HH and President Lungu meet at late Munkombwe’s burial in Choma
HH and President Lungu meet at late Munkombwe’s burial in Choma

The opposition Movement for National Transformation has called for a mature democratic approach to national legislative reforms process, without immature peer-rivalry.

Party President Apostle Daniel Shimunza notes that the meandering, and oscillating dialogue process, experiencing insincere engagement between the PF and UPND, and three Church Mother Bodies currently in an impasse is said.

Apostle Shimunza said the Church must have done better than become sectarian, biased, and divisive as Zambians all looked to the Church for above partisan interests and divine guidance.

He said in a statement that the Church must do the right thing for posterity and not lose their saltiness, as the authority of God.

Apostle Shimunza noted that whereas, the Church was tasked to facilitate the dialogue they can only work at the “theology of reconciliation” of stakeholders, but now they have stepped down to be players themselves trapped in the fight of political nature, as they take divisive sides which is not their role as an Apostolic and prophetic voice of integrity, morality, and conscience to the nation as a trust which is fast dwindling.

“Whereas, the task of reconciliation is for the Church, the legislative process must remain with those reconciled stakeholders whose roles involve policy and legislative reforms, being politicians as such through effective engagement with the institutions establish by law to undertake such matters such as; Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue, the Ministry of Justice, to formulate bills to Parliament, during the required June sitting and sessions thereof, respectively”, he said.

Apostle Shimunza said effective dialogue cannot exceed three months adding that any view to the contrary, is a waste of time, and resources for ill motives of abuse of process, and miscarriage of national interests of Legislative process.

He added that personal and partisan Interests must be laid aside for National Interests in the legislative reforms process without any further delay.

He has since called on the government to own the responsibility of legislative reforms process without abdicating this important function that directly impacts on their legacy in their administration.

Apostle Shimunza said the Church must only reconcile stakeholders if they are up to the task , and leave the legislative process to politicians and democratic institutions thereof forthwith.

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  1. Apostle Shimunza, very good thoughts. You have made my day knowing that we still have such people who care for our nation.
    And refreshing too, from the usual daily trib.al talk.
    After this today the trib.als can spew out whatever nons.ense they have manufactured.



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