Zambia Police warns students against planned match

Esther Katongo
Esther Katongo
Esther Katongo
Esther Katongo

Zambia Police public relations officer Esther Katongo has cautioned students from different universities and colleges planning to unlawfully match to Parliament to follow laid down procedure.

In a statement issued to ZNBC news, Ms Katongo said the Zambia police has information that students from learning institutions are planning to march to Parliament over the withdrawal of meal allowances.

Ms Katongo said Police will not tolerate any acts of lawlessness and do not want to have any unnecessary confrontation with students.

She has since advised the students to follow the laid down procedures in airing their grievances as opposed to taking to the streets.

Ms Katongo has warned that police will deal with anyone involved in illegalities.


    • Good call. I hope the b.l.o.o.d.y thirsty leader of the res barrettes will not be found in the mix to sole discontent. Students please heed and try another day. Kindly follow laid down procedure. “Ukupesha lunshi, kunya apengi”
      “Ukupesha ilungu, kwensamo”

    • I would support the march but these students don’t know how to march peacefully. They will end up destroying private property and loot from the very people who pay taxes so they can have their meal allowances.
      The Delusional Dictator HH will also send assassins in the fray to have someone killed to quench his thirst for blood and then blame it on ZP.

    • Just yesterday PF cadres were protesting at parliament no one warned them,, sickening I’d!ots , your time is coming you will live in exile,,

    • Being a democracy doesn’t mean anything goes. The same can be said about freedom of speech. One cannot go in a crowded theater and shout “fire” when there is no fire and call it freedom of expression.

    • This is the right time for HH to talk to students not when they break the law and they’re betten up by police that when he and Katuka will raise and to start condemning the government.

    • Its a democracy people must be allowed to voice their disapproval or disappointment with policies. If you deny people rights they will cause chaos. Mulefwaya tutampe yellow vest?

    • PF police spokeswoman only job is to threaten people. She must go to school and re-train she is boring with her brutal police thing.
      KANGANJA has failed.

    • Where was this so called PF police spokeswoman when her fellow colleagues (PF THUGS) went to parliament to do their usual stupid things? Does it mean she was fast asleep since didn’t send warnings to those criminals from PF camp? Where was Kanganja when those thugs went to parliament, was he still drafting unfair dismissal letters for those professional officers they fired? Zambia Police is a let down with their selective POA .

  1. We didn’t hear of similar warnings from police when PF thugs carried out a siege on Parliament after their party’s Sesheke defeat.

    • A PF cadre Richard Soko has been arrested for calling minister of lands Jean Kapata a failure.
      In a voice note which Soko sent to A WhatsApp group called PF country wide, Soko is heard telling the Minister of lands of how she has forgotten about the youths who helped her in her campaigns after she became minister of Lands.
      “ Ba Jean Kapata balitulaba after baishiba Mukula tree na land”
      Soko also complained about how luxurious Jean Kapata lives in Roma with show room range rovers parked at her yard.
      “Mu 2021, Mukasendi abana benu, Lupwa lwenu yonse ukumi Chitila campaign.”
      This voice note angered Kapata who is guilty and had him reported to force headquarters where he was summoned today.
      After taking himself to Force headquarters Soko was formally arrested and charged with Criminal…

  2. Good call. I hope the b.l.o.o.d.y thirsty leader of the res barrettes will not be found in the mix to sole discontent. Students please heed and try another day. Kindly follow laid down procedure. “Ukupesha lunshi, kunya apengi”
    “Ukupesha ilungu, kwensamo”

  3. The Zambia Police have become a political arm of the PF and are following political orders from clueless PF leaders .They killed Vespers and no police officers were fired .

  4. Why meal allowance for them only? How about students in other learning institutions?
    And Hacks will be on hand to pontificate: “when he assumes power” he will bring back meal allowances, re employ the indisciplined sesheke police officers who were dismissed, increase maize prices for farmers, reduce mealie meal prices, reduce fuel prices, reduce electricity prices, and lower mine taxes etc etc.’s wishlist is endless, his empty promises bottomless.

  5. Edgar Lungu holds solution to this by bringing the madness of Luo to an end. This matter has done greater damage to PF such that even me I can’t support them in any way. Instead of threatening students, simply advise ECL to retire Luo in national interest.

  6. This is prophetic doom for Zambia. We we’re warned that these guys ve nothing to offer, but mediocrity. It’s now embarrassing to be a Zambian. Twalipela kale ifyamushilo …. Koseni bane!

  7. Dictators don’t allow political leaders to assemble in Zambia, you think they can allow you students. The Catholic bishops said if we are not in a dictatorship, we are nearly there

  8. If these ungrateful students decide to demonstrate Prof. Luo please withdraw the meal allowance totally from all students.

  9. Meal allowances at UNZA and ZIT must not be scraped off overnight. We do appreciate the extension of loans to other universities like Mukuba etc. Here is my submission to the minister, let GRZ allocation to UNZA and ZIT be channeled to the new universities. The two can sustain students from loan recoveries since we have a lot of us that are already paying back. And in future, the new varieties will also support students from recoveries. With time, GRZ won’t have to disburse funds for students but they will be sustained by recoveries. If anything extend meal loans/allowances to the added universities, after all, they will pay back.

  10. The bone of contention which the general citizenry has with Zambia Police is the glaring double standards which is being exhibited.People are committing the same offences but we are seeing different actions being mated out. PF caders protested without a police permit, no action taken.Suddenly the whole police service becomes blind dumb and deaf. But any one perceived not aligned to the humble leader Xung does the same unlawful thing, the police service becomes very efficient in issuing threats and intimidating statements. Please ZP act professionally.

  11. Its their right madam police.Let them do that ,its a democracy mama.You job is to see to it that its a peaceful protest.This should be recorded and noted.You will answer when the right time comes.Under Whose authority are you stopping them to demonstrate?Careful madam police woman

  12. only fools can support demonstrations.have people not witnessed what happens during demonstrations?They can say ‘peaceful demonstrations, but what will be the end results?looting,deaths name it.These college students are even worse than the so called PF cadres, Madam Police ,deal with the lunatics if they misbehave,they are just useless kabovas.

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