LAZ will be disappointed if EL does not fire Chitotela -Mwitwa

Lusaka Lawyer Eddie Mwitwa
Lusaka Lawyer Eddie Mwitwa
Lusaka Lawyer Eddie Mwitwa
Lusaka Lawyer Eddie Mwitwa

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) says it will be disappointed if President Edgar Lungu ignores its recent counsel to fire Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Ronald Chitotela.

LAZ president Eddie Mwitwa says when his association issued a statement advising President Lungu to fire Mr. Chitotela who is facing criminal charges, it spoke to its mandate.

Mr. Mwitwa has reminded President Lungu that LAZ’s mandate requires it to ensure that there is constitutionalism, rule of law and good governance in the Country.

He has told Q-News in an exclusive interview that in advising the President to fire Mr. Chitotela, LAZ did in fact recognize what other independent bodies have advised him correctly.

Mr. Mwitwa states that his association therefore expected President Lungu to heed to its advice especially that it is a non partisan professional body established by an Act of Parliament.

He says LAZ will however not relent in speaking to its statutory objective whether action is taken on its advise or not as it is equally aware that members of the public are following what is happening.

The LAZ president has nevertheless expressed optimism that President Lungu may in the few days reconsider his decision not to relieve Mr. Chitotela from his Ministerial position.

He says his association does not, on the other hand, consider Mr. Chitotela as being guilty of the corruption allegations leveled against him as this is up to the courts of law to determine.


    • All well meaning Zambians including UPND have already said Chitolela should be suspended to facilitate investigations. LAZ is mischievously saying what everybody has said already.

  1. He seems like he has INTELLIGENT DOSSIER on what is going on with Ant-corruption commission.

    LET US WAIT AND SEE , court is commencing on Monday. The truth will come out if ECL is shielding Chitotela or not.

  2. ECL listen please this will be a black sport in your legacy keeping corrupt individuals in your administration taints you also. These same people you’re protecting will be witnesses in your cases to come, they will avoid jail by telling us about your shady deals. Don’t think they love you because of their boot licking and bowing before you

  3. They call it taking responsibility.
    Ba Honourable suspect nabo, can’t you clean up this mess by asking to be relieved of your duties? Surely you are rich enough to live well without your paltry salary as a minister? If you insist on remaining a minister then our suspicions are confirmed that you want to use your position to interfere with the case. Not so? Even Lazy Jay Gay agrees with me, not so? And all trib.als too, for very different and selfish reasons of course.

  4. Sad that even LAZ doesn’t get the wisdom of the process. The word is “Suspend” and not “Fire”! He is innocent until proven guilty by the courts of Law! Firing him would send the wrong signal because you will be saying he is guilty until proven innocent by the courts! The idea of suspending him is for safeguarding the investigation process as he can tamper with evidence if still in charge of the ministry. Can we advise correctly and stop being vindictive!

  5. It looks like LAZ is giving that opinion not with confidence. He seems to be
    Scared of being sided with the opposition. He is not as bold and brave like
    The previous làdy.

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