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Zambezi Magic defies the IBA’s directive to suspend the Lusaka Hustle Show

Headlines Zambezi Magic defies the IBA’s directive to suspend the Lusaka ...

Lusaka Hustle
Lusaka Hustle

Zambezi Magic has defied the Independent Broadcasting Authority’s directive to suspend the Lusaka based Hustle Reality Show.

Early this week, the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) directed Multichoice Zambia to suspend the Lusaka based Hustle Reality Show, aired on Zambezi Magic on the DSTV platform.

The suspension, which was ordered to be done with immediate effect, was necessitated following a public outcry, that the Reality Show promotes a lifestyle, contrary to Zambian values and culture.

IBA Director General Josephine Mapoma said the authority received several concerns from the public, with regards to the show, and as such directed Multichoice Zambia to withdraw it, in public interest.

Later, Zambezi Magic reacted by saying that the Lusaka Hustle is a locally-produced reality show which follows the lives of three Zambian celebrities who regularly appear on television.

It said the show has been prejudged on social media without an informed assessment of the content or a clear indication of which aspects of the show are unlawful.

Zambezi Magic explained that the cast and crew have been deeply distressed by the misleading representation of the content.

It said it is respectful of Zambian values and culture and was working with Multichoice Zambia to resolve the matter in a constructive way and will join key stakeholders for a viewing session of upcoming episodes.

But to the surprise of many, the show returned to the screens yesterday with the same crew without any explanation from the IBA on whether the show has been allowed to return to the screens.

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    • Nine Chale, are you aware that the crime of sodomy and similar stuff happen daily in our prisons?

      So why is that Zambia lamentably fails to deal effectively with these vices in our prison system but finds it easy to curtail matters in which people can make free choices? …

    • Sue IBA. It is time we stopped this Nanny state. Zambians are capable as individuals, to decide on their own what is suitable and what is not. Those who find that their underwear itch when they watch certain things, should not under the guise of a Christian country, avoid temptation by banning what is not an issue to others. Rev Sumaili is wrong. This practice was what led the Middle Ages Christians to leave societies and retreat to monasteries, thinking that if they do not see women, they would not have desires. The priests in the Catholic church pretend to be celibate but we know that they co-habit with nuns. Moral evil is in the heart madam Reverend. The movie industry is a narrative of what goes on in real life. Sin came before Hollywood. The Bible itself has graphic descriptions of…

  1. we have problems in this country this show is evil bent DSTV is undermining our values and morals
    need quick boot out of business
    arrest the quacks and the same chap kuni he is a disgrace

  2. Why not just switch the channels. Is it any worse than big brother and other movies that line up. Surely i dont think it is the only channel on DSTV.

  3. I would love to know: is this hustle reality show showing people getting it on? Is it like Big Brother that has never been suspended from any platform thus far? Or is it this obsession with what someone might be doing because of how we have judged them to look like and their uttered speech? So many questions mwe. Nifunsa cabe. A busa andi yankenso posacedwa apa!

  4. too much hypocrisy in the so called christian nation,morals have been decayed long before zodwa,this hustle show and more,we have seen ministers picking up schools girls and people like mainga yet our rev sumaili hasnt addressed those issues,parents have the responsibility to control what their kids should watch and if adults want to watch the show its their choice its a democratic country after all

  5. Just revoke their licence and shut down the entire station. We don’t need filth on our broadcasting channels. This thing of copying and pasting western lifestyle must end. Where is our heritage, where our traditions, where is our culture?

    Zambians let us join hand in hand to reject sodomy/lesbianism wherever and whenever we see it. It is anti-nature, anti-family and certainly not God’s plan but the devil’s plan for mankind and womankind. I say this without any apology.

    • Nine Chale, are you aware that the crime of sodomy and similar stuff happen daily in our prisons?

      So why is that Zambia lamentably fails to deal effectively with these vices in our prison system but finds it easy to curtail matters in which people can make free choices? …

    • Just because some shameful things happen in the dark does not mean they should be tolerated in the open. It is one thing to protect inmates from lawlessness and another thing to protect the general public from viewing behavior that is contrary to national values.

    • Nine Chale what are these national values? Where can I read up on them? Who came up with them? And when? We can’t be guessing about values. They should be spelled out if anyone has to defend them.

  6. The minister and all of you advocating for the ban of this channel are just exposing your ignorance! DSTV has provision to switch channels and even lock some programmes f(using parental Control) to protect certain audiences.
    Indeed, Why not just switch the channels. Or break your TV all together!

    • we dont want to be told what to do with the remote, the fact that we are a christian nation certain behaviors that are immoral just need to be condemned to the core. There are contracts involved , stake holders involved meaning money is involved and by not banning an immoral show just for money is not good at all. A good show must educate , reflect our christian values that we may later pass on to our children. what we feed our mind results in actions, later the very people watching an immoral show will start practising what they see on t.v it will appear to be normal. unless you say you choose evil . The bible is very clear about homosexuality.

  7. So I guess displaying a show that encourages polygamy, on that very channel, is out of question? Because the Bible condemns it as far as I’m concerned. Therefore, if we consider ourselves a Christian nation, and that we shouldnt condone such immoral behavior, how about the same IBA also consider banning “mpali”?

    • The Bible doesn’t condemn polygamy. It tells us of Abraham, David, Gideon and Solomon all of whom had more than one wife

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