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Kambwili appears in Luanshya Magistrate Court


Dr Kambwili leaving Luanshya Magistrate Court

Opposition NDC President Dr. Chishimba Kambwili appeared before Luanshya Magistrate this morning.

This is in a case Dr. Kambwili and 11 others have been charged with unlawful assembly.

Dr Kambwili and 11 others are being represented by, lawyers Christopher Mundia and Caristo Munkonka.

However trial could not proceed today, lawyers representing Dr. Kambwili and 11 Avic employees have asked for an adjournment.

The Magistrate has since granted the adjournment, and trial will commence on 13th February, 2019.

Dr Kambwili was arrested and charged with unlawful assembly after he addressed AVIC workers at his house who went to air their grievances about poor working conditions.

Dr Kambwili confronts police officers at Luanshya Magistrate Court



    • He cannot afford to drink tea in London any more. He can only manage tea yapa figulugulu. Shalipwendalama shamacontracts ya mwamona engineering. That is why he is clinging on the roan seat so that he can continue getting ka allowance kaku parliament. Ala mapolitics telwamwanoseka.

    • Dr Kambwili, Dr Sansakuwa, Dr Chendanamwela the list is endless. …misuse of titles. In any case it adds no value to your status. It’s like picking your teeth just to show that you have eaten meat when in reality you have just had pumpkin leaves.

    • Ndanji makaka…

      You were preaching to us how CK will be arrested and charged within 3 months of his sacking by lungu….

      We are still waiting badala…??? Now you are talking about honery titles ??

  1. Agony is being arrested for holding a meeting at your own home and charged for unlawful assembly. These are jungle laws indeed. Unbelievable

  2. An MP in his own constituency being visited by his own constituents to raise concerns. Surely the unlawful assembly when the law of the land does not in anyway or form restrict the MP in his own constituency to hold meetings or meet his people. I just can’t see the logic or legal bases for the police and their hired PF can win this case.
    The govt of Lungu is like buttocks which will never go in front. I’m not surely which law school Lungu went to and what legal advice he gives to his disciples so that the govt does not incur court fees or legal matters that should not have been taken to court. What is kalaluka is doing to help trigger happy cadres in cases like this. Anyway , their logical thinking it’s not our money it’s the govt money really? You are the govt and as such it’s…

  3. If lungu claims to be popular and winning without rigging as he claims, there is no need for guns and teargas , intimidation and police violence and crackdowns on opposition meeting people…..

    what is lungu afraid of ???

  4. Kambwili, we told you to be very careful with the elusive and scavenger HH, where is he in your difficult and troubled times? The chap has cleverly hoodwinked you to try and get some few sympathy votes not because he cares about you or any other for that matter but that you are stup1d and fool1sh enough to escort him to being the third best presidential candidate in 2021, you mean it that hard for you to see?….Ask those who once where hoodwinked and now are back to the roots, mother and caring party PF.

  5. 1.5 he could have been in prison by now if it was Zimbabwe. Our judicial system is so judicious that one can spend years appearing in court.

  6. Chimbwili, the thing cannot even fit into a suit. Wherever ir goes it greets everybody but people just answer and immediately go back to reading their newspaper, giving him no chance to start a conversation. OMG! It must be a

    I hear Chimbwili looks like Spaka, same sweaty body carrying a head which sits on the shoulders, like there is no neck…… eishh.

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