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$20 Million four-star Hotel and Shopping Mall to be build in Kasama

Rural News $20 Million four-star Hotel and Shopping Mall to be build in...

Mikalile Investments has completed and submitted its Architectural Designs for the development of a close to US$20 Million four-star Hotel and Shopping Mall at Kasama Golf Club in Kasama to the Provincial Administration.

And about 1200 direct and indirect jobs are to be created at Construction and operational stages, 700 of which will be available during the construction stage while 500 permanent jobs will be available at operational stage.

The projected Investment has gone up from the initial US 12 Million after my Office appealed for a few more additions to the proposed development which the Company agreed to do.

The One Hundred Rooms Hotel application becomes the third bid following earlier submissions by two other Companies and paves way for the Provincial Administration through the Kasama Golf Club, the owners of the land set aside for the development to close the deal for commencement of construction.

This has greatly cheered us at Provincial Administration as we have been assured by the Leadership at Kasama Golf Club that a select Committee will soon sit to consider the applications and award the successful bidder that could see one of the first positive outcomes of the Investment Expo held only three months ago.

This entails that we could see the commencement of Construction of the facilities by May this year as Mikalile who already run a chain of Hotels and Departmental Stores in Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania have indicated that they could move on sight as early as April once all procedures are concluded with Provincial Adminstration, Kasama Municipal Council and the Golf Club.

The Company has indicated in its bid that it will as a matter of priority start with the Modernisation of the Kasama Golf which will anchor the Multi Million Investment.

The modernisation of the Golf Club will include among other things development of a state of the art nine-hole Golf course, construction of an administration block, complete with conference facilities, club house, kitchen and restaurant, gymnasium a sports multi facilities Centre and a play centre for Children in support of Junior Golf.

All the above facilities are to be fully furnished and equipped by Mikalile Investments and will be completed and handed over to the Golf Club before commencement of construction of the Hotel and Shopping Mall.

Mikalile Investments Chief Executive Mulenga Mikalile was among Investors who signed an Investment deal with my office which was witnessed by His Excellency the President Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu during the Northern Province Expo last November.

Mr Mikalile has since indicated that he cannot afford to disappoint His Excellency the President who personally encouraged him to honour his pledge after the signing ceremony in Kasama last year.

He said he had to put some of his Company’s expansion programs within and outside Zambia on hold to focus on Kasama after seeing the zeal for development by the Northern Province Administration.

He has also assured that his Company intends to complete Phase one of the development and open the Shopping Mall, the Mikalile Departmental Store and a Distribution Centre by next year.

The second phase which will see the completion of the Hotel, four Conference Rooms, Gymnasium and a Filling Station will be completed and commissioned by His Excellency the President Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu by 2021.

We are excited with the prospects that this Investment presents to the tourism Industry in the Province which has been hampered by lack of serious Investment in conference facilities.

Northern Province Permanent Secretary Elias Kamanga has since appealed to the Kasama Municipal Authorities and the Kasama Golf Club and all other Government Agencies to avoid unnecessary bureaucratic tendencies so as to expedite Investment as the people of Kasama and the Province as a whole where in a hurry to see development.


  1. Invest in value addition of our raw local products for export.
    Forget the local shopping Malls; they only save to facilitate drainage of our low earning into South Africa and other countries who bring in value added products as simple as cheese creating thousand of jobs in their own countries. Meanwhile, Zambia is happy to raise servants and drivers for Arab countries and call it job creation. I would have laughed if it was fun!

    • Another day, another mall. In Lusaka its crazy, there are areas with 4 malls on the same area, another place 2 malls across the road to each other.

      This new mall will be used as a public toilet & for taking selfies by our unemployed youths like the one in Ndola which started charging K2 to use their toilets due to overwhelming demand.

      Invest in production, not malls which are creating jobs for south africans & chinese.

    • @Bonzo since when was Kasama in CB?

      Time will tell I think Kasama needs this as the area is really lacking this type of infrastructure and as more tourist and so called middle class people go to Kasama they will need proper shopping, conference and hotel/catering facilities however other areas such as Ndola, Kitwe and Lusaka clearly have too many shopping malls as opposed to factories.

  2. It’s his money, let him invest where he sees he’ll get returns. Y’all can also invest yours in value addition industries.

  3. I think it’s a good development. You can’t see the need for producing or manufacturing something without the need. Through malls we have been given a window to look into the outside world and admire to do even more.

    Many people in zambia have learnt sanaity in terms of hygiene and variety of ways of doing business the malls. Dubai does not produce much it’s just a business center known for shopping outlets of things from Japan and China.

    People who are innovative are already benefiting from these business outlets by selling their products through them. We need to create a market otherwise investors in production end up running a big loss.
    Hotel and tourism is another industry we are behind in.

  4. Majority of Zambians live in very bad areas with very little exposure. Even when they have Tv’s and watch some fascinating architecture it be roads, offices, hotels or house in Japan, US, China or just South Africa they think it’s all but fiction. These constructions we like or not they will make lots of us being thinking global.

    Honestly they have removed lots of shame in our cities where we had been used to pass water anyhow, sell foods on the open, lack of civility thinking merchandise have to be caged like Indian shops.

  5. four star hotel in Kasama…..what for? Are you sure that it will be affordable….?
    Was a study done on this investment?

  6. Takwaba bisuma kubantu. That is why musabayila at kasama in cb province. @list people of kasama will benefit in one way or another. Not like kainde who promises people of things he will not do


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