NAREP Condemns horrific activities that took place in Sesheke

Police Officers ambush a UPND rally in Sesheke
Police Officers ambush a UPND rally in Sesheke

The National Restoration Party has condemned the horrific activities that took place in Sesheke during the recent by-elections.

Party Secretary General Ezra Ngulube says NAREP is alarmed and sad to note that this is not the first time this has occurred, as similar incidents were witnessed during the Copperbelt and Eastern Provinces by- elections.

Mr. Ngulube has sympathised with the youth that took part in these acts, and empathise that their engagement in political violence is symptomatic of an outcry on the lack of jobs for the young people.

Mr. Ngulube says repeatedly, NAREP has advised and now re-emphasise the same message that the Zambian government should seriously undertake to ensure the security and well-being of the youth and the Zambian citizens as a whole.

He said Politicians must refrain from using and abusing youths in doing their dirty jobs as they clearly would not condone it if their biological children were used similarly nor would they use our own children to do such.


    • Not too long ago social media showed pictures of Police officers in uniform raising a UPND symbol while hiding their faces, one wonders what region of Zambia these could have come from. With what happened in Shesheke it might give us a clue….

  1. We ve come to observe that it’s the Upnd and kainde who are violence because when ever they are participating in the elections there is always blood shed see evidence in their symbol hand full of blood. Last time when they didn’t participate election in Eastern province chipata there was no blood shed

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