The Islamic Supreme Council of Zambia has called on all Zambians to remain united, and support the nation’s developmental agenda, irrespective of one’s political, tribal or religious affiliation.

Islamic Supreme Council of Zambia President Suzyo Zimba says there is need to support one another, and remain united, if the country is to achieve its developmental objective.

Mr Zimba said that failure to support progress in the country, might result diminishing development in the land.

He was speaking on the sidelines of holding a National dialogue in the country.He said the country and its people stand to lose out if stakeholders involved do not make the right call, in the interest of the entire nation.

He added that Zambians should accept that God appoints people to leadership at an appointed time, adding that no one has the right to frustrate the governing of the nation, which distracts economic progress when left unchecked.

Mr Zimba further said the National Political Dialogue seems not take off because of different interests from stakeholders involved, adding that the final decision should be centred on the country’s growth and development.

He noted that there is need to ensure that both the political players and the Church need to resolve to work in conformity with one another, before the dialogue can be hosted in the country.

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    • @zzzz. Did you know that African Moslems and Christians were on the same side during the fight for independence?? Yes my friend, they’ve been around long before you were even in your diapers.


    • @zzz. The British brought us Christianity. Gave us the Bible and stole our country. They enslaved us, and continue to enslave us. Our former (and current) colonial masters feed us with news of “terrorists”. And we shall believe… foolishly


  1. The dialogue process must be abandoned because it only centers on one person and person is Hichilema. His treason charges were dropped and it’s now in the past. Let’s not waste time on unproductive issues. The only Party President with an oath of office today is Edgar, so if peace is under threat we’ll hold him responsible. He should lockup all trouble makers, be it bishops or politicians




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