Chief Mukuni says corruption arrests are meant to stop Luapula people from Challenging President Lungu

Chief Mukuni
Chief Mukuni

The Mast reports that Senior Chief Mukuni of the Leya in Livingstone and Kazungula in Southern Province has said that President Edgar Lungu is conducting a corruption smokescreen to entrench himself ahead of 2021 elections, and that he will also increase attempts to stifle UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema so as to ensure that he does not contest the presidency in 2021

Mukuni said recent arrests were aimed at blocking anyone from Luapula contesting to be PF president.

The Anti-Corruption Commission recently arrested infrastructure minister Ronald Chototela for concealing two plots reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime. Last week, the Drug Enforcement Commission arrested former Zambia Air Force commander Eric Chimese, also from Luapula.

“The arrest is just a smokescreen to stop people from seeing the true intentions of the leadership of President Edgar Lungu. This is actually an act of stopping the Luapula boys from attempting to take over the PF presidency. Nothing else, it is meant to take the Luapula boys out of the presidency league,” he said.

He added that the perceived fight against corruption by President Lungu was not well intended as he was just interested in securing his presidential bid for 2021.

“The reason of not firing Chitotela is to ensure that in case he attempts to contest against Lungu at the PF convention, wherever it will be held, he will be told that he is not eligible as he was under investigations or before courts of law. So I see a lot more arrests of the Luapula boys or anyone perceived to be in support of Chitotela,” Mukuni said.

“I also see an increase in attempts to stifle UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema so as to ensure that he does not contest in 2021. But such plans are an ideal incubation for strife and bloodshed as the supporters of people like HH would not accept blocking him from contesting for the presidency.”

Mukuni further reminded the PF leadership that such attempts were tried against Michael Sata by MMD but failed.

He said attempts to use the privatisation scheme to stop Hichilema would not work.


    • What criteria is used to choose chiefs in southern province. This is the same as forgetting about corruption fight because upnd thinks its political.

    • I always try to avoid passing comments on political involvement of leaders on the left – the chiefs, incredible and disgraced news sources. Since LT has decided to import the story from the former Lucifer’s file, for me to comment on this story is the same as me indirectly supporting SHAMEFUL stories. Jifi Mukuni, you’re spared.
      No meaningful comment.

    • Mukuni should just stop pretending and using the title of CHIEF and instead enter politics full time. He is such a careless loose cannon for a chief! What evidence does he have for him to make such a careless statement? And when has it ever been the right time (or right people) to fight corruption without sycophants like Mukuni not twist facts? He is such a POS!

      I have never seen a chief so far up someone’s @$$ like Mukuni is up HH’s [email protected] That’s why sometimes I feel traditional institutions such as “CHIEFS” should be constitutionally abolished. I also miss KK in situations like this. KK wouldn’t put up with this kind n0nsense from a “pwetete pwetete pwe” (to borrow PK Chishala’s words) non self respecting chief.

    • What an insult to the people from Luapula. Being a thief is not tribal it’s a matter of character.
      This is why am saying this UPND is full of delusional sheeples. As a matter of fact let’s just call it United Party for National Delusions.
      In one sentence this chief is saying HH the Delusional Dictator is the sole presidential candidate for United Party for National Delusions but PF which will hold a convention and exercise democracy even if they retain ECL is in wrong. What kind of brainwashed thinking is this?

    • Please Lusaka times check the gazette. He is not senior chief, he is just Chief. Senior chief is his boss Senior Chief Monze who though supporting UPND will not utter such devisive words. This man has a bad demon that will end up killing him.

    • People can insult the chief as they want but as one of the bembas i totally agree with him. but the point is not Luapula boys but anyone who sounds BEMBA.The comments he made about 6/10 was not from without. he is trying to prove it because ba DEC has already told the President. Kambwili, Chimese, Chitotela, Kabanshi, Chanda of ZAMPOST. what about Malawi Maize no investigation? they are all allegations just like chitotela, kabanshi. What about MUKULA allegations of Mr Kaizer zulu?

    • CHILESHE CHEPELA , Kindly stop using names such chileshe chepela and try your tribal names because names such as chileshe chepela are spiritual names. you should also stop pretending to be Bemba because your reasoning sound mukunish, hakaindish, dundumwezish or mapatizish. this luapula united illusion is only in upnd and it is a creation of zambian watchdog and zambian observer. the reason upnd created luapula united is to divide the bembaland unfortunately people in this region will rather vote for the devil himself than the devil’s son because under the small god of dundumwezi government they will not become second or third class citizens but fourth class. as for chief mukunya aka the boggist i have no comment.

  1. Keep your tribalism in tongaland and please dont involve people from “ku chalo cabusaka-Luapula”, in tribalism.MUKUNI AND HIS UPND ONLY BELIEVE IN TRIBALISM!!!Mukuni thinks that the people of Luapula could hate president Edgar Lungu due to Chitotela’s arrest-NEVER!!!LUAPULA PEOPLE JUST LIKE MANY BEMBA SPEAKEES ARE NEVER LIKE THAT.IF CHITOTELA STOLE,THEN THE LAW HAS TO VISIT HIM.Same,if Eric Chimese or Harry Kalaba commited a crime,the law must visit them-period!!!MOREOVER,WITH THINK KIND OF EVIL THINKING,CAN UPND FIGHT CORRUPTION ONCE IN POWER?NEVER!!!Open up your eyes Zambians because UPND does not mean well for mother Zambia!!!Chief Mukuni must know that Luapula is PF and PF is Luapula just like UPND is Southern and Southern is UPND!!!DIVIDE & RULE CANT WORK FOR UPND IN LUAPULA!!!PF…

  2. This is not helpful to Under 5 HH. The chief is just fuelling the notion that everything around his man is about the great Tribe-TONGA.

    There are so many theories around these cases including the fact that charging Chitotela & Chimense are decoys, and for a chief to single out a tribal card is not helpful for his candidate who is seen as a PARAGON of TRIBALISM. The Chief would have been wise to pick another theory. This just goes to expose him that he thinks and acts in Tribal mode, and that is dangerous for a Chief sponsoring a candidate to take over. And are chiefs not supposed to be neutral, What’s up with this one?

    Anyway, corruption fight should not by masked by tribalism, please. Stealing is stealing even, if all these thieves come from one tribe, and that needs to…

  3. Mkuni is trying hard to spread his sectarian causes. Such are reproach to nationalists. Except in his village, the rest of our people are unitarists who find sectarian causes alien and reprehensible to replicate. Baba for another 50 years you are politically doomed. Chagwa and the Zambian voters in majority are imethodically shredding you chaps into a goose chase of vanity. Good luck in tunnel vision of power through tribalism.

  4. Yaba this chieftainness also…. anyway this half human chieftainness always helps hacks to shoot himself in the foot.8

  5. Mukuni will suffocate with smoke of bitterness.who gave him a mandate to speak on behalf of bembas ..? This chief STINKS tribalism.

  6. “I also see an increase in attempts to stifle UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema so as to ensure that he does not contest in 2021. But such plans are an ideal incubation for strife and bloodshed as the supporters of people like HH would not accept blocking him from contesting for the presidency.”

    Chief Mukuni those people have never met the Zambian defense forces. They will quelch the uprising in no time flat. Like they did to Mushala.

  7. “He said attempts to use the privatisation scheme to stop Hichilema would not work.” Any Zambian that would even tolerate someone supporting the evils of what privatization did to Zambia is evil.

    This chief needs to be uniting the people of Zambia, not uttering nonsense. We should have abolished chief-doms after independence.

  8. Thats how these people reason.

    From the least educated to a proffesor including their traditional leaders. The group thinking is same.

    Am just wondering why these mps are walking out on chitotela who is clean apart from being a threat to ecl

    When rb was being followed by rb hh gave solidarity.

    Today rb is supporting ecl these upendi call him corrupt

    They are directionless. They dont know whether they are going or coming

  9. This is a definite down for upnd and its Hacks…. T.H. you can only save your name by denouncing this grave sleeping chieftainness mukuni. Short of that whatever positive points you may have scored this week are now negative.. Its like trying to clumb out of the taking one step up and two steps down but with mukuni on your side its actually three steps down.

  10. Mass hysteria. Who does he speak for? These allegations, are they a result of a poll of the people of Luapula or privileges words of a tribal Leader?

    It’s all very confused and seems to be abuse of power.

    • Is he holding a used condom advert in the picture? Is it one of Lusakatimes File pictures? You chose well. It’s hard to take him seriously with that picture, it conflicts his with his message of hate!

    • Rubbish views, that’s what I can call them. The same foool was calling for the arrest of corrupt government officials but when this is carried out he sings a different song. The problem with you Upnd is that you are amateurs when it comes to politics. Chitotela has been found wanting, but since he’s from Luapula he shouldn’t be arrested. Your boss said Chitotela shouldn’t be flying our flag, your running made some different statement. You even include GBM in your central committee to hoodwink bemba people that your party is not tribal.

  11. It’s very disappointing for a senior chief to utter such words. Definitely a chief is supposed to unite all the people of different tribes. His Mps are walking out of the parliament,him is waffling something else. We give respect to chiefs but such behavior the chief has already lost diginity. Please sir to be United. This is very disappointing!!!

  12. Comment: I have never seen such unwise words from a senior person like mukuni who ever is sending him is an *****. who is he speaking for and does he have advisers or what. let him close his dirty mouth. we are not interested.


  14. During the KK days when this chieftainnness mukuni used to work for BP Zambia, he was a handsome patriot. But the moment he went to the village, started sleeping at the graveyard, and associating with trib.als upnd et al, he has become an evil looking caricature. Even grand children will not go anywhere near it, they sense the evil in it.

  15. Wow, people leave the man alone let him express himself. PF and its cadres have overly exploited this tribalism thing to their advantage, now it’s evident everywhere in government now. People from other places are very much sidelined with most not appointed to important positions. The few still in government are at risk of being hounded out and this chief can see the discrimination based on tribe. Please PF stop dividing us based on tribe, you’re the most tribalist party we have ever seen. Sata’s fellow tribemates are less favored in this government no wonder ECL called them thiefs

  16. Thank God I don’t come from his tribal grouping…loser, chief ifyabupuba.what is your role in modern Zambia you good for nothing sorry of a human being..just die if you don’t have anything better to do instead of promoting divisions..we don’t value your life in 9other provinces of Zambia, RIP old man

  17. Rightly or wrongly, just respond to his assertions without being personal, tribal and spewing hatred. He is not even Tonga but Toka Leya, for your information.
    I for one have wondered why chiefs are stifled in their views – after all they represent large groups of people whose lives they see first hand. Even the Chitimukulu has voiced his views abundantly lately and I have resonated with some of his articulate observations.

  18. The chief at his best. How long are you going involve yourself in politics big man? Haven’t you made a lot of money yet? And this HH of yours who challenges him? No democracy in upnd and the chief is busy defending him. No convention is taking place, and none is saying anything about it. My friends HH will not be president of this country because of tribal remarks of this chief, wait to see it. You will agree with me one day that I made a good prophesy. And if it you the mass who are making it up then you are driving HH away from the people. Its better to be quiet over this issue of HH than to talk about it in this way. You prove my words. Thanks.

  19. It’s either you’re a doctor or you suffer from the disease yourself. However, doctors have sworn an oath of “first do no harm”, so you either infected or affected. Stop the tribalism and the stigma you key board heroes!

  20. We in Luapula don’t condone corruption. Sata lost 2006 because he promised to drop all corruption charges against Frederick Chiluba. He thought we were going to be happy about his pronouncements. We rejected him. Chief keep that nonsense in TokaLeya backyard.

  21. This chief has short memory, Chitotel and General Chimense are not the first senior government officers to be arrested by ACC. Winter Kabimba when he was Minister of Justice and GBM as Minister of Defence were investigated by ACC. Come rain come sun shine 2021 is PF and Edgar Lungu, this tribal party will never go to plot 1.

  22. The fact is that, majority of these gentlemen holding big positions have a lot skeletons in there closets,, The legal authorities are very much informed, not all appointments are made because the President likes your input, some appointments are made to solidify legional support,, PF can not afford to have someone contesting from Luapula,, cause this will split there strongholds hence the need to open the pandola box of corruption cases for any strong Luapula individual,, note that every politician has been corrupted at some point,, but what determines your safety from prosecution is what you have to offer for the presidency

  23. Mwe mfumu Ba Mukuni, be informed that Luapula people are very proud independent-minded people because we have all the resources (minerals, fresh waters, cassava..). They can never be varied by politiking. worst still if you are corrupt and thuggery, they would choose not to vote and this has led to increased voter apathy in Luapula. While Luapula is inherently PF, there is a good amount of work PF has to do to get us to the ballot. The first and only MP for PF 2001 was a Luapula boy, so PF began from Luapula. So mutwale amasange ukutali, the next PF 2021 President must be a Luapula boy. Ngatamulefwaya forget about us.

  24. 90% of people arrested by Mwanawasa’s Task force came from Luapula, so Mr Chief can tell us what was his intention?

  25. The chief is right on the spot. You do not need to be a political scientist to see Lungu’s moves. There is no way ACC can arrest a minister without briefing the President first. Let Lungu choose a successor. No matter how long might want to cling to PF at some point he will have to go. That is why Zambian ruling parties come and go because of greedy of presidents who do not want to pass on the button when party is still popular. Put the interest of the Party and there are better things to do after the presidency.

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