I don’t want stalled Muchinga province projects to spill over in other provinces-President Lungu

President Lungu
President Lungu
President Lungu
President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has advised Cabinet Ministers , line ministries and departments not to procrastinate the implementation of development projects in the country.

President Lungu says the parties should not procrastinate as he wants to see an improvement in service delivery emanating from implementation of development projects as outlined in the PF manifesto.

The Head of State said this when he addressed the first cluster meeting for selected cabinet ministers and ministries at State House yesterday to give reports on implementation of government projects under the seventh national development plan.

The cluster meeting was being held under the theme: “Towards an integrated Approach to national development planning.”

President Lungu urged his ministers to take the meeting serious adding that together with relevant authorities, they should be resourceful in handling the implementation of development projects.

He said together with line agencies and institutions , he expects his ministers to be proactive and find solutions to challenges as opposed to waiting for him to provide an oversight supervision.

“ I expects all Cabinet ministers , ministries and institutions they oversee to provide timely updates on implementation of projects, “ the President said.

He pointed out that the PF’s continued stay in power depends on the party delivering on its promises by implementing projects outlined in its manifesto.

President Lungu said he does not want the experience of Muchinga province where projects have stalled to spill over in other provinces.

And Secretary to Cabinet Patrick Kangwa said ministries will appear on several occasions before the cluster meeting due to change in approach that now focuses on the oversight and overlapping roles they play in the 7NDP.

Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe and her National Development Planning counterpart Alexander Chiteme were scheduled to present a report to President Lungu during the meeting.

Vice President Inonge Wina, Minister of General Education David Mabumba , Higher Education Nkandu Luo, Information Dora Siliya, Livestock Kampamba Chewe, Mines Richard Musukwa and Justice minister Given Lubinda, were among the notable figures at the meeting.

Others included Works and Supply Mutotwe Kafwaya, Labour Joyce Simukoko, Religious Godfridah Sumaili, Home Affairs Steven Kampyongo, Agriculture Micheal Katambo, Local Government Vincent Mwale , Water and Sanitation Dennis Wanchinga and Sylvia Chalikosa from Office of the Vice President.


  1. If you have to tell your underlings to take a meeting you call for seriously, it says a lot about you.
    Zambia at the moment is a lost cause. There is no hope for this country. Very poor governance, wastage of resources, corruption, incompetence, theft, lawlessness….that’s what Mr. Lungu’s PF has to offer.
    All these “meetings” are a waste of time and resources. Nothing comes of them. Just worthless talk.

    • Stop blabbering Mr. President. And stop shoddy jobs which leave behind litany of debt to be paid by your grandchildren. Over 3 billion spent on roads during PF regime and all those roads, without an exception have life span of less than 3 years. Most of the roads are in bad shape, potholes, nay craters are all over main roads in Lusaka, including Independence Avenue. Buildings in new districts are already cracking and this is called development?

    • I feel sorry for lungu, these jobs of getting as result of an accident, the man is completely lost, please give him a beer and let him sit down

    • I would rather we seriously scaled back on these very expressive capital projects and seriously concentrated on raising the amounts disbursed for Recurrent Departmental Charges.it is the impossibilies of managing day-to-day operations of Government offices that should bother those cluster meetings.What is the point of building projects that you cannot operate and maintain sustainably.

    • I have said it repeatedly, Edgar Lungu is the worst president we have ever had. He told us he had no vision. We should have listened. This is a Commander in Chief who is failing to curb political violence. Just look at his face, clueless!!

    • President Lungu has dumped all projects initiated by late president Michael Sata in order to have more commission in mew projects with AVIC international. He will continue going to Chinsali passbye the newly built university go back to Lusaka and prepare notes on how he will complete those peojects if elected after 2021 elections. But because Zambians forget so easily they will be clapping like never before. Maybe that is what faith does believing even before you see. President Lungu only realized that projects have stalled after passing through Paul Mushindo Uni. Powerful Police Minister Kampyongo does not tell him a university needs completion and oppening. We just watch and see!!

    • @Ndobo

      That’s a good one. Please hand him Jamesons so he can relax !

      Lungu has the most enjoyable job in Zambia. Imagine just getting drunk any time any day without worrying about where to get money for the next drink. The tax payers will foot the bill. Useless man he is.

      I hear when there is an election he stays drunk all day and night and tells his people to only tell him the results because he can not take the heat after realising he has done totally nothing to attract people’s votes.

      Lungu ni chimbwi no plan.

    • It is stupid for Kampyongo to keep himself busy brutalizing innocent people in conjunction with Kakoma Kanganja chief PF Police. Was Kampyongo not ashamed when the president gave Muchinga as an example of stagnation? No projects completed where Kampyongo comes from because he knows nothing about bringing development to the people who employed him. The president gave him a Ministry he will never understand until he is retired. He uses our important office to organise thugs and plan inflicting pain on citizens. His president was indirectly telling him he has done nothing and he needs to leave aircone and go experience life with Chinsali people. Kampyongo is a shame!

    • When we told you development thru debt is unsustainable & asked u if pipo will eat roads, you said we were bitter. Ati “chikonko mwikate”.
      Here we are now, almost all projects hv been abandoned yet zambian pipo hv been enslaved with $-billions in debt.

    • This man knows his government is broke does he surely think people have short memories ??? last time he was in Muchinga same thing he found so many projects stalled when he returned to Lusaka he met all “spending agencies” at state house … what came out of that ??? Mr ECL Sir please be serious .. now you are singing the same Song ?? what kind of stuff are u high on?? and now You want to pretend that this is a new thing. Really ?? Zambians who believe him this time are a big JOKE! When he found stalled projects in Muchinga some of us highlighted the issue that his government is broke he should not blame the technocrats.. its painful indeed to have such a President

    • Ba LT you don’t say
      “… not to procrastinate the implementation of development projects in the country.”
      That is broken English

  2. Negative people are not needed in Zambia. U always negative just because u want power. HH will Never rule Zambia.

    We have more Tongas today who does not support HH. How on earth can u vote HH with already an offshore accounts abroad?

    The man HH is not patriotic. He has no heart for Zambians and he clearly stolen the money he has put in those offshore accounts.

    • What heat does Edgar have when he allows unprecedented corruption in his government. If he had a heart, he would not allow money meant for sick children, for schools and other social services go in his greedy cronies pockets

    • @DJ7

      HH and I including others can and we will rule Zambia.

      I think id1ots like you will hang you selves when HH becomes Zambian president.

      God is great out there. He will surely propel HH to state house against your wish just like he did for Mwanawasa, Chilba, Banda and Sata. Who knew?

      So please cut the crape and real.

  3. I agree with you brother DJ7, HH is a cunning sabotager. He has been externalising billions of kwacha through deals with his Boer Masters in South Africa. Without paying any tax in Zambia he uses loopholes in the tax system and his friends in the system to externalise profits out and then bring back a part of the money to put in election campaigns.

    • @Matongo, HH is not the president of Zambia, neither is he in charge of the Zambian resources and money. For as long as people like you keep putting HH into conversaTIONS HE DOESN T BELONG IN THIS COUNTRY WILL NEVER DEVELOPE. sO IN OTHER WORDS YOU ARE SAYING THEFT, LACK OF DEVELOPEMENT, PLUNDER AND CORRUPTION ARE ALL HH S FAULTS? If he has money it is his own earned by investing properly and how many others were named in privatisation? what did they do with their money?

  4. Go to Luapula, it is the same scenario projects have stalled due to poor funding by your Government and you are busy blaming Contractors.We never experienced this during Mwanawasa, lupiya Banda even in Chiluba’s time.

  5. Sesheke was painful to these guys. Economy wise for the country is a complete failure, lamentable failure, Crystal clear failure . If MMD left mealie meal at K30 and now it is K100 in some areas, where is the improvement. Are we paying less tax now?

  6. Comment:Go in muchinga specifically in mafinga uzadabwa you will think it’s not Zambia but we are humans too lets hope they will come and finish we are waiting ????????????????????in tears road, structures for government offices are not finished

  7. The spill over is already in al provinces! The President does not know the truth that is where the problem is. People are giving him lies after lies

  8. The spill over is every where sir. You always drunk on Jameson so you can’t remember that the country is broke. Those corrupt capital projects have drained the resources of the country before they are complete. Get back some of the money you have been throwing to cadres.

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