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Zambia Airways Board appoints Aviation Expert, Adebe as CEO

Economy Zambia Airways Board appoints Aviation Expert, Adebe as CEO

The Board of Directors of Zambia Airways (2014) Limited which sat for its inaugural Board meeting today, has appointed Bruk Endeshaw Abebe, as the Chief Executive Officer for the national airline.

Mr Abebe has 24 years’ experience in the aviation industry and is currently Regional Director Sales and Services, Southern African Region for Ethiopian Airlines.

This is contained in a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today, by Acting Board Chairperson Bonaventure Mutale (SC)

Mr Mutale explained that Mr Abede’s appointment was made in accordance with the Shareholders Agreement between the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and Ethiopia Airlines (ET) which provided that the first CEO would be nominated by ET and that IDC would nominate the subsequent CEO.

He said the Board has also directed the CEO to target commencement of operations of the Airline for the third quarter of 2019.

He added that the Board further reiterated the Shareholders’ quest to ensure that the Airline operates as a commercial enterprise so as to achieve viability

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  1. The expenditure is ever increasing without a single aircraft taking off…you can only imagine the allowances these reckless foooools are accruing.

    • @jay jay, this is OK. No need to be criticizing every little thing. If a Zambian was appointed you would have labelled him a cadre. Also, Zambians lack experience in managing airlines, the man will show them how its done.

    • Kikikiki PF behave like Dr. Mushota Chimfwembe, since 2014 twice a year she tells us she is pregnant. Then she announce that she had a miscarriege. That’s 10 times Zambian Airways has aborted. Even that MP ichipuba who lost to notorious Mushimba tried.
      Now they think Nick is not good, they want to try the Ethiopian doggy style.
      Adebe we have PowerSx man…. how much is Adebe salary in kwacha per round?

    • @jay jay I think worse is to employ that Ethiopian with highest salary in country to do nothing. There are so many former Zambia Airways employees who are still in business.
      If indeed it’s a Zambia Airways, then they could promote a woman from IDC or could have appointed Pius Kasolo.

    • I have already stated that this is an utter waste of taxpayers money…the whole thing should be shelved and focus on front line services

    • …says the gay, low libido, economic refugee hiding in a foreign land frustrated as a second class citizen???

  2. That appointment effectively makes this new airline just a Zambia edition of Ethiopian Airlines. Such appointments only serve to make Zambians self doubters in their abilities and capacities.

  3. CEO of an airline without a single plane? The Board of Directors sits and gets allowances for an airline that never exists? Is Mushimba in his normal senses? Bushe nangula bupuba nifi? Zambians, when will you wake and make these failures and promise-makers leave or perform. Zambians, please wake up mwefipuba mwe!

  4. It is the pie in the sky syndrome.In which many African and black countries export Bauxite the main ingredient in making the Aluminium aircraft.But this has gone through one air and come out through the next.I guess that you would have to appoint a commission and have four conferences and go through the media.To know that black nations are exporting aircraft metal.And then to benefit from that.At the same time hundreds of bauxite(Aluminium)workers talents will be undermined.And money will be missing and disappeared.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  5. Life is short about four decades.Do not let what could be done in a few weeks.Take generations to acheive.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  6. Zambia will own more shares on paper only but Ethiopia will take control as top leadership goes to them. Sleepy Mushimba is yapping thinks he has struck a big deal whereas infact it is nothing worthy talking about.

  7. This is like appointing a school headteacher with no classrooms,no teachers ,not a single student yet and no text books or desks. Great job Mushimba.

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