FOREIGN Affirs Minister,Joseph Malanji briefing the media
FOREIGN Affirs Minister,Joseph Malanji briefing the media

Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. Joseph Malanji says Zambia is committed to harmonizing its trade balance with China.

Mr. Malanji said the government wants to ensure that trade is harmonized in order for both countries to have a win-win situation with regards to trade volumes.

The Minister was speaking during a bilateral meeting held with Assistant Foreign Affairs Minister of the People’s Republic of China, Chen Xiaodong in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia today.

He said Zambia wants to ensure that it exports more finished products to China and attain a status of being a middle income country by 2030.

The Minister said Zambia appreciated the bilateral relations between the two countries that were anchored on solidarity, mutual respect, practical cooperation and mutually reinforced interests.

And the Minister said Zambia attaches great importance to Peace and security not only in SADC but the region as a whole.

He said it was impossible to achieve sustainable development in the absence of peace and security.

The Minister urged the Chinese Government to assist Zambia with support in coordinating peace efforts in the region and the continent at large.

On the United Nations Security Council, the Minister said Zambia stands by the common African position that two permanent seats should be reserved for Africa.

And Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Chen Xiaodong said China valued the bilateral relation that exists between the two countries.

He said despite the negative perception about the China Africa relations; Zambia has not withered in its support for the cooperation that China has brought to Africa.

The assistant Minister commended President Edgar Lungu for his commitment in ensuring that the projects being undertaken by the Chinese government in Zambia benefited both nations.

He also commended Zambia for its commitment in maintaining peace on the continent.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs is in Addis Ababa Ethiopia to attend the 34th Ordinary session of the Executive Council of the African Union that officially opens tomorrow.

Issued by

Mrs. Inutu Inutu Mwanza

First Secretary-Press & Tourism

Embassy of the Republic of Zambia

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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  1. Point Hon Malanje. We need to rethink the trade balance scenario with China. Though trade between the two countries reached US$3.79 billion last year, and Zambia enjoyed a huge trade surplus of US$3.08 billion, in real terms this was not the case. More than $3 billion of exports to China from Zambia was a result of Chinese mining companies here exporting the raw copper, cobalt and mukula to China. So it was in effect it was China exporting to China!!!!! We need to rethink the metrics!


  2. Lets keep on dreaming. A win-win situation with china cannot be attained with this government and lets not cheat ourselves. Ask Donald Trump how he has failed to attain a win-win situation with China.


  3. Really laughable…he is going to harmonize trade imbalance by reading statements…even RSA trade imbalance is a challenge


  4. The Chinese claimed that they had imported mukula worth $87M while ZAFFICO has only declared $4.5M, so how can there be trade balance between the two brotherly nations? We can’t talk about that unless we put our house in order. Mukula traders are not different from Glenco which claims not to be making profits from its mines yet it’s declaring dividends elsewhere. My conclusion is that mukula traders are cleverer than Chitotela and Hichilema.


  5. To achieve parity in trade balance with China will remain a pipe dream with this inept administration which thrives on he basis of “the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing”. It will take a lot to dislodge the Chinamen having given them so much leeway and influence through infrastructure programme. The administration needs an overhaul for the nation to function like professional civil service. Its been infiltrated by cadres whose sole interest is self enrichment.



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