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HH says Police tried to kill him


Police Officers ambush a UPND rally in Sesheke

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema says police fired live ammunition at him and his supporters in Sesheke today.

The incident happened during a political rally in the southwest of the country.

Mr Hichilema’s Spokesman Brian Mwiinga also confirmed the incident in an interview.

“Our lives are in danger as Police and PF cadres are discharging live ammunition at us and our people. We appeal to the Nation to remain calm but steadfast for any eventualities to come,” Mr Hichilema posted on his Facebook page.

And Mr Mwiinga said Mr Hichilema wasn’t hurt in the incident.

“It was shocking, the police just came from nowhere and began discharging live ammunition,” Mr. Mwiinga said.

“Hichilema’s life is in danger,” he said.

Western Province Police Commissioner Charles Lungu was unaware of the incident.

Meanwhile, UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango has complained that the ugly PF violence under President Edgar Lungu’s leadership has once again been experienced in the usually peaceful Sesheke Constituency, in Western Province.

Commenting on the teargasing which happened today in Sesheke, Mrs. Nalumango says from the happenings on the ground, there is no doubt this was yet another assassination attempt at the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema who the PF have been hunting for sometime now.

Mrs. Nalumango says reports so far indicate that the PF thugs, some wearing police uniforms are still hunting for the UPND President, whose whereabouts and safety are unknown.

She said even more importantly, UPND is receiving disturbing news of several of its people being seriously injured after being brutalised and shot by hired PF thugs from various parts of the country.

She has since urged UPND members to remain calm as as the party leadership establish the exact situation regarding Mr. Hichilema, party officials and several other people who are still being hunted by heavily armed hired PF thugs in Sesheke District.

Police Officers ambush a UPND rally in Sesheke
Police Officers ambush a UPND rally in Sesheke
Police Officers ambush a UPND rally in Sesheke
Police Officers ambush a UPND rally in Sesheke
Police Officers ambush a UPND rally in Sesheke
Police Officers ambush a UPND rally in Sesheke
Police Officers ambush a UPND rally in Sesheke
Police Officers ambush a UPND rally in Sesheke


    • PF can’t survive without violence & intimidation.

      That’s why their symbol is a fist and that’s why Sata named it PF after Zimbabwe’s brutal oppressive ZANU-PF.

      Sata started the recruitment of thousands of brutal PF cadres in ZP.

    • Human Hyena is up to its usual antics this dull cretin the director of the United Party of National Dunderheads ….what assassination attempt is he talking about? The UPND cadres were making threats to disrupt the PF gathering where the President was and the Police priority is to protect the Head of State. Yes the Police can use some very harsh methods
      but HH should try not to be too dull to give them an excuse. God will fight your battles, can Kampyango arrest bees? No he can’t so why stress yourself you dull chap!

    • UPND should arm themselves. All citizens should arm themselves since the police are so compromised. This is the only option for self defense.
      What shameful party this PF is.

    • They couldn’t tear gas bees, but want to use on people?
      Tear-gas on swam of bees would have been more effective than prayers PF are asking for.

    • Police Officers ambush a UPND rally in Sesheke.
      Police Officers ambush a UPND rally in Sesheke.
      Police Officers ambush a UPND rally in Sesheke.
      This is fake.
      How do you photograph UPNDEAD cadres and say Police Officers ambush a UPND rally in Sesheke?

    • @Wajimona—Do you think that you are a human being?. If you are, then your brain is full of tuzhi. Your thinking is that of a typical animal.

      You can—and should—report human rights abuses. Even if they are not prosecuted, publicity or the prospect of an investigation can have a restraining effect on the perpetrators. 
      List the specific Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that have been violated. 
      State the facts, as far as possible in chronological order.
      Include the date, time and place of the incident(s); name and position of the perpetrator(s); place of detention if applicable; names and addresses of any witnesses and any other important details. 
      Organizations to report to:
      Amnesty International
      Human Rights Action Center
      Human Rights Watch
      Children’s Defense Fund
      Other organizations eg ICC, EU, USA, UK govts

    • This Masonist after being chased from the Mining Indaba in South Africa, he now wants to bring confusion, he knows he’s a loser.

  1. Stupid ***** people instead of discourage pf party is doing hurry and wajimona you are busy praising butch of criminals.stop using your stomach when we are in such situations you ????

  2. HH is an alarmist and attention seeker!!!Kainde’s desperation for plot one is now getting out of hand.HH knew 100% that president Edgar Lungu will be in Sesheke today just for a 1 day campaign,so why did he wait and go there tomorrow?HH has camped in Sesheke while ECL only went there today.Am pretty sure that HH and his tribal cadres wanted to embarrass the president but ZP cant allow that.ZP have to protect the president at all cost.If HH wont change his evil ways of doing politics,he will die for nothing and NOBODY IN ZAMBIA SHALL EVER PROTEST OVER HIS DEATH(God forbid).ALL WHAT ZAMBIANS SHALL SAY IS “RIP HH”.
    HH made a very big mistate by going to Sesheke today when he knew ECL will be there today too.BOTH PF AND UPND HAVE VIOLENT CADRES,SO HH COULD HAVE WAITED FOR ECL TO LEAVE…

  3. They are firing live bullets at us. Wait a minute, let me first post on my Facebook page, done. Now let me run, they want to kill me.

  4. Sesheke is a small town and district,so it is imposible for a huge PF entourage around president Edgar Lungu not to crush with UPND cadres around their bantustan god HH.Therefore,the solution was for HH not to go there today since he knew 100% that ECL will only campaign in Sesheke for 1 day (today)!!!HH has already been to Sesheke several times for campaigns within the past 3 weeks,so why didnt Kainde wait for a day?WELL DONE ZP BECAUSE KAINDE IS A TROUBLE MAKER AND HE ASKED FOR THAT SINCE HE ALWAYS WANTS TO COMPETE WITH PRESIDENT EDGAR LUNGU!!!What HH should know is there is no difference between him and politicians such as Mulyokela,Cosmo Mumba,Chilufya Tayali,etc,so he cant compete with ECL or try to embarrass the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT and expect ZP to just be looking at…

  5. Fi imported PF thugs is just too much now. Just unleash more bees and lightening after lightening on them. These thieves are not taking us anywhere

  6. Hello Zambians, when are you going to wake up???, Do you people including the church expect anything civil from Lungi??. If you want him to act with civility then it’s the same as voting him out of Power? You will be in denial to expect that from him. He thrived in chaos. Remember how he became president of PF??. Remember 2016 the executive remaining in office after dissolving parliament who was behind that seem?? Remember the Mtembo Nchito issue was his first project? His mission is divide and rule. He doesn’t care about abusing the constitution or rule of law when it affects him and his close friends. The law only applies to the opposition and perceived enemies. It is naive for the church to think he would attend what you people are calling national reconciliation talks. What is…

  7. Cursed is the day HH joined local politics on tribalines in 2006!!!If not caged,HH may set mother Zambia on fire!!It is common sense that ECL and HH cant campaign in a small town such as Sesheke on the same day.Sesheke is not Lusaka or Ndola or Kitwe.It is a terribly small rural town with only one major (tarred road).Therefore,this was a deliberate move by HH to seek sympathy from Zambians BUT HE GOT ZERO SYMPATHY FROM US!!!Well done ZP as the presidency is bigger than anyone in Zambia.HH IS BIG HEADED,SO YOU DID A SPLEANDID JOB BY TEAR GASING HIM.NEXT TIME USE LIVE BULLETS SO THAT THIS F0OL CAN START RESPECTING THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT!!!

  8. UPND preparing for another loss that is what this is. The always do this when they are losing in strongholds. Vote FDD.

  9. What is going to gain by attending those talks??. He has everything to lose by attending the talks. If you thought what happened at the Kabwe ok conversion wouldn’t happen at national level think again. If the church, the opposition and the people of Zambia want to take back their country let the church start preaching to it’s follower’s by telling it’s congregation that country has been taken over by crooks and it’s everyone’s responsibility to start acting to take it back. First by peaceful demonstrations and civil disobedience. It won’t be easy fighting these crooks, some innocent blood will be shed. Any other way the chances are very bleak. Remember of has already shed hundreds of innocent blood. They don’t care. They are going to do at any cost to remain in Power and continue…

  10. If they were live bullets, how come he is still throwing some poop? What does HH want kanshi? Up to this day, the chap cant respect the Head of State, he is possessed.

  11. Please my dear brothers in UPND stop alarming the nation. Its so obvious from your posting that its lies. Honestly do you think even if ECL wanted to kill HH he would do it in such a fashion. Please spare us from your nonsense

  12. This really makes a sad reading…..what`s up mother Zambia?
    How can any normal thinking person, honestly, condone such abusive use of power? Even if you hate HH, you can’t say yes to such police behavior.

  13. HH is a dangerous man Zambia has ever had.The man is TOO BITTER.
    It’s sad that majority Zambians doesn’t know him and what He stand for.


  14. There is no problem for two parties to have campaigns in one place. I remember in solwezi Sata and Mwanawasa met and they shook hands. No police shot live bullets or teargassed any one like it is happening now. Our country has just developed a Jungle law

    • Liar, time General C.Tembo went to Solwezi Mwanawasa was there and Tembos aeroplane was refused landing at Kasompe airstrip. We were waiting for him only to be told that the MMD presidential candidate was inNWP so no other party would be allowed. Don’t just imagine things.

  15. Ask Double K how man Chilu fired live bullets on the big man. Here is the real characterization. The UPNDEAD cadres ALWAYS want to do running battles with Police. They pull up arrogant stunts with law enforcers while others are fillming wrong scenes.

  16. Every Rally requires a police permit or else they break it up. Every gunshot is not a live bullet but a blank or rubber bullet meant to scare offenders. At the end of a live bullet is blood or a dead body. At the end of a blank or rubber bullet is injured egos and a fear of shadows.

  17. Most of you PF zealots are speaking from a selfish blind royalty stance. If you had any objectivity and humanity you would seek the truth and facts instead of your personal hatred reactions to HH. Reports of violence and pictures have been published for days now – with accounts by people who are there. The constant thuggery of PF and intimidation of the opposition is there at every election campaign, yet you choose to allege that the UPND is exaggerating. I for one I am sick of this primitive political exhibition by this regime – but even more tragically by people (some on this blog) who have no aorta of any of civility nor what it means to be at the blunt of violence or abuse. You sit in the comfort of your paid cocoons and spout diatribes, oblivious to the fact that history is…

  18. Some of the comments here, trying to defend the indefensible, are nauseating. Even toddlers know that there has never been any level playing field allowed in relation to the opposition. So what if ECL is in the area? What a ridiculous ‘justification’ to persecute others who want to peacefully campaign for their candidates. Pathetic how in this time and age people will side with thuggery in the disguise of governance and leadership.

    • Unfortunately ba Harold, one would expect you that there are privileges of incumbency anywhere on earth. The arrogance of your HH is so high that he thinks that he is equal to ECL right now – wrong, it is dangerous to be that s.tupid.


  19. This country has really gone to the thugs. It seems people are so full of hatred for HH that they are failing to see the ugly truth about their PF party. Police are no longer working professionally but following orders from thugs in the ruling party. I pray for the day when Mr Lungu will genuinely denounce violence in our country. It seems his party is using violence to intimidate voters for the opposition. This is a very dangerous state of affairs. May God punish all those promoting violence and untruths. May they be cursed together with their families for generations to come.

  20. Western province again? Iwe mwaice Hacks, you did not give way again? So you want another stint in mukobeko and start the dialogue over??
    Waste of time uyu umwaice, yacilamo.

  21. @Sad patriot:BACK TO THE SENDER!!!For your own data,it is actually your HH who is evil.Kainde’s ways of doing politics are that of a SATAN!!HH KNEW HOW SMALL SESHEKE IS AND THAT ECL WILL BE CAMPAIGNING THERE TODAY FOR ONLY 1 DAY,WHY DIDNT HE WAIT AND GO THERE TOMORROW?Whether you like it or not,ZP have to protect the president at all cost.SO FOR ZP,IT IS ECL (CURRENT PRESIDENT FIRST) THEN ALL OF US SECOND!!!Many lives were going to be lost if ZP allowed PF and UPND camps to meet in a small Sesheke town.SO PLEASE DONT THINK USING YOUR TRIBE,BE REAL!!HH was 100% wrong by going to Sesheke for campaigns today.IN LIFE SUCH SITUTIONS CAN BE AVOIDED FOR THE SAKE OF PEACE!!

  22. Police action is not violence. It’s Law and order. If people set up an illegal gathering it’s their job to quail it with non life threatening means. The Bible is clear on Law and order

    Romans 13

    13 Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. 2 Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same. 4 For he is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to…

  23. Now UPND has resorted to using JUJU in Sesheke out of their desperation to defend this seat but you are quiet.Is that normal sure?Lightening is killing PF members and now bees attacted PF members today-AMAZING STUFF!!Believe you me,if not controlled,UPND’s desperation for power could set Zambia on fire especially in 2021(God forbid) as it will be HH’s 6th and last attempt to rule Zambia!!
    THE FACT IS BOTH PF AND UPND HAVE VIOLENT CADRES!!!Plus while ECL blames violent PF cadres,HH never does that to his UPND cadres-WE HAVE EYES SO WE SEE BWANA!!Learn to call a spade,a spade!!!

  24. Thanks a lot prophet “Ndeloleshyafye” for educating sinners camped UPND who support HH blindly!!
    Truth be told,HH has no respect for president Edgar Lungu or for the office of the president.BUT THAT IS HH’S PROBLEM!!Hence,he must not involve ZP in his battles with those in Authority!!HH needs to know that there can only be one president in Zambia for 5 years.Even himself(HH) in state house,he would expect all Zambians to respect him and ZP to protect him-simple!!PATIENCE PAYS BO KAINDE WHILE SPEED KILLS BADALA,SO RELAX!!

  25. Let’s not be children. Let’s not pretend not to see the typical behaviour of Zambia’s opposition. PROVOCATION, disrespect to police, endangering ordinary UPND members. This party should be banned.

    Also this is Western province, their enclave. Violence, Tribal …………SAD, Zambia has become split like this. Again HH was punk-ing the President, being in the area and causing rioting. What’s new here?

  26. Patriot Abroad you are the people misguiding ECL, little does he know he is committing war crimes. Remember Chiluba was persecuted for just extravagant shoe shopping now this. Firing live bullets on defenseless innocent citizens. This is no different from what Mnangagwa was doing recently. UPND needs to put those videos out there for the world to see ECL’s brutality so he can be humbled and forced to call for dialogue like his counterpart in Zimbabwe. There is no defense for such kind of behavior, this man needs to go so people can have their freedom back. I pray Father God intervenes before he takes a lot of human lives.

  27. All those fools supporting the violence I pray that the Lord should forgive you and all your relations for you don’t know what you are doing. Since you will only believe a live bullet when it hits your big empty heards may your mates one day testify. In bemba we say noushaliko akabamo

  28. Patriot Abroad, you should be ashamed to support such barbaric behavior. This is no different from what Mnangagwa did in Zimbabwe recently, He was condemned and now he is crying for dialogue with the opposition. UPND needs to put this out to the whole world to see and not just for ZNBC watching cadres who are busy disputing despite electronic evidence all over social media. ECL needs to go so people can have their freedom back, there is no way we can develop with such a dictator at the helm of power. I pray father God intervenes before this crazy power hungry man takes too many innocent lives.

    • @Lute

      Don’t call on the name of God in vain. UPND is a party of provocation, it’s the fact. It’s tribal, fact. The police have to do their job to protect all citizens even the President.

  29. Politics of antagonism put innocent ignorant people in harms way. You conduct an illegal rally in an area where the Head of State is, is nothing more than outright provocation to get publicity. When police take action innocent people can end up dead. Let’s not defend wrong doing by condoning provocation then getting publicity for violence through filming police intervention. The police are on order to protect the head of state.

  30. Very tough men the police and thugs when they are the only ones with guns in their hands. I am sure they would not feel so high and mighty if they knew there was a good chance of retalorItty fire coming their way.

  31. Respect for others eebuntu. Presidency must be respected at all times. Just because some one invited you to a mining symposium does not mean you went to represent Chambia as kateka, awee badala. Grow up with time. Backward politics are long gone. Being an alarmist does not help at all. Look here the world is watching and just saying Chambia has no alternative; at least not now.

  32. Pf supporters are most *****s and stupid because they can not differeciant between good and bad.A person who came from a normal sperm can not support pf what they are doing unless otherwise.let us condemn these parties were they have gone wrong than defending them.


  34. Hh please stop your lies..!!! Us in sesheke knew what you were up to. You just wanted to embarass the President like you did at kuomboka in mongu. Why didnt you wait for the president to leave sesheke? Sesheke is your stronghold but right now we are disappointed with your behaviour. Dont be surprised if your candidate loses. Utuhele buhata..!!!


  36. Those who live by the gun, die the gun! This karmic principle has been proven many times over across the world and Zambia is no exception.

  37. If a government wants to kill someone it can do so easily. It happens everywhere in the world. Latest is the Kasshoggi murder. HH shouldn’t try to be like a movie hero that miraculously escape unhurt in tight situations. Much more political wise have been killed and the murder never solved. Please HH just obey the law. What’s happening there. ..without bias….Upnd have developed a system of surfacing at other parties venues especially at PF meetings. HH thinks because he’s HH police will let him disrupt other people’s programs.

  38. Cry baby tactics have not worked in the past and they will not work now. HH will not be killed by any one, may be his own thugs. What were those UPND thugs doing in the bush? Surely the worst thing that Zambia has ever had since the advent of plural politics is the sinful entry of HH through the back door into a once fair, democratic zambian political party.

  39. Fellow patriots, it is sad that we are even discussing this issue. It is not the first time we have had elections. The question we must ask is: Why is violence escalating now? Something has changed. A friend was driving from Livingstone to Sioma with a project vehicle. He was mistakenly associated with an opposition party and was almost beaten up by armed cadres in police uniform. They only stopped harassing the field crew when they discovered the vehicle belonged to a project. This is how bad the situation has become. In a democracy, people must have the right and freedom to support who they want. If I am a supporter or member of PAC, or UPPZ, (or any party for that matter), it is my democratic choice that must be respected. Harassing people because they belong to a particular party or…

  40. Harassing people because they belong to a particular party or tribe is a recipe for disaster. Please let’s help maintain peace in our loving country and not fuel hate and violence by careless comments on this forum.

  41. Sounds like comedy. Live bullets fired at a crowd and no one is injured. What is there for UPND to be scared of if the police can miss even one in a crowd? How can police come from “nowhere” in such a place without UPND security staff knowing?

    Please be real!!!

    I don’t side with groups but with the truth. Hence, today PF’ media houses can quote me but ignore me the day after. Same applies to UPND. They only like my posts when I say what they want to hear. The good part with being apolitical is that you praise both sides and criticize them when need be. I don’t believe in politics of not giving credit where it is due. So do you know where I stand? I stand for the truth at the expense of personal comfort. These are the values ingrained in me during my formative years by the Mother Church. Therefore, I will only stand with you when it is morally right for me to do so. I have so many human frailties but my greatest asset is being truthful and honest with my opinions. If you hate me for this, I won’t bother but will only feel sorry…

  43. Violence is bad . People let’s help the police do their job. These live bullets are producing a lot of smoke. I try to kill him at rally. Poor planing

  44. Indeed what to you expect from Hakainde Hichilema Mazoka whose father Anderson Mazoka stole Late President of DRC (Zaire)’s cattle that was in transit from RSA to Zaire. This resulted in him fired from Zambia Railways by former President Kaunda.
    Furthermore…a man whose source of his wealth was facilitated by his father..who after taking over from the late David Phiri at Anglo America corp. started selling (plundering) the corporation’s assets and initiated his son Hakainde into the Freemason. Before that Hakainde was a broke man working for a firm that was even battling to pay salaries at their firm ( Coopers and Leybrand).

  45. HH stop crying all the time.time for you
    To grow up.every time you hear hh it’s either they are planning to kill him or
    Arrest him.if what hh is saying is true
    Then stop politics and enjoy your money
    Before they kill you..

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