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TIZ welcomes General Chimese’s arrest, calls for lifestyle audits of key officials


President Edgar Lungu, Commander- in- Chief of the Armed Forces with ZAF Commander Gen Eric Chimese at ZAF base during the Commissioning of and Wing Parade of Course 43and 44 on Friday pictures by Eddie Mwanaleza
President Edgar Lungu, Commander- in- Chief of the Armed Forces with ZAF Commander Gen Eric Chimese at ZAF base during the Commissioning of and Wing Parade of Course 43and 44 on Friday pictures by Eddie Mwanaleza

Transparency International Zambia has welcomed the arrest of former Zambia AirForce Commander General Eric Chimanse for corruption.

TIZ President Reuben Lifuka hopes that investigative wings will put together a solid case against General Chimese and his co-accused Jimmy Fingers.

Mr Lifuka said the arrest will serve as a deterrent to would be offenders.

He also reiterated TIZ’s call on the PF Government to introduce lifestyle audits for all key government officials.

Mr Lifuka said the accumulation of wealth that has occurred among some key government officials over a short period of time is shocking.

This is a warning to all corrupt leaders.


Thirteen houses allegedly belonging to former Zambia Air Force commander Eric Chimense have been seized by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) because it is suspected they are proceeds of crime

The Drug Enforcement Commission has also seized a semi-detached house and a gym, all the property within Lusaka.

Lieutenant General Chimense has been arrested and jointly charged with James Chungu, a Director of Chita Lodges for allegedly concealing property, wilful giving of false information, abuse of authority of office and possession of property reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime.

In the first count, General Chimense jointly and whilst acting together with Mr. Chungu and other person’s unknown concealed a portion of a farm in ibex on which nine fully furnished flats and houses among other things have been constructed purporting that they belong to Chita Lodges , when they are owned by Lt. Gen Chimense.

And images showing fully furnished luxury properties belonging to Lt. General Chimese that has been seized by the Drug Enforcement Commission have been leaked.

The high end properties have shocked many Zambians on social media who suspect that the former ZAF Commander built the said properties using proceeds of corruption.

“Truth be told! How many salaries can afford to buy a plot in new kasama, build on it meanwhile you are driving a fortuner, paying for your children at baobab building a semi detached flat in chalala… And so on. All these buildings we see are proceeds of corruption. And the rest of us are seen to be lazy and stupid,” wrote Dada Andrew Mkoshi wrote on Facebook.


  1. This is good move. All those houses should belong to the government. That witch from Luapula, Chitotela is next. Good job by the ACC

    • Life style audits are very welcome. There is no way a civil servant can be wearing a Rolex watch with a Mercedes Benz parked in the lot even with a side hassle.

    • These are the songs we have been singing but my fellow Zambians just keep quiet. The perks that are given to these so called Senior Govt officers are what tempts them to commit such corrupt activities. What we have in this country is legalised stealing and this is where all of Zambia’s wealth goes. When the bosses are given a taste of this luxury life they want more, the best way to avoid this is to ban luxury SUVs, remove allowances, let ministers and other VIPs (Very Incompetent People) travel in economy class. That way these senior govt officer will know that these position are not meant for you to enrich yourself as Chimense and others have done but to serve the people and leave a positive legacy something very, very few Senior Govt officers have managed to do.

    • Selective good move by DEC. We want PF ministers to explain their wealth. Kampyongo’s truck regustered in his brother’s name why is this case swept under the carpet? Kampyongo need to provide answers to his too much wealth. I know where he comes from in chinsali he cannot have what he has today. But the president is very selective of who fire and who not to Very bad!

    • Those properties are nothing compared to what Lungu has built and raised his net worthy to beyond 2011 levels. Ministers are using their wives and grown-up children as fronts for ownership of blocks of houses in Salama Park, Ibex Meanwood, Ibex Hill, Roma etc. The ACC and DEC have no resources to follow the money trail. Those who have children studying abroad are using school and boarding fees for money laundering. Send $50,000 to your son per semester but the son is not even in college. The money is paid abroad by the bribers.

  2. Lifestyle audit starting Lazy Lungu then second is former bouncer Bowman who can comfortably afford to pay Great Galu’s FIFA Charges without a dent in his wallet

  3. That chimesa case is not going anywhere….we know it is a gimmick by lungu , chimesa and chita lodge to make belive the corruption fight is on….

    To CK , don’t think because lungu is making overtures to befriend you, things are ok……you will eat a poisoned apple with lungu……do not associate yourself with him…..he will try to take down to jail with him as many people as possible…thinking the wider his corrupt network is, the harder to prosecute…

  4. During Kaunda’s days even buying a humble VW Beetle car would invite an investigation by the STET, the government wing that investigated economic sabotage. After Kaunda left, Chiluba abolished the STET and the leadership code. We all celebrated. But alas little did we know that the tiger had just been let loose to freely devour all goats whether in the kraal or strayed on the streets.

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