FODEP calls on govt to set up a Commission to address political violence

Police Officers ambush a UPND rally in Sesheke
Police Officers ambush a UPND rally in Sesheke

The Civil Society Organization Foundation of Democratic Process (FODEP) says there is need for all consented efforts from all political players if the country is to stamp out any form of political violence.

Quoting article 60 of the constitution of Zambia which recognizes and defines political parties , FODEP Executive Director Mweenge Chimfwembe says a Commission should be set up with a mandate to address any form of political violence in the country.

“ There is need to put up a commission that can have a broad mandate to deal with day to day political life of this nation and help political parties to grow, “ he said during an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today.

The proposed commission will be important, he said, because its role will not just be to police political parties but basically to ensure that political parties are strengthened to internalize democratic practices.

Mr. Chifwembe further said if the government can move in quickly in consultation of the political party commission so that the law can be enacted in the current sitting of parliament.

Violence characterized in the recently held parliamentary by- election in Sesheke district and the other seven local by- elections across the country.


  1. Which government is that bastard asking? There was a useless commission setup 2 years ago, about the same sh4t of election violence. What did you get from them, NOTHING absolutely NOTHING, they only got allowances and built themselves houses.
    There is that group called National Dialogue thing, why don’t you f2cking FODEP ask your government to join it? NGOs doing nothing.

  2. Nkani izubika
    Win at all cost capture parliament, rule the country by hook or crook tabah maningi (twaiba sana) we will get arrested and all our ill gotten wealth will be seized.
    We must not allow these tongas to rule rather someone we can manipulate, all in all lets buy time.


    The cause of all political violence in Zambia is because of TRIBAL SUPREMACY.

    Some tribes THINK that their TRIBE is ordained by GOD to rule though their SAD truth has lead them to superstition

  4. You two nut cases have to bring up tribe when the issue is about someone using state machinery to brutalize others who have no option but to defend themselves. There is lawlessness now, ruling cadres call the shots instead of the police. You have seen thugs walking with ECL being present at most of these occurrences. So we should be talking about violence since the tables changed on the statehouse thugs

    • You are the people instigating violence as a means to take HH to the State House. It won’t work. Just strategize like the late Michael Sata who removed the mighty MMD from power. Tribal hatred or fake tribal balancing won’t work.

  5. The only solution to end political violence is for the police to shoot to kill warring cadres. Talking won’t do. Kill a couple of the things, and everyone will think twice.

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