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Government has prioritised the completion of projects that have reached 80 percent and above-Chitotela

Economy Government has prioritised the completion of projects that have reached 80 percent...

Minister of Infrastructure and Housing Ronald Chitotela
Minister of Infrastructure and Housing Ronald Chitotela

Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development, Ronald Chitotela says government has prioritised the completion of projects that have reached 80 percent and above.

Mr Chitotela explained that government intends to use the Skills Development Fund to complete the remaining trades training institutes before the end of this year’s first quarter.

He cited the construction of Milenge, Mporokoso, Lundazi, Kalabo, Isoka, Sesheke and Mumbwa trades training institutes as among the projects that were not completed in 2017.

Mr Chitotela said this in parliament today during the oral answer session.

He pointed out that, out of the remaining seven trades institutes, two will be operational within the first quarter of 2019.

Mr. Chitotela further said once operational, the institutes will enable young people especially the unemployed youths acquire survival skills.


  1. iwe chitotela, don’t play around with BOQs, you compromise infrastructure installations: all the bridges that have been built under your ‘nose’ keep collapsing.

    • How can you blame UPND for lungus corruption ???

      It is you idiyootees who dance for lungu to blame , you are an ardent lungu and pf supporter ……is the UPND is GRZ to stop corruption ??

    • This Lungu govt…really laughable…More like a monkey still in charge of doing the rota for security guards of the maize field

    • Believe it or not, it is in the constitution of Zambia. You may not be a christian but the vast majority believe. Hence the declaration. Even during the time of Christ there were those who did not believe. Even in Muslim or Hindu states not everyone is Muslim or Hindu.

    • The first thing we should do after getting rid of these thieves is to amend the constitution, how can a country full of thieves be calling itself a Christian nation.

  2. Just look at the resident PF on LT cowering and trying to blame the opposition for the corruption of lungu , they were the ones sontaring and dancing …….

    I told you, if lungu could legalize corruption he would with the stroke of a pen…..the chanda boys call PF corruption as

    ” social mobility “

  3. #1.3 Jay Gay: “…..next time elect someone who has worked in big corporation and knows what code of conduct stands for”.

    And who is that someone, Trib.al Hacks of course? Always shooting themselves in the foot, somehow these trib.als don’t realise that we see through them when they try to disguise their statement. And yet they are exposing themselves big time, especially trib.al Jay Gay he can’t hide, always exposing himself, just observe the trib.al, same as other trib.als.

    • The devil was only created by the script writers to scare you ..you have to just be responsible for your own actions. Houdini the magician or the illusionist existed though..

  4. you can’t blame Chitotela, blame Lungu who doesn’t seem to know what he is doing. Lungu should let all those who were suspended from different government departments to report back to work since they are not convicted yet

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