Air Botswana is set to resume flights into Zambia


Air Botswana is set to resume flights into Zambia after a 2 year interruption.

In a communique to the Zambian Mission in Gaborone, Botswana’s national flag carrier is set to hit the Zambian skies with a maiden flight scheduled for 31st March 2019.

Air Botswana says increased commercial activities and movements of people between the two countries has resulted in the airline resuming its flights into Zambia.

And Zambia’s Deputy High Commissioner to Botswana Goodwell Lungu says the resumption of direct flights by Air Botswana demonstrates the increased areas of economic cooperation between the two countries.

Mr. Lungu said Botswana is a key partner in economic, trade and investment as highlighted with a number of other developments such as the ongoing construction of the mega Kazungula Bridge Project between the two SADC countries.

Air Botswana has informed the Zambian Mission that it will operate a jet service with a 70 seater capacity with flights on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

This is contained in a statement issued to the media by First Secretary for Press and Administration at the Zambian High Commission in Botswana Kasabo Kalusa.


  1. Welcome back! The linkages make political and economic sense. It is a win-win situation. There is no need to stifle growth prospects.

    • just waiting for the ill fated Zambia Airways all these mean nothing just taking away routes we could have started with its a dicey business this hehehe

  2. This just shows that airline sector is tight and everyone is fighting for little traffic there is…why someone would want to risk taxpayers funds in this sector is beyond me.

  3. That Zambian airways is just an advertisement for ourselves slapped on some plane operated by Ethiopians l don’t know why cadres are so excited about it. Competition is getting tighter every minute and it’s going to be hard for Zambian airway with no experience and reputation to get some of some these customers. Let’s not kid ourselves this is going to take a long time before we see any return on our investment if it ever happens

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