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It’s criminal for Mr HH to incite Zambians to take the law in their own hands-Tutwa


Lusaka Lawyer, Tutwa Ngulube
Lusaka Lawyer, Tutwa Ngulube

Lusaka lawyer Tutwa Ngulube and Chief Chikwanda of Mpika have warned that it was a criminal offence for Mr Hichilema to incite the Zambian people to take the law in their own hands and both him and those being incited risk being jailed, Mr Ngulube has warned that Mr Hichilema wanted to divide the nation for political mileage and that those following him blindly would end up on the wrong side of the law.

He urged Zambians to remain peaceful and not to listen to politicians like Mr Hichilema who wanted to divide the nation for political mileage.

Mr Ngulube, who is Kabwe Central Member of Parliament called on Zambians to resist attempts by wicked, unpatriotic and divisive politicians to incite them against each other because they would face the wrath of the law individually.

Mr Ngulube was reacting to a statement by Mr. Hichilema who urged Zambians to defend themselves whenever attacked by the PF alleging that the law was made unimportant by the PF administration. He said it was a criminal offence for Mr Hichilema to incite Zambians to take the law in their hands.

“It is a criminal offence to incite the people to take the law in their own hands because no one is above the law. Actually no one should defend himself in the manner that breaks the law because that is against the law itself. HH will be caught up with the law and the people he is inciting will also be jailed.

“The penal code is very clear on that one; the one inciting and those incited can both be jailed. It is conspiracy to incite the people to take the law in their hand,” Mr Ngulube said.

Mr Ngulube said the behaviour exhibited by Mr Hichilema was unacceptable anywhere in the world citing that the conduct demonstrates blatant political barbarism, brutality and savagery of the worst kind. He has r urged Zambians to ignore calls from their leaders who ask them to wage violence against one another as they were all one belonging to one country called Zambia.

“And I would also urge his supporters not to listen to him because he will just land them in problems. They will face the law individually. HH is just trying to win political sympathy. And those being incited should know that HH won’t be there for them in court when they break the law,” he warned.

And Chief Chikwanda says the statement by Mr. Hichilema that people should defend themselves is criminal, uncalled for and should be investigated.

Chief Chikwanda said it is disappointing that a leader vying for the highest office in the land would sink so low to incite citizens to rise in violence. He said law enforcement agencies should not take Mr Hichilema’s statement lightly and calls for serious investigation. Chief Chikwanda said Mr Hichilema’s statement is a danger to nation peace and unity and the law should visit him and ensure that he is held accountable for his action

‘‘People should not listen to leaders that would want to promote anarchy in the country as they do not have the interest of the country at heart.

Meanwhile, PF founder member Edwin Lifwekelo wondered how the UPND president, Mr Hichilema was now backing the same officers he claimed wanted to assassinate him.

He reiterated that Mr Hichilema now backing the officers who were retired in national interest was a sign that his assassination claims were fake.

“How can Mr. Hichilema today pretend to be fighting for the police he earlier claimed wanted to kill him? In all sense, he should be happy that action was taken by authorities if his claims are true,” said Mr Liifwekelo.


  1. Don’t be s.tupid. Self-defense is a fundamental human right. if the police fail to protect citizens, citizens must protect themselves.

    • Ba Tutwa HH is talking about defending themselves … you should be more worried with statements coming from Davis Mwila and Kampyongo warning the opposition specifically the UPND that Bahati will be a no go area for them and if any attempts are made things will be made extremely difficult. Since your usually good brain has decided to vacate your head when issuing this statement let me remind you that defence is a reaction to an offensive action and not an act which is independent of any other. You should first warn those threatening violence and then counsel those wishing to defend themselves to also report such cases to the relevant authorities … now we know the police are being fired so not sure what options the opposition have

    • Self defence is both a God given right and hI’m an right. If the police can not defend the peaceful opposition members then it’s upto the people to start defending themselves against PF police and thugs.

      Why should I wait for compromised PF police to act if my life is under threat by panga wilding PF maniacs?

      Tutwa Ngulube was beginning to win my heart by constantly condemning PF leadership on their ways of tacking corruption. But this statement I think the boy is but another opportunist riding on the violent ways in which PF is wining elections.

      PF is a party for thugs. LUNGU MUST GO.

    • What is criminal is allowing the PF cadres to victimise innocent citizens.

      Zambia does not belong to Lungu and PF alone.

      It is brilliant to observe that at least those who care about Zambia have voiced unequivocally against the double h statement which I hoped would draw condemnation from the expanse of elite zambian patriots. When you condemn what’s wrong, you are equally actually protecting double h from impending incarceration. If you care about someone, reprimand him and assist him to observe sanity. He can not afford to be careless in words and deeds. If the political situation is taking a toll on him, he will obvious subconsciously start making blunders. His supporters are so unhelpful too.

    • Whichever way you put it, there’s something sinister about the behavior of the some leaders. As it has been clearly observed; Why empathize with the Police who were out to take your life like you claimed, to a point of even offering jobs once elected. Could it be because the police are from a particular region? Could these police also be the ones that raise a symbol of a particular party while hiding their faces? The pain and injuries inflicted on the young men by the police doesn’t seem to matter (he’s more worried about the Police who did the beating than the people beaten). Now Zambians, open yours and see the HEARTS of some of these people eyeing the high office (every face tells a story, WHAT SORT OF HEART IS THIS). During the same period a Chief who happens to be the adviser to…

    • During the same period a Chief who happens to be the adviser to some of our so called leaders gets up and makes divisive remarks. There’s a common thread flowing in these two people and the nation need to be careful and follow them closely. They’ll stop at nothing to take the highest office in the land and only. WHAT IS IT THAT THEY REALLY WANT??

    • Reasoning of PF lawyers, ala bwafya! One stole from a client, was disbarred and now he is president, the other is Tutwa Ngulube who does not understand the word, DEFEND….

    • Do unto others as you would want them do unto you. Lifwekelo can’t understand HH reciprocation of love for the hate,

      After the fall of apartheid, most people got shocked that Mandela decided to maintain a bunch of bodyguards from the previous regime, lifwekelo seems to be shocked too that hh holds no grudges against the officers.by the way police men just follow orders. It’s a known fact that security wings
      are loose atoms and will always depict the shape of the …

  2. I have always observed the venom that comes out every time H H speaks. May be we have different ways of understanding the English language. H H has not incited any one to rise and take up arms against the government. People should be mentioning real issues why sentiments for self defense are being raised. The current situation is that the Police are going to find it very difficult to maintain law and order for fear of being fired or dismissed prematurely from the service if they heart or try to stop PF thugs involved in violence. If these people will be left loose and cause terror to their collogues in the opposition then people have no choice but stand up and defend themselves. It is not H H alone who has said this but many others have said so. If police will not stop PF thugs from…

  3. Tutwa Ngulube you are very sick. Be informed that if you are enjoying peace in Zambia because you can afford to buy anything you want including taking your children to any school of your choice using our money, please be informed that the rest of us are not having that peace. We’re at wall. PF and Lungu have declared war against the ordinary Zambians.
    Life is hard here in Zambia because of governance carelessness by Lungu and his PF. People have no money in circulation. We try to resort to farming so that we try to earn a living, but Ministry of Agriculture doesn’t care about livestock dying including chickens because of many diseases and with no tangible help from government.

  4. Comment:Today their is political millage. And my question on self defence is that if someone comes in my yard or house to harm my family what should l do? Politival millage – how many kilometers have the Politics in Zambia covered so far ba Tutwa Ngulube?
    You spoke well previously but now you sound not to be with the voiceless and vulnerable in the country.

  5. Ngulube wants people to ‘turn the other cheek’ when PF thugs attack them.
    This is the ‘brainwashing’ campaign that is continuously propagated by the PF. Taking advantage of those who have not bothered to read or listen for themselves, to tell them that this is what so and so has said. If anything Ngulube himself is inciting HH’s arrest.

    • The problem is you comment based on second hand and skewed information. When the PF arrived in Sesheke and set up camp weeks, before the noise, it was peaceful there. The moment the upnd group arroved and all hell broke loose. The “PF Thugs” never brought violence except when the red clad tribalists arrived. Get your facts right. PF in many constituencies is openly denouncing violence and we are all seeing it. hh is encouraging violence. What have those f.0.0.l.ish ZP officers gained from siding with hh??

  6. HH should immediately vacate the political arena because he proving to a potential danger to this nation especially when he loses elections in 2021. He has been singing a people power song indirectly in a bid to incite the general populace to rise against the legitimately enthroned government in a Sudanese style. With PF penetration of UPND strongholds, especially north western province, the man has already sensed that he is losing the 2021 elections, hence this wicked and unpatriotic behavior coming from himself. Fortunately for Zambians they know the desperation of this evil man and so his calls to rise against the government are ignored by well meaning and peace loving citizens. It is a curse and not a blessing for this country to have HH as an opposition politician

  7. A Ngulube mwati mu mvera chizungu? How is encouraging nationals to defend themselves from panga welding blood thirsty psychopaths PF caders inciting violence. Come on young man you are better than that. Monga sunapunzile. I’m so disappointed in you.

  8. Too many bellends in Zambia. Is the same guy who was defending himself when he was manhandled by police in Kabwe? He cannot think beyond the tip of his todger.

  9. Politics in Zambia have moved many miles or Kilometers and all talks about political millage because those who are enjoying now no one can find them. They are have moved very fast and have to eat faster so that the hungry who are vulnerable have nothing to see and if they see them then its an offence. In Lunda we say ” Inoka kusumana wina kukuma”, A snack will only bite you when its pressed tight.

  10. Just the other day Davies Mwila ‘declared’ war during the forthcoming bye-election campaigns in Bahati ad Ngulube thinks opposition party cadres will just turn the other cheek. Why is it so difficult for parties to give each other chance to campaign peacefully? We do not have cadres in this country but criminals who deserve to be beaten like what happened in Sesheke. Bravo to the gallant police officers who disciplined those criminals in Sesheke.Don’t worry about your dismissals, ultimate Justice is coming your way.. It is just a matter of time. Lives were lost in the name of Mapenzi Chibulo and Vespers(UNZA student) and no cop was fired but in Sesheke where there was no loss of life, cop jobs were lost. What a society of injustice! Time is ticking.

  11. May I also ask without offending anyone here. Would you please shed some light what is to be done. The one who is being attacked shouldn’t defend themselves. The one attacking is committing an offense. The one who is supposed to keep peace and order so that the attacker and the attacked shouldn’t engage in fighting is making an offense to carry his duties of keeping peace and order the police men are being fired for executing their duties. Who else between the three is right? Or what are people supposed to do cos those who are supposed to talk to these carders to stop their violence are the ones seem to transport the thugs from one area to the other to attack others. Shed some more light you who are schooled.

  12. Reminder to UPND. Zambians hate and detest those who instigate and advocate violence and in this case HH is an enemy of our treasured peace, an enemy of the people. By the way, just to remind this shallow minded kawayawaya, no one in Zambia known to be violent and bitter has ever descended to Presidency, so HH you are the late, we buried you long ago. Make no mistatke in 2021, we are going to seal your tomb with unbreakable material no man can exhume.

  13. English is a foreign language hence the risk to be misunderstood. We have the reflex action to defend ourselves when attacked. To urge people to defend themselves is not paramount to inciting people. Both Tutwa ne mfumu need some to explain to them in the simple local language they understand. If a PF official told their cadres to defend themselves against any attack, that official will definitely not face such backlash. This way of thinking by tutwa especially is very retrogressive because he equally would defend himself if attacked. Self defense is not a crime!

  14. You’re such an *****, useless lawyer. You want Zambians to remain peaceful while being abused? There’s something wrong with your brains!

    You were once upon a time a reasonable guy but now hunger has invaded your brains and can no longer think properly. You’ve taken Zambians for granted while your Pathetic Fools party is plundering the country’s resources! Zambians can no longer be fooled. Intact they don’t even need to be incited by anybody to rise up and defend their rights!

    Foolish lawyer, yakunyokola njala!

  15. This triple h ( hakainyelawila,hakashinde,hakaivotelaheka is missing chimbokaila and mukobeko. This time if he is arrested, no foreigner will waste their precious time to come and bail him out the way they did after the mongu nonsense. He will rot in mukobeko. No one among our past and present presidents have taken this stupid approach to politics that this kainde has taken. Even the outspoken kambwili does not practice his politics in this primitive manner we have seen from chilema. Which people from PF strongholds can vote for a person like kainde. State house has never been occupied by people with this type of animal behaviour.

    • Such vulgar language is due to uncultured upbringing ,when a mother calls her own children ******we , the fruits of such vulgar language are shadreck biemba.

    • Thick head with a teaspoon brain.Poor human being with so much hatred.Sometimes silence is better when you don`t have anything good to say,its the beginning of wisdom.By the way he is not kainde.Google his name.You will never be like him,you will always be poor.

  16. We seem to be experiencing an undue proliferation of educated dunderheads all of a sudden, whose outbursts register a manic disconnect from reason. Ngulube is one of them. Self defence is a fundamental god given human right anywhere on the universe. So Learned (unlearned) sire, go figure.

  17. So HH was defending himself by disappearing into the forests of Sesheke.
    We are making a documentary, am told he lost his shoes while in the bundu!!

  18. Tutwa, I had respect for you though i do not like the party you represent. defence is a reflective movement and we are not like Jesus who died for us sinners, we are human. How come you made no comment when Davis Mwila and Mumbi Phiri threatened violence on the Bahati upcoming election, now you are a lawyer work this out what is worse a threat or advice. threat is criminal a premeditated thought advice is a caution. You ba Ngulube what your party has done to those police officers will bounce back on you all, you have given cadres power over trained officers and when those cadres go and demand to run the toll gates next let us hear your voice. The opposition are human too. I expected more from you mr learned lawyer.

  19. Little knowledge is always dangerous. Watch the mouth and gauge ur knowledge as u claim to be a lawyer. U two sided in ur utterances that makes to suspect u as corrupt as those.

  20. Tutwa, if- you have ears hear. For with your eyes you have failed to see. As counsel, pronouncements by you should be devoid of emotion and political leaning. Facts: HH is talking about self-defence. Why? Police are victimised in carrying out their duties diligently. Police are infiltrated with PF cadres being linked to mayhem and wanton unprofessional behaviour. Those that work professionally are fired on PF interests. As already asked, where do you go as a citizen or UPND member being harassed by PF cadres to report. To PF police? They will arrest you for reporting and let you die with your cuts in the cell to please Davies Mwila. As learned counsel be careful not to be a political syphon for all gibberish to please powers that be. You are more intelligent than that. By the…

  21. Kainde should not be allowed to govern this nation at any cost because he is bitter. Does it mean there is no one to lead the party other than kalusa

  22. Mr Tutwa needs to be reminded that last week, we saw on television PF cadres causing commotion at parliament building and disrupting proceedings in Parliament, all because they wanted to sort out the newly installed MP for Sesheke. The thuggery was even brought to the attention of the Speaker Sir.What would Mr Tutwa term this as? If this action by those thugs is not taking law in their own hands, then what do you call it?

  23. Comment: I always liked tutwa, I thought he had an independent mind and reasoned rationally. of late his brain has been failing him and he risks losing the respect of a lawyer to a pointless carder..

  24. It’s amazing that people are failing to understand what defence is all about. People can defend themselves and the police can defend the defenceless, and those being attacked. If PF cadres in their usual modus operandi continue attacking opposition supporters, they deserve to be sorted out by both the police and/or the people they are attacking. Ngulube and his kind are shameless thugs themselves. Some people should even stop calling themselves ‘Zambian fimofimo’ because they don’t behave like true patriots. They are imposters! People should instead be talking about stopping all political parties from using cadres to cause confusion. The PF are very guilty in this regard.

  25. You might hate HH but let’s be honest the key to ending political violence in Zambia has always been with the president of the day .We have political violence because the president allows it, I like one thing that HH said during the radio interview it only takes a simple declaration & a follow up from the president that’s “any person caught participating in violence will be arrested regardless of the political affiliation and the president then let’s the police do their job “. That’s how you solve the violence in Zambia & you can tell that the president shields is cadres if you make a simple inspection of our markets , bus stations e.t.c because in any normal circumstances these places should all be run by the council but yet the PF cadres still runs some of them but the police…

  26. Continued………….
    still runs some of them but the police can’t do anything about them because they are protected it’s nowonder HH is calling for self defence because the police can’t protect you & me .Moreover if the police can’t remove PF cadres from the market places where the council loses money and am sure you know how people behave when you are dealing with money what makes you think they will protect you against the PF cadres.

  27. Where was this lawyer when PF were maiming people? In short Tutwa wants those attacked by PF cadres to simply fold their hands and turn another cheek. Utter rubbish from someone trying to be relevant. You have foughta good fight in many cases Mr. Ngulube but on this one you may need to be a little more clear on where you stand with regards PF cadres violence.

  28. Tutwa or tutwe what ever you are called, go back to law, The problem of some of you Zambian lawyers is that to graduate from UNZA and feel, you have reached there..Tutwa I can not hire you as my Counsel and even if it means studying law, I would read on my own and not to be taught by you, if the world had only you as a lawyer, I would represent myself..

  29. Pf party is a party for unthinkable people.CHINGULUBE you want pipo to remain mute when they will be attacked by party? This party is demon ???? possessed . chief chikwanda stop this nosense.

  30. Intelligent counsel will examine the feud between two children. If you are a parent and you hold the hands of one child while they are fighting, you are a bad parent, especially if the one whose hands you are holding is the vulnerable and defenceless one.
    A good parent will be fair to his children and teach them how to compete peacefully without harming each other.
    Those that see things differently ought to rethink and for once build peace. A parent who misleads and promotes division and turmoil in his household will never find peace in his old age.
    It is good to be sober when it comes to issues of governance and so if you have to give a comment be your real self and listen carefully to your words forming up on your mind, edit them and weigh their effect on your subjects before you…

  31. Tutwa Ngulube you should go back to school again, it seems you don’t understand law ,anyway I don’t blame you by having LLB is the furthest you have reached.

  32. It is unfortunately and worthless to have such lawyers, ministers and leaders like Mr. Tutwa Ngulube, Hon. Davies Mwila, Mr. Lifwekelo and Madam Mumbi Phiri for having a form of peacefulness, but denying the Power of Self Defense, from such turn away. Applying due diligence when you’re defenseless is a must. It is a shame to legal profession to say “It’s criminal for Mr. HH to incite Zambians” by sensitizing Zambians about self defense as the last option. The minister of home affairs failed to apply due diligence by not providing more police officers during election. Hence, firing officers is very unfair before God & man.

  33. Ba tutwa after mwatutulwa mwayamba ukulanda pali law…..you mean you yourselves are above the law by killing innocent Zambians who have deferent opinions on your pf thuggery government….?be civil and act as a national leader not party.people now have realized that pf police is not protecting them hence to start defending themselves not that HH is inciting people no. Ba tn do you know that your party has made a lot of crimes against humanity more like boko haram, Icibemba citila Akanyelele ngawakapampamina kalasuma….

  34. I don’t like Tutwa but what he’s saying is true. HH is not inciting people because he cares about them. …no. …it’s his about his now desperate fight for State House. What he doesn’t know is that if civil strife breaks out there will be no country to govern either by him or another person. In fact himself is okay because if things get out of hand he’ll simply fly to Panama with his family.

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