Home Affairs Minister will give reasons for dismissal of senior police officers in Sesheke-Katongo

Home Affairs Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo

The Zambia Police has declined to state whether or not the dismissal of senior police officers in Sesheke District has something to do with ruling PF’s defeat in the area’s recent Parliamentary by-election.

Spokesperson Esther Katongo says she cannot give any other details apart from confirming that social media reports suggesting that some police officers in Sesheke have been fired, is true.

Ms. Katongo has told Q-News by telephone that she cannot give reasons as to why the said police officers have been fired.

She states that all such details will be given in a comprehensive ministerial statement in Parliament by the Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo.


    • This is hard on Kapyongo now, because he defended officers after HH & Cornerious where forced to hide in the bush.
      But firing officers after Mumbi Phiri screams, is total chaos. Kapyongo should have remained on his officers side.
      It is Mumbi Phiri who should answer in parliament why she has powers to demand for treason and now firing officers after beating up PF mercenary thugs.

    • Politics of this nature are dangerously divisive and form a basis for a civil war.

      When war starts in Zambia where will Lungu and Kapyongo go to hide?

    • The Delusional Dictators’ sheeples are only complaining because the dismissals happened in Sesheke. If the dismissals had happened on CB or Lusaka, they would be tripping over each other applauding the action.
      I hope the Delusional Dictator HH will start feeding these families because he is the one who defied the police when he campaigned on a day not scheduled for UPND to avoid violence. But because he is delusional and thinks he is also the president of Zambia he went ahead and campaigned.

    • What has happened to the police who killed the unza student?

      Is the sesheke loss so painful that people have to lose their jobs for taming pf cadres and pumping sense in them.

    • I will give a full assessment of the situation after the ministerial statement. But I have a softer heart for the move. Were these police officers helping cadres to block the road POTROZ ECL was supposed to use to the rally? If yes, they deserve to be retired in national interest. They unruly behavior of the UPNDEADs and their syphathisers get extremely dangerous by the day. Government needs to run. Next is Prime TV. They need proper checks and balances.

    • These officers will sue the state for wrongful dismissals, at the end of it all the compensation they will get will not be from pf confers but govt confers the same tax money which should be channelled to more pressing needs in the country.

    • Those of you who support PF on this blog, I hope you can see how bad this move is. The implications are troubling. Everyone who loves the country must condemn this really bad move.

    • You need to appreciate that a policeman in his uniform can and should not behave as a cadre. What if it was actually upnd cadres in borrowed cop uniforms administering brutality on PF cadres.

    • LT Editor why do you keep deleting comments …Yes, Kampyongo has no moral fiber and no integrity…just a sport shell-suit wearing former Katondo St Currency Trader.

    • These are LAZY LUNGU WASTED YEARS …officers who threw teargas in students hostiles are going about their work maybe even promoted but touch panga welding PF thugs ferried in from Lusaka you are in problems!!

    • Do you know what nemesis means???

      Yes the police that killed ought to be arrested. But I must be quick to state the innocent girl was not killed because of Tribe. Unfortunately these upendi cadres are try to make political out of the tragedy and consolidate tribal voting

    • Yeah, 100% correct, especially when you have alot of ungovernables around.
      Like a collection of spoiled kids who will make you have a headache for always talking and too much trynna collect ’em. Those sorts of spoiled brats.
      Dealing with cry babies is a real hustle. Empty tin luna patients. Detention has taught him a thing at all.

  1. Where are lawyers in Zambia to help these officers so they sue these incompetent empty tins in govt for wrongful dismissal…this is a winnable case.

    • Where have we gotten the idea that for any wrong a servant commits the solution is termination of employment.Service Commissions know that there are other disciplinary measures such as reduction in rank, reduction in salary,and transfers at own cost.
      You are destroying people’s livelyhoods and careers with this abuse of this erroneously quoted “retirement in national interest”clause.Accord your employees their rights to be heard.Stop cruelty

  2. This kind of politiking is hard to assimilate. It seems our PF government and its leadership are accountable to panga wielding thugs. I don’t support this. I can tell you we are not going to win an election while exhibiting thuggery behavior. Police should be protected. You are not sending any warning to men and women in uniform but you are formenting revolt. Guys we can’t allow this kind of leadership. Where is former Ruin Police (RUPO)… guys let’s regroup!

    • @Luapula boy,
      you keep writing “WE”, specify which group you are referring to as “we”.
      I hope you don’t mean us Abena Ngumbo or us from Luapula.
      Believe it or not, Bahati elections won’t be physical violence. So advice those thugs from Lusaka not even to think about going to Luapula.

    • @Nostradamus
      kikikikiik bwafya yama. I meant us the PF. Nevertheless, I warned PF that Luapula people has zero tolerance on thuggery behavior. The Lusaka thugs should not be shipped to Mansa otherwise they will return not in coffins but ashes.

  3. PF thugs control ZP….they are in power , that is African politics of wanna be tinpot dictators…..today they have their day, they can do as they pleas.

    The only thing people can do including the opposition, is to highlight these abuses to countries of donner aid, for which without lungu can not survive.
    Highlighting these PF abusers to the international community will also challenge the PF notion that Zambia is a democratic country of rule of law for which lungu likes to throw around internationally .

  4. useless Government and leadership that is all we can say , but be assured that we shall not let this continue and shall make sure Lungu and Pf loses and for the first time i shall vote for any other party and all the 5% that i can influence and also that MMD shall not vote for you . so that automatically makes Lungu out .

    Also that all Ministers that have paid back the money they wrongly used shall be dealt with

    • Come 2021….PF will come with a 5 litre container of Chibuku and you will start dancing and singing Lazy Lungu’s name!!

  5. In fact HH’s UPND caused the dismissal of these innocent officers.On UPND’s Zambiawatchdog,there was a story on friday mocking the PF Govnt that now even police officers are no longer supporting ECL’s Govnt,hence beating up severely PF cadres in Sesheke.The said article further went on to suggest that since the police want Govnt change,soon Zambians will also rise up against this Govnt…..blablabla…SURELY HOW CAN UPND SINK THAT LOW?HH’S DESPERATION FOR STATE HOUSE HAS CAUSED GREAT DAMAGES TO THE LIVES OF SEVERAL INNOCENT ZAMBIANS ESPECIALLY IN 3 PROVINCES.Recall in 2016,HH made a shocking statement,saying “senior Govnt officers give him data before giving to ECL”.This reckless statement from HH caused trouble to several officers who got retired in national interest.Late Michael…

  6. Continue…..Late Michael Sata had some informers from Govnt but he never spoke about it because he knew if he did,their jobs would be at risk.DULL KAINDE NEVER THINKS LIKE BA SATA!!HH IS A DESTROYER INDEED!!!Truth be told here,those officers who followed PF cadres into their rooms at a lodge were 100% wrong and only showed their hatred for the PF Govnt-THIS IS A FACT!!!These officers could have just beaten those PF cadres at the police station and leave them when they ran away.FOLLOWING THESE CADRES INTO A LODGE ROOMS WAS 100% WRONG!!!Any Govnt would only work with royal officers,so here the Govnt is right!!

    • I missed that one. That being the case, they deserve to be retired in national interest. A police officer is supposed to defend the government. The police is infiltrated by moles in UPNDEAD areas. If that is true then PF should petition the election. I am allergic to media platforms like Prime, The Mast and the Watchdog.
      Why would a civil servant get carried away in politics when the PF has dealt with crazy political heavy weight lunatics. A police officer is supposed to be impartial when executing national duties no matter there political inclination.

  7. I have mentioned it over and over that in this government it is tough to be professional and morally upright in performing official duties especially in the police force. It proves beyond reasonable doubt that political violence is orchestrated and sponsored right from the highest offices. I hope you doubting Thomas now understand why the dialogue process is being undermined. What message is this firing of officers sending to PF cadres, opposition parties and civil servants especially the police officers alike? Personally, i see an indicator of a failed state.

  8. Police officers who have killed citizens have not been fired immediately. They have been suspended until their cases are determined in the courts of law. These who carelessly throw teargas canisters at crowds causing death are still enjoying their Mosi But the Sesheke bujus who are accused of beating PF thugs have been fired immediately. How? I was spit at by these thugs one day. They are so irritating and dare the police and one feels like beating them. I do not support violence but policemen can use minimum force when provoked. Reinstate them!

  9. However,we can simply appeal to the head of state to forgive these officers,especially the junior ones who only followed orders from their bosses to go and beat innocent cadres in their rooms.This could be a learning carve for these officers to avoid taking things personal while on duty.Besides,UPND should stay away with their evil politics from these officers because nobody in UPND would provide for their families.These are civil servants who must not be involved in politics by UPND!!!Let UPND fight its political battles with PF alone than puting the jobs of these innocent souls at risk!!!Should UPND politicise the Sesheke police dismisal,then am afraid these officers will lose their jobs for good because those in Govnt may try to show who is in authority between PF and UPND!!!GOD HEAR…

    • A mole is a mole big or small. A corrupt officer is corrupt high ranked or not. A cadre police is a cadre wearing red or police uniform. Don’t tolerate unbecoming behavior. You have articulated on this matter very well in the previous comment. Once these UPNDEAD moles get uncovered by of bigotry behavior, uprooting them from the civil service is the way to go. Remember that lunatic who refused to attend to a patient on account that she was from a tribe diffferent form his. Bigotry has no room in this country. LAWD help us.

  10. The time for lamentations and surmising is over. What I adj you all is practical solidarity. Those concerned could open a bank account and those who care for fellow Zambians, the dismissed police officers can be invited to donate money the harambee style for those officers. There is a section of Zambia under siege and we better get off our buts, fold our pants and roll our sleeves and get moving or else your kids will continue in this slavery.

  11. Who cares if these Sesheke tribalists cops are fired.After all they can’t appreciate what the government is doing for them. Let them continue with lightning and killers and UPND support.

    • @Mr P.
      You of course don’t care but I care. You people believe that anyone who disagrees with your way is a tribalist. Today you’re celebrating the victimization of fellow citizens on account of power tomorrow power will shift karma the bitch will visit you. This is Africa my friend and strange things are common.

    • Let them fully join politics by wearing red barrettes this time.
      How can these cop chaps allow and help the blocking of roads they knew would be used by the head of state? How could they have failed to order double h to stay away on that day as pe ECZ schedule?
      Double h is the head of a regional grouping. POTROZ ECL is the president of the country even in compaigns.
      That Wakunguma cadre boy was at pains explaining the road blocking ordeal when he was taken to task by Hon. Kampyongo.
      Double h must stay clear when the head is traversing Western Province. We don’t want another State Funeral.

  12. People worry not….nothing lasts forever…

    The PF are in power, they can go as they pleas. That is now they think.

    Under lungu there is no law against PF….

    • Ff is going. And it must go. But hh is not coming in. We have put necessary measures. Keep him as life president for upendi.

      Period muchembele.

    • Then I too would rather have lungu then any of the other theives if they are the alternative to lungu….

      I am an easterner and would prefer lungu….sorreee badala..

  13. Since when is home affairs minister PR for Zambia Police?
    I understand the need to hold the dismissed Police Officers accountable for whatever they did. Holding them accountable does’t mean
    To say the least, the dismissal of these officers is unfair, unjustified (National interest reason doesn’t) and the law has been broken by the IG in accordance with the Zambia Police Act and it amounts to unfair dismissal.
    According to the law (Zambia Police Act), in the events where a Police Officer is presumed to have broken the law, there is supposed to be a tribunal constituted to put them to trial, and it wasn’t constituted. Since 3 of these officers were above the rank of inspector a tribunal finding them guilty can only reduce them in their ranks not instant dismissal. Plus anytime…

    • Cont’d. Plus anytime that any public servant is retired in ‘National Interest’, one is supposed to be appointed to another position. It’s only in public interest that a public servant can be instantly dismissed, actual evidence must be there to warrant the dismissal.

    • 2021 hh cannot win. We have been sayin this for the last 12yrs. Perhaps you were born in 2015

      Eastern province has not shifted to upendi. Look at Mukomba after all those kumbele kumbele kumbele slogans in the heart of the east.

      There’s no window of change

  14. No need to wait for home affairs to give a reason. Everybody knows these officers were fired for doing their job professionally. Unfortunately even if they challenge their dismissals in court, the government will just keep appealing any ruling until it reaches the biased concourt where these officers will lose. All this means is that the opposition can no longer rely on police protection anymore as all officers will work in fear and this will lead to more violence as now opposition will be forced to defend themselves.

    • Professionally you joke.
      I knew something was wrong in Sesheke vis a vis policing. Something wasn’t right, this has just shed more light. We have compromised civil servants at our hands.

  15. Tribalism has really destroyed the hearts of many Zambians from the 3 provinces,escpecially those from Southern and Western.Most of these people are anti-Govnt.Atleast,N/Western people are changing a bit after the PF Govnt tarred the Solwezi-Chingola road in a record period of time!!!
    No matter how educated a tonga maybe,he or she still see HH as Zambia’s jesus christ who if voted would turn Zambia into america!!HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?ONLY THEMSELVES KNOW IT!!!We have had presidents from Luapula,Eastern,Muchinga,Lusaka rural,etc.DID THESE PROVINCES CHANGE INTO AMERICA?NO!!Hence,stop it you guys from 3 bantustan provinces because even if HH wins,your lives shall remain the same if you dont work hard!ONLY HH AND HIS CLOSE FRIENDS SUCH AS MUKUNI COULD BENEFIT FULL STOP!!!Be royal to the…

    • An biased social research needs to be conducted. Call for papers and call to actions need to be set in progress to understand the dynamics. The irony of your analysis suggests that people in NW province had their hearts softened on account of tarring the Chingola/Solwezi road yet for the people of W province that road is it in Kalabo has not triggered enthusiasm despite our vice president emanating from there. Double h maybe Tonga yet Milupi is very much Lozi. Is it not true that Milupi gains votes for the deads? Are you sure double h is popular in WP? When you say NW Province is softening towards PF, I raise my eyebrows. Remember some parts of E province may still be UNIP. Underdevelopment and a bit of political history in those areas could be the unresearched reasons for the voting…

    • … pattern. Also understand that if they don’t grab votes in the 3 provinces, their relevance will diminsh. Double h understands this no wonder he is trying very hard to use the daft coining them around what he terms the allaince. He is collecting the fat, the thin and the visionless to consolidate his position for some wishful dramatic victory. He wishes to use every tool at his disposal to just try to gain some form of new support. Just enjoy your 6 plus provincial support and let them enjoy their 3. But we cannot tolerate the cadreization of civil servants anywhere in the country. No no no no. Civil servants work for Government not political groupings and parties.

  16. @Donkwe
    You are right.There are two types of retirements in most Common Wealth countries,in Zambia also,I should take it:In the National Interest which is beneficial to both the officer and the nation and In Public Interest which is detrimental to the officer but beneficial to the public.These should be envoked only in special circumstances for which there are no specific charges/merits provided in conditions of service and disciplinary code.Not these erroneous quotations and abuses we are witnessing

    • The President can retire a public officer in National Interest and then nominate that officer as MP and then minister.A public officer can be retired in Public Interest for gross misconduct or conduct unbecoming usually for acts committed in his private life such as peeing/soiling himself in public places after heavy drinking or consistently spending time in police cells,etc.These have no specific charges/merits in there codes of conduct manuals

  17. When I heard that Davies Mwila was going to see the Police over Sesheke beatings, I knew there was only one punishment for the Police officers concerned – dismissal. Remember even in their finished party, they have only one punishment.

  18. I have said time and again that violence against citizens by the state machinery should not be condoned where there is no justification or direct threat to the country. At the same time, selective justice should also be condemned. Many a time the opposition members have been at the brutal end of this regime – and even killed, without any meaningful action against the police perpetrators. Now that the PF thugs have had a taste of their own medicine, four budding police officers have been ‘retired’ under the instructions of the ever increasingly authoritarian rule of ECL. Power hungry politicking dunderheads from ECL and all bootlickers he has paid 30 pieces of silver will have their comeuppance soon. I have to admit that this time my blood boils over and beyond my restraints. All well…

  19. …. meaning human beings should condemn this continuing PF/ECL primitive self preservation and inhuman politics. For those bloggers who continuously defend the indefensible, be warned, there will be no one listening to you when you face the very abusive behaviour that you condone – because today you see it, and choose to turn a blind eye.

  20. Tu PF are feeling the heat for such unlawful action, it’s sad some of those officers were injured by those cadres and now moving forward they would not be able to defend themselves from cadres. I would have done the same so I can’t condemn them, even if Lungu takes the job at least I will be alive. Plus the way time flies it won’t be long before Lungu is gone and the next person will right this wrong by handing my job back. It will be nice for everyone to come out and voice their displeasure of cadres taking over our institutions and country. This is unacceptable and a danger to the peace we enjoy. PF is losing support and resorting to scare tactics to try and snatch any open seats as they cannot win in a free and fair election.

  21. Lungu listen please and have a backbone, as an educated person you should not be listening to illiterates like Davies and bus conductors. You end up with bad decisions that will impact you negatively once your time is up. Time flies, even if you give yourself a 3rd term it goes by very fast before you know it. It’s embarrassing for an educated person like you listening to cadres, instead of controlling them. They won’t be there to help you when your time comes to answer for all their wrongdoing.

  22. Even Ester Katongo can’t stomach the thought that Police Officers are dismissed for doing their job. Knowing how armed and violent PF cadres can be, it was necessary to use appropriate brutal force to restore order! If ECL now wants anarchy in Zambia, let him continue entertaining lawlessness but he should not forget as a Lawyer that lawlessness knows no bounds! He is also a potential victim of his own monster! Let him ask Winter! Does ECL want all citizens to arm themselves to defend themselves? Can the ECL stop this Kampyongo and Mwila nonsense before it is too late!

  23. If the Zambia Police refuses to make an official statement then there’s nothing for us to get from ba Kampyongo because we all know his statement will not be politically neutral. Awe ba Kanjanga. Iyayi ba Kampyongo. People have seen enough and your statement will just be an insult to the common person’s intelligence. Enjoy your riches for the short time you have left. That will give you sweet dreams when your cell days come. Coins somehow flip from heads to tails. You know what I mean. Repent.

  24. I terribly feel for police officers. Their jobs are so sensitive. There’s nothing that Kampyongo will say in Parliament that will make sense. He and the IG must feel so ashamed to preside over a police service with so much brutality as evidenced in the Sesheke campaigns.

  25. Some one said an opinion is like one’s nakedness. Every one has it but no one wants to talk about it. So let me also add on my opinion. In all fairness the Police command in Sesheke acted very professionally. They did not look at the party one belonged to but at what crime the culprits committed. Breach of peace is a very big offence and that is what those hired PF thugs did. Firing officers who were carrying their lawful duties is not only unlawful but also very intimidating.What message is it sending to other officers who want to work professionally?I dont know what power Mumbi Phiri has in PF because whatever she demands seems to be fulfilled. Could it be that she has someone influential in her forbidden fruit? Well Iam just wondering while not insinuating at anything.

  26. kuba fye fair, if it was UPND whoz caders were beaten yayayayaya it was going to be bad for those officer because even their lives were going to be at stake.But now that it is PF caders who were beaten bakapanga balila,let us be fair ama politics yabakalamba baice imweeeeee. Anyway don’t fare them just decline them in some other ways than faring them.

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