere with such attitudes

    • Mushimba cannot rivive the airline. I have challenged educated Mushimba to revive dilapidated Zambia Railways which is far more cheaper than airline. After that I will give him a benefit of doubt when he starts hallucinating about airline. Lets wait he is still fatigued by the airways thing hence the accident last week.

    • PF please get serious. what is going on??

      How do you get this far to launch an Airline without coming to some understanding right in the early rounds of discussions. You should have reached this agreement on the types of planes to buy way before.

      Well if Ethiopian Airlines proves difficult, just rewrite the Business Model and either go Solo or find another partner.

      Business is all about making money. But don’t let these Haile Selassie boys bully you if theirs is just to make quick money and get out.

    • You forgot flights to New York via Monrovia and Bombay.

      There’s nothing wrong with flying the Boeing 737-7 on the Johannesburg route, that would be a perfect plane on that route.

      But the Dreamliner is an overkill for regional flights until we start trans-Atlantic or European flights.

      Alternatively, we can do Airbus 321s or 330s even cheaper but more efficient. The E195 can do well flying within Zambia not regionally.

      Also, get a CEO from say easyJet or Ryan Air for a start … you would have a broader perspective. We have not run an airline in 24 years, don’t get a Zambian CEO yet.

      Let’s roll

    • Those 3 keys positions being CEO, COO and CFO I would immediately outsource on 5 year contracts for 3 reasons.

      1. As per my last comment above, we have not run an airline in 24 years. This is not time for trial and error.

      2. It will give us gravitas as the majority shareholders because we will have experts on our team with proven success.

      3. Such experts usually bring along technical support mechanisms that would be looking out for the interests of the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise.

      Having said the above, let’s roll knowing that hiring those experts could be costly but eventual dividends are worth the cost.

    • Really laughable…watching these fooools…look at BR JUNIOR typing away his folly.They are even contemplating procuring aircraft; you woder why they gave $30 million to EA…I have told you about this and I tell you again shelve this pointless venture you foooools….just get back our $30 million!!

    • The issue here is corruption if Ethiopian airways is allowed to procure the Boeing aircraft it means no kick backs for the zambians period!
      So convincing them to buy from cheaper sources means more money in their pockets kwasila!

    • In this day and age there is absolutely no need for a government operated airline as it would be just a huge waste of money.

      The real problem here is the Ethiopian airline knows and fully understand what caused Zambian Airways to sink; it’s was the PIG (party and it’s government) principle which abuses the airline by giving a lot free tickets to party cares and their families to fly around with total disregard of the costs

      If Zambian airline is launched the Ethiopians are afraid PF will abuse it at their expense.

      What a sane leader would do is give the private sector the Zambia Airways trade mark and invite investors to invest in the airline as opposed to the government getting financially involved To boost the investors confidence give the airline 2.5 years tax holiday…

    • To boost the investors confidence give the airline 2.5 years tax holiday subject to review.

      I believe the PF has people who have stolen enough and rich enough to invest in the airlin. This is their only chance to give back instead of stashing money in off shore accounts.

      PF ni ba chimbwi no plan.

      PF is a bunch thieves party and liars. Mulungush textile not open, Zambian Airways non starter, economy struggling, Education and health in deplorabe state, food security decimated, rule of law capitulated to the dust bin, justice gone with the wind, corruption dangerously high, violence at its peak. ………

      PF best achievements are violence and theft.

    • PF is a bunch thieves party and liars. Mulungush textile not open, Zambian Airways non starter, economy struggling, Education and health in deplorabe state, food security decimated, rule of law capitulated to the dust bin, justice gone with the wind, corruption dangerously high, violence at its peak. ………

      PF best achievements are violence and theft.

    • Also get a CEO from Ryan Air or Easy Jet…what a day dreamer..really laughable..as if you can afford to pay them!!

    • Zambian leadership never listen because they are all corrupt. This ET, ZQ marriage will never last because Ethiopian are on a strategic plan to buy off all potential completion across Africa. Their Business Model and Aircrafts with Nigerian Airlines yet to start is much better.
      Zambians Always sleeping because they think with their Tummies.

    • The Chinese or Indians tell themselves- whatever muzungu can do, WE CAN DO ALSO. In Africa we have educated people like you who strongly believe only the white man can develop the world. So you travelled thousands of miles just to be a second class citizen happy to sweep up after your master who will never consider you his equal. Now you are happy to look down on your fellow Africans. Shameful indeed!!!

    • Lets see you Sort Zambia railways first , ne ???

      As one says above, olet the measure be ZR….if you are failing to run ZR what makes you think you can run an airline ??

    • There we go once more with the usual Zambian managerial incompetence.We announce huge plans in their rudimentary stages,we show off unfinished buildings,we even win games before we play them.when time comes to operationalize,we behave just a little above toddlers.. Really shameful.

    • Foool being led by a drunken driver Brian …the fooooools never listened even want to spend hundreds of millions on new aircraft…all this time would have been best used in how to market Zambia and improve the image of Zambia ie clean the streets, improve signage with standard national signs just to name a few things.

    • Most airlines don’t just kick off with a certain criteria of plans to buy straight away.

      They tend to simulate the first 6 months to 1 year.

      In other words hire or lease air planes; new models or old models which are in abundance all over the world at very cheap fees.

      Then carry the feasibility study to have a snap shot of what types of planes you need. After that you get a clear picture on:

      Running Costs
      In Service

      This happens all the time in the western world. Hardly do you hear a start up or seasoned airline committing to buy from day one. They lease what they want. Then commit afterwards.

      Why don’t have minds to think or replicate that.. Just to have a bench mark.

      Ethiopian Airline will not share every business…

    • Ethiopian Airline will not share every business model with Zambia Airways. Even as a main partner. If this is what these guys expected then are in for a shock.

    • INDEPENDENT OBSERVER – we covered these issues you have raised noone listened…leasing to them is pointless as there are no kickbacks in it.

  1. B.R Mumba should now hang his head in shame now that Zambia Airways has again failed on the launch pad. We’ve been proven right as doubters of the viability of ZA relaunch .

    • These people have no shame…look at what he is posting…They are all the same this is an investment banker here I for one would never seek advice from.

    • Says the colonised African. Only Bwana can manage, ayi mbuya?? That’s why Chinese and Asians are better than you. You don’t even believe in yourself. What a shame!!!

    • I’m saying this because I know the kind of leadership we have in Africa in General and Zambia in particular. And if you think Ethiopian Airlines and Kenyan Airways are entirely run by their respective governments my dear you are in the dark.Muleyishiba utuntu.

    • Believing in myself doesn’t mean indulging in egotistical business ventures that have no hope of success. And wasting away taxpayers hard earned money

  2. I dont know why my country always dispay some level of disorganization in nearly every major change. Thats why we always remain behind just like buttocks.. We are so comfortable in settling for less and so insensitive to change for the better.

  3. But why again, if you’re failing to launch the airline just sell those things and improve your airports across the country by at least modernizing the terminals or building new runways. Even if you publicize that thing very much your investments in it will just be a drop in the ocean because from the start you have already shown us that you’re not serious. Who knows maybe you want to be touring the tourist. resorts around with your side chicks for free using Zambia airlines planes.

  4. And it will be done. Babies fall several times as they learn to walk. It doesn’t mean they will never walk. If the Wright brothers had the attitude of the diasporans and other doubters above, we would still be travelling the world by water. ZAMBIA AIRWAYS WILL FLY AGAIN!!

  5. Should have used that money to replace or refurbish the old rusty dilapidated zambia railways locomotives and wagons that are a national eyesore when the travel from town to town. I wonder how many people take pride and say, “thats our national railway system going”

  6. These negative comments depict a vote of no confidence in the leadership of this country. Zambian [email protected] China and India make everything. The only thing that they import is oil. Have you ever asked yourself why? The development of any nation will always depend on leadership, nothing else

  7. As some are pointing out above, let the current state Zambia railways be a measure of how this Zambia airways will work…….fix the railways first.

    You are failing to run ZR now you want other avenues to loot and steal money in the name of a national airline ???

    You minister of transport, give us the current state of ZR under your watch before we pass any judgment on an airline….

  8. The government is broke they ve no money to pay extra workers. They government knows that’s an unpaid pilot can not fly the plane

  9. It’s meaningless and poor planing. How can you start talking about something you don’t know? For you to start talking about business, of course you knew which plane to purchase. You started well, but it has now become political. Ba Zambia why..!!

  10. Zambians what does de eagle mean to us? we ar supposed to be independent.plz Mr of transport re-establish de rail transport nd den proceed to airline.look inside de box b4 u go outside

    • @18 Concerned citizen, you have a point, BUT does reviving Railway Transport need the same amount of money $30mn or it needs more? Does it need the same type of partnership or it needs a different business model??

  11. NOTHING WRONG TO WAIT, WE NEED TO GET IT RIGHT AND THE POINTS ADVANCED SO FAR LOOK GOOD! We have had no airline for the last 24 years, so what is wrong to wait even another year but being sure that once we do it, we will do it right and proper!!

  12. We said it, but some bloggers here started speaking in tongues, the best we do is put our heads together before starting something with so much corruption its hard rather or impossible to start these expensive projects.

  13. I think we should look at the Boeing aircraft, the more modern and fuel efficient ones. They seem to have worked well for Ethiopian airlines. maintenance would not be problematic with Boeing.

    • You have to South Africa because you don’t have machines for cancer diagnosis that cost only $2 million…but you want $100million Boeing Jets.

  14. There is much to be personally gained by the one(s) making the decision on which aircraft to purchase. It does not surprise me that pressures are exerted to go for the Brazilian rather than the choice of the well established and highly reputable, professionally managed since many years,Ethiopian Airlines. Caveat Emptor, you are being watched.

  15. We are on course to relaunch.
    We need to get it right.So no hurry bane.
    Whats the rush about?
    Just because we are tying the loose ends doesn’t mean managerial incompetence.
    Give new ideas a chance.

    • I thought you had new ideas when you announced your initial date for relaunch.you have postponed twice now.And you think you are getting into a static industry that will wait for you to get it right?…. managerial incompetence.

  16. Isn’t this like letting ZCCM run the mines again? I think we are trying to re-invent the wheel here, but is it really worth it? Those in the know, let me understand this.

  17. @ B R Mumba Sr, your blind loyalty to PF regime as a competent government to manage an Air flight Business in Zambia makes me doubt your intelligence. Next you will join a horde of clowns shouting opposition has caused the delay of Zambia Airways launch. Pathetic No Plan

    • The SAD part on B R Mumba is he is based here in the US,atlanta.Ba Mumba please go to DELTA HUB,south terminal and get some insight on airline operations,just tell them u are a student from africa,its free.

  18. The market will respond the re-introduction of Zambia Airways. From consumer side, the higher the passenger volume the better. Low fares, more destinations, more choices, more competition. The public-private partnership is right for small airlines.

  19. Having a national airline is a very welcome move but looking at where we are as a country, its not a priority. Can we just have it canceled, not ifyama deferred kwati ma TPIN.

  20. What kind of aircraft can you buy with a USD30mill?
    How can you startup without the new terminal?
    The “it’s all about my cut” mentality must change.

  21. Maybe they are still training / recruiting cadres as pilots, engineers, air hostesses, etc. I think this project will not succeed – the electric trains Prof Chirwa proposed would have been a much better and more viable option.
    God bless Zambia!

  22. Airlines are generally bad investments for Governments. For Zambia, reviving this airline is currently an illusion.

  23. Branson the Virgin Airlines founder once said the quickest way to become a millionaire is first to become a billionaire and then start an airplane company. The Zambia of today is paralyzed by the Pf politics which insist on ignoring an entire sector of the country choosing to listen only to praise singers. The results are all too visible almost akin to ignoring an elephant in the room.

  24. Zambians are good at building casles in
    The air. Let the Ethiopians advise since
    They are running the most profitable
    Airline in Africa. We are putting 30 million
    Which is peanuts for them.

  25. In any revolution you prioritise. Your prioritise according to Needs and Wants. The guy above who said its better for us to plant a mango tree than wait for this launch may not know the wisdom of his statement but we need the mango tree more than the airline. We need the food from the tree because first our hunger needs to be attended to. The airline is a want. Forget Zambia Airways work on agriculture

  26. Comment:in my humble opinion, Ethiopian is correct. the Boeing planes are the latest fuel efficient and state of the art, very fuel efficient planes, being 15 to 20% more fuel efficient than their competitors and predecessors. The fuel bill is the largest operational expenditure for any airline and may greatly influence a choice. The airline has a wealth of experience and is currently, Africa’s largest in fleet. it is also one of the few airlines in Africa to make a profit. who are we to argue with the airlines experience and know how?
    What experience does the government have? Is their argument based on finance?

  27. Both parties can come to an agreement of buying both the Embraers and the Boeings…….the Embraers can be used for local flights and short international flights and the Boeings can be used for international flights

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