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I’ll not Apologise, I’ve Succeeded in Sending a Message to Foreign Labourers to leave Zambia immediately-Kambwili


National Democratic Congress Consultant Chishimba Kambwili
National Democratic Congress Consultant Chishimba Kambwili

National Democratic Congress Consultant Chishimba Kambwili has refused to apologise for reprimanding an Indian National who he found operating a compactor under the Lusaka decongestion project.

Mr. Kambwili has come under fire for his actions with some stakeholders challenging him to apologise to the Indian Community and the Zambian people who have no history of Xenophobia.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, Mr. Kambwili is seen uttering remarks against an Indian national who was found operating a compactor and challenging the same person to go back to India.

Mr. Kambwili said he has no reason to apologise and has insisted that labourer jobs should be left to Zambians.

Speaking on the breakfast show on Hot FM, Mr. Kambwili said he has succeeded in sending a message across that such people should leave the country immediately.

“There are high unemployment levels in this country, people have no jobs and you allow people from as far as India to come and operate a Compactor?, no bane, mulebako serious”, Mr. Kambwili lamented.

Mr. Kambwili said he has brought the issue to the attention of government in several occasions including in Parliament but no action has been taken.


  1. CK is right and wrong. He is right if the man is come to Zambia has an operator. He is wrong if it happens that the man is Zambian. People think to be Zambian you’ve to be black. Wrong you can be any race and still be Zambian. So Mr CK did you look at his papers or his skin?

    • Kenny the article says Indian National please. Not a Zambian of Indian origin. Still think there better ways of communicating. Thanks

    • It is only in Zambia that you find engineers in ties and suites

      Most of These countries including china you will see an engineer on a machine. They learn everything

      Thats why say 10 united is recipe for anarchy in Zambia

      Total confusion. They don’t know wether they are going or coming.

    • There is no indian born in zambia that can be doing jobs like that, stop lying.

      If you find an Indian doing jobs like that and he has zambian papers, then he can’t speak any Zambia and very little English ….fake papers

      Wake up..

    • @$paka. That indian is an essential worker maybe specialist in hydraulics. Not just like ONLINE blogger 24/7

      example I have got a job to build a bridge in luapula can I pick a general worker from Lsk.

      Its expensive. No business man can buy air ticket for a driver from india. This guy has a special.

      Why do you fail to think spaka. Problem here is thinking with tribe and not brain as winter kabimba put it

    • Iye, twasebana nafuti!!! That is not how you do it! Somebody put him there- boma, I am sure. Why hurt the poor guy’s feelings? Zambia, do you have leaders at all? What a fontini!

    • You politico…..

      Even if that Indian has a variety of job skills , that does not mean he takes up compactor driving jobs that a Zambian can do ……he is being paid money that we have borrowed which he will send back to India….wake up…

    • Kambwili is a BUFFOON and a COWARD; this is why Old man Sata even dropped him as a Labour Minister after protests from diplomats … are an MP why dont you raise these issues in Parliament instead of getting someone to film you; go to Parliament and raise those EXIM Bank contracts.

    • Political’s comment makes tonnes of sense. CK is looking for political points here. That’s the reason MCS moved him from Labour Ministry-the twit has no diplomacy and wit to handle important national issues.

    • Kambwili himself employed an Indian contractor for his Mwamona company so what nonsense is this crook playing.

      The chap is trying to divert attention from his crooked activities when he was minister. He wants to drum up support in case he goes in. Let the DPP be on this chap don’t change your stance prosecute this crook and see he is sending for the maximum jail sentence possible.

    • Correction.. See he (Kambwili) is sent in for the maximum jail sentence possible for his acts of corruption and theft during his tenure as minister.


    • Cat power that person who was filming didn’t also find out if the man is Zambian but yes he is Asian origin. In this moden world to belong to a country it’s not the skin. How many blacks won the world cup with France. They are French and you can’t take it away from them. So is that man he can be Zambian . There were no facts in his behaviour,but hate and truth be told you can kill yourself with such kind of hate.

    • After watching the video i think Kambwili is frustrated looks like his wife is being victimized in the UK where she works as a nanny….From the tone of his voice and his body language….he probably was on whatsapp with his wife earlier and she told him that Brexit is real and build the wall is real

    • JJ the ramifications are GRZ taking attention to Zambias unemployment while jobs takes up by foringners should be left for zambians….

      Those saying CK once employed an Indian should know people grow and see their mistakes …….

      just like lungu was convicted of fraud does not mean he can not now fight corruption….

    • Zambia has laws also against tribalisim…..many of you are tribal bigots against people from a certain province….as have said below, strange that the most vocal against CK are also the most vocal tribal bigots against your fellow Zambians from a certain province…

    • CK is right, his approach was harsh because no action is being taken against expatriates in the country doing jobs which local Zambians can do. We the youths, skilled and unskilled workforce want to see the Zambianisation policy implemented by home office and immigration.

      We only want qualified, skilled and experienced expatriates allowed in the country. Skills transformation to locals should be established in companies then after two years expatriate goes back to their home country and leave the zambian to manage that position.

    • This tooth pick legs man in proportion to his body and head, Cabbage Beans Kapenta Cabbage Beans Kapenta Cabbage Beans Kapenta Cabbage Beans Kapenta Cabbage Beans Kapenta Cabbage Beans Kapenta Cabbage Beans Kapenta Cabbage Beans Kapenta Cabbage Beans Kapenta Cabbage Beans Kapenta Cabbage Beans Kapenta Cabbage Beans Kapenta kuweyeweyefye

  2. You can as well tell your wife to leave UK because she has grabbed a job for tge locals. Many zambians are working in foreign lands today and are not harassed

    • That is where we are missing it. There is shortage of health and care givers in the UK, do we have the same shortage in Zambia. Friends this is not xenophobia. Just apply for a job in the India as an accountant if you will get it. Ask the guys studying in India, China Ukraine, if they are allowed to do any work. But go and study in the UK, Australia or US, your study visa allows to do some work because jobs are plenty. Can the authorities do something about work permits for Chinese, South Africans, Indians who are doing jobs that can be done by Zambians.

    • Bululu
      Cant see why they cant get it.I also wonder why a government that fails to create jobs can not even take advantage of the jobs created by their careless borrowing.

  3. Pure racist, he is a dinosaur. That’s discrimination how can an mp use such language?. I hope he gets reprimanded and should resign on moral grounds.

    • @spaka don’t be daft. The problem is not about jobs it’s the offensive language used. Not sure what part of UK you live in but if you are update with politics then you should know that 8 Labour mps have left Labour Party due to anti semitic in the Labour Party.

    • Hyper_Critical

      You are ignorant ,

      why then are the many UK MPs being openly racist to Muslims not resigning ?? Especially in the wake of that young ISIS bride who wants to come back to the UK…….

      and for you information the Jewish lobby has been against the Labour leader from day one because of his defence of the palistininans …..

    • @Spake

      Please stop exposing your ignorance. You must be a frustrated person. Tell me which sitting Westminster mp would publicly use that sort of language without being forced to resign . Don’t mislead people. Begum she is a self confessed terrorist. She left the UK at her own will, she is a traitor and she shouldn’t be allowed. You don’t fight your own country and expect to live there that treasonous. You logic of using this young girl as your example speaks volumes about you.

  4. *****ic behaviour. This is not the way to channel your opinions. He could have done in a professional way instead of looking like a Gorilla on periods!

    He is also looking for Work! Maybe he want to drive the compactor himself useless boy.

    • Lungu and kapoyongo are in the pockets of the Chinese …..ask any kaponya , the greatest crime in Zambia today is to rob a Chinese… order of kapoyongo …

  5. Let him point at one compactor operator in his constituency. He find it difficulty.That Indian could have been an instructor to train locals. Look at his tooth pick legs in proportion to his body and head. Very funny.

  6. All those calling themselves as uk-chapter for a certain political party. Sa-chapter. Canada-chapter. They must be deported back to Zambia

    • Yes, if the locals have no jobs that we are doing we will gladly come back….but there is a shortage of labour here you pompwe…..they need workers , the government has right policies, unlike you theiving GRZ

  7. Yes we have high unemployment in the country but you don’t act like that to send a message. Remember that we also have Zambians in foreign countries doing menial jobs. A person who calls himself a leader should have approached the owner of the company to find out why they are using a foreigner to do such work. Shouting at that Indian is not a solution because that Indian may not even understand English and could have thought Kambwili was cheering him on.

    • Iwe we don’t have Zambians doing menial jobs in countries of high unemployment like India and China , use your head to think , not your ….

    • Shimwana, you must be from Mars not to understand how things work. …we’ve had foreigners who cannot speak English long before your mother was born coming to work in this country.
      As for you SPAKA as your usual you oppose even things that are right. …you will always support anything you think is against government. …maybe you were born in a village and don’t know that hundreds of Africans, Zambians among them have gone abroad to work as cooks, garbage collectors etc to support their education. Don’t talk if you don’t know anything. Right now I have friends who have sneaked into the UK to do all sorts jobs. What about all those who risk crossing the Mediterranean everyday in order to enter Europe.

    • Look at this ndanji ..

      If you have never been to Europe, let me tell you something……there is a shortage of labour here , that is why you find Zambians working here….Show me Zambians going those jobs you mention in India or China ,

      You support any thing that disadvantages Zambians as long as you are eating and the masses are suffering….

    • There’s no country that has no shortage of labor especially if comes to cleaning toilets. Your squatting there doesn’t make you more knowledgeable than others. Why is there resentment against foreigners in the UK? One simple reason is that you kaffirs will accept miserable wages for any job. …wages which are below human being requirement.

    • Back Spaka ati “IF YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TO EUROPE ” What nonsense. I won’t even bother to argue with you on whether I have been to the West or not because it’s not necessary.

    • you speak like a real untravlled fontinee …….yes there is a shortage of labour here badala….that is why African flock to these shores …….tell us why we don’t see Africans on boats going to India ???

      And for your information , in the IT industry the conservative government banned workers comming from India to do IT jobs Britons can do…..only you corrupt pompwes eating with lungu don’t see anything wrong with menial jobs being takes by foringners …

    • Wefontini is you who thinks that going to UK is like going to the moon. Like I told you I wouldn’t argue with a scumbag like you. Going to UK or USA used to be something special in our days not today when even villagers can manage to do so.

    • Ndanji

      You are just a tribalist corrupt PF rat musqurading as a sensible blogger ….

      You are the thieves who will be jailed if there is a change in grz , we see through you……

    • Spaka how can I be a tribalist when all my children have married from different tribes. Personally I think you don’t have any basis for your argument. People here are not against the principle but the method Kambwili used.

    • Ndanji

      You not only a lier but an openly tribal bigot……..we remember you complaining how tribal Tongas are based on your experience with one Tonga in the mines

  8. That guy on the machine can strip it and assemble it.

    Its not like Zambia n driver who only know steering wheel control and stealing diesel

    This Kambwili was stripping rail lines before he joined PF

    • You are very dull maybe you are Indian, we have engineers here in Zambia who can do that, you pathetic african you think we cannot do what the useless indian can do??? Use brain and wake up.

  9. CK is rabid, you can imagine the caliber of the MPs we have in Zambia and you expect them to perform! from whatever angle you look at it, CK is mad period and soon he will do something big that will land him in trouble either with his poor health and or with his arty.
    This man is called the consultant for a political party with ambitions of ruling Zambians one day! This is a joke and am wondering why NDC stiill wants to remain in marriage with him.

  10. The power of the webcam…
    @Ndanje is right – we could use some better way to make this point. If that guy chanced on a vacancy to work in Zambia and his employer as well as the Home Affairs of GRZ allowed it I believe it is not fair to scream at him. He had passed through layers before he got the job – presumably.

    • 13.1 Like stealing food meant for vulnerable people. Ok you’ll mention Chitotela, but I can assure you I would love to see him behind bars once he’s found guilty. We unlike you we don’t condone stealing.

    • But you are the one who was telling us that ck will be in jail in 3 months of his dismissal ……we are still waiting

      Just shows how out of touch you are with reality…..

  11. On this one ba Kambwili, mwalifaula. We do not need leaders like that. I l take you back in time when you were a minister and poor little journalists had to practicaly go on their knees to you to get a job. True your wife is working in the U.K. how would you feel if she were treated like you treated the Indian guy. You are not fit to lead baba.

    • She is working in the UK whete there is a shortage of labour, she would not be allowed to work in India….

      Sata used to do and say the same about chinese and he became president , so ck has a point….

    • Show me a black African in India doing menial jobs ???

      However I can point you to YouTube videos of blacks being lynched in India….

  12. Some people still believe Kambwili is presidential material?

    We must be having lunatics in our midst as electorates. Now I know that even the devil has his believers.

  13. You are shouting at the wrong man! He did t just come in without papers did he? His wife should leave the UK too as she is probably occupying a jobfor locals. His actions just fuel racism.

    • How do you know his Zambian? Most you come here and say useless things just cos someone has made a suggestion. Ask and find out…yes ck is wrong but the message correct…There stealing your jobs imwe muli ndwii. wake up and use your mind.

    • Ck is right, and his wife is working where there is a shortage of labour, she would not be allowed to work in India…or your same black monkey would be lynched in India if you tried to do a menial job in the face of millions of unemployed Indians…

  14. Kambwili is right on this one,you go to Barotseland,you will not find any indian shop there,it is also the same story in Bembaland,it is only in Chipata where people are dull and have allowed these foolish indians to be abusing people including sexually abusing our women there.Bravo Kambwili!!!

  15. Well done CK , we are with you….lungu and his gang are only intrested in stealing……

    Funny how the same PF rats condemning CK were supporting sata when he did the same to Chinese ??? Maybe now they are enjoying the fruits of corruption with lungu..

    • 22.1 He told you he’s raised this in Parliament? How dull can you be. We listen to parliamentary debates both on radio and TV and at no time has Kambwili said anything to this effect. I don’t blame you. are used to be told by HH.

    • Wefontini is you who thinks that going to UK is like going to the moon. Like I told you I wouldn’t argue with a scumbag like you. Going to UK or USA used to be something special in our days not today when even villagers can manage to do so.

    • Sorry to disappoint you. I don’t even what programs show on TVZ. Come to think of it even LT has never reported on this.

    • Ndanji makaka…..Me I travel around the world at a whim….tomorrow if I want I can be blogging from Brazil , or Japan or any where in europe …….not you PF rats who only know how to steal on the backs of borrowed money by lungu and GRZ

  16. Kambwili is right on this one,you go to Barotseland,you will not find any indian shop there,it is the same even in bembaland,it is only in Chipata where you find dull Easterners tolerating these foolish indians allowing them to victimise our people even sexually abusing our women producing coloured indian children.Bravo Kambwili!!!

    • @spaka. Let ck just take over upend since he represents your views. Hh wil not and cannot win. You need fresh blood like ck

    • Iwe politico ,

      Just go on supporting the Indians and Chinese taking Zambian jobs with your lungu while we fight for zambians to leaders of their own destiny in their own country……

    • $paka. You dont have facts. Suppose he is the owner of the compactor

      Suppose a Zambian contractor went to the toilet with diarrhoea

      Suppose driver fell ill and was on sick leave

      You dont just start ranting. Thats lack wisdom.

      We have a ministry if labour and ck knows we have officers trained to investigate and get facts.

    • Politico …

      If the enemies of CK had any facts they would be parading that Indian in front of the media to show what ever you are suggesting…..but they don’t . He is probably here with fake papers.

      And of know there are Zambian workers who know that Indian and would refute what ever you are suggesting……

      Just the other day 500 students sent home because they can’t afford university fees , that job of driving a compactor can support 2 students or provide meal allowance for many starving students if done by the students them selves or their parents….

  17. Hello, hello, for once Chishimba Kambwili who is not my cup of tea is right at least his “mae nceria”, his rationale in his emotional statement is quite TRUE. Only those who have never been out of Zambia hold a contrary view. Take a Zambian to go to India and work as a driver, nurse, shop keeper, or a messenger even a garden boy – no one can look at you. Bizarre, Zambians working under Asian businesses suffer similar degrading attitudes. Zambia has many unemployed drivers to drive that compactor. CK is right.

  18. Zambians report every job that has grabbed by foreigners, those jobs which belongs to us should not be given to ba mwisa it’s for us indignant Zambians thats why as a parent priority are children and neighbors and rest Zambian is not a World country

  19. Would have written more about this man I have known since he was a Nchanga Mine Club evening Entertainment Band Leader, but won’t.
    That act is an act of assault. Where his wife is in the UK shouting and pointing at someone like he did to that Compactor driver is assault. If I were the driver I would sue him for assault.
    This man his twins daughters and wife are in UK as foreigners working and studying. Shame on you CK. Is it because your Chingola-Solwezi Road contract is in vain or what? Mulekula ba Shimpundu!

    • You have failed to answer to these. ….why do citizens of UK resent foreigners ? One answer is that you desparados will accept ridiculous wages which usually results in the English failing to get jobs because you in your desperation have cheapened the job. Talk of job shortage in Zambia, maybe you don’t know why some nurses and teachers are still unemployed. …these fellows don’t want to be posted to far flung places such as Kaputa. If we the owners of the country refuse to serve our people who are in these remote areas, who do you think will do it?

    • Iwe ndanji makaka…..

      Where in kaputa is that compactor being driven by an Indian ???

      The reasons for brexit are too complex for a corrupt ignorant PF rat like you to understand , just stay in your lane….

  20. I work in the construction industry. Most companies like employing multi-skilled personnel to achieve time frame of the project. The other issue is their people don’t talk about conditions of work in foreign countries and they abuse them to the maximum. Their supervisors, foremen, charge-hands, are all operators who takes over in case even when a Zambian operator is absent. To find a person operating a compactor does not prove that he’s not qualified.

  21. Kambwili is right. In developed countries where unemployment is very low, to work there as foreigner very difficulty. In Zambia where unemployment is very high, foreigners are allowed to work and do labourer jobs that requires no high level training. This shows govt is sleeping and its elite is concerned with eating.

    • Spaka, I can’t believe you are defending this bigotry by Kambwili… you are pretty much blaming this innocent person for the crimes committed by others just because he shares the same colour of his skin. Mate I thought you were more enlightened and more progressive than that. What Chishimba did is indefensible regardless of what ideology or political party you root for… Lungu’s crimes should not be blamed on innocent individuals. I’m appalled!

    • Corruption scandals of Lungu

      Mate if you knew how rich Zambia is yet you see the millions of unemployed suffering Zambians or if you knew how Indians in Zambia would prefer to bring in an unemployed Indian to do work that a suffering Zambian can do, you would be on CKs side…

  22. Chishimba Kambwili is totally out of line here. That is very racist and he needs to be condemned in the strongest terms possible by all right thinking people.

    First that guy could have been a Zambian. We have Indians in this country who are perhaps more Zambian than Chishimba Kambwili, and have positively contributed more to the country than this corrupt man. Can Chishimba go to Kamwala and start shouting his racist rants like that?

    But even if he wasn’t Zambian so what? He’s not the one responsible for the high unemployment rate in the country. Lungu and his clueless minions are. If Chishimba was serious about protecting Zambian jobs he should confront the CEOs and the white collar foreign workers; he needs to challenge the likes of Shoprite Checkers who bring in foreign products…

    • Sata did the same , he hit a popular vain with the millions of unemployed Zambians…..

      How else was this abuse of labour laws going to come to the forefront ?? CK has said he has raised this in parliament on numerous occasions but numbers of foringners doing jobs Zambians can do are increasing while unemployed Zambians are increasing..

    • Spaka, you keep referencing Sata and what he did to the Chinese. Who told bigotry and xenophobia are right ir justifiable because Sata did the same?

      Look I’m totally against any form of discrimination based on the victim’s race. That is the lowest level of discrimination because people can’t change what they were born as.

      It’s naive and dishonest to blame Zambian’s current unemployment situation on few foreigners doing menial jobs. Blame it on your corrupt government officials, including this Chishimba Kambwili. For what’s worth most foreigners in Zambia do non menial jobs anyway… they run companies and are CEO living it large mixing with powerful politicians they bribe (they own mines; run your Internet and Mobile service providers; run Shoprite; etc.)… if you and…

    • … if you and Kambwili are being honest with yourselves you would be targeting those foreigners. Let’s get real!

    • We are not being racist based on race….get this right be are being nationalistic based on nationality , like in every country , you can have millions of unemployed while you jobs ate takes by foringners , if that Indian is Zambian , then we are wrong , but I can assure you you will not find a Zambian born Indian doing menial jobs….

    • “….Spaka, you keep referencing Sata and what he did to the Chinese. Who told bigotry and xenophobia are right ir justifiable because Sata did the same?..”

      I am showing the same PF rats who are condemning CK that their hero sata did the same…..

  23. … he needs to challenge the likes of Shoprite Checkers who bring in foreign products and processed food products instead of buying from our local farmers.

    By the way operating a compactor actually requires specialized skills and experience. You need to be able to compact soil, gravel, concrete, or asphalt in the right manner otherwise the road won’t last long. So maybe he needs to go and educate himself first.

    I think that guy should sue Kambwili for racism, hate crimes and inciting violence against him.

    • “….By the way operating a compactor actually requires specialized skills and experience. You need to be able to compact soil, gravel, concrete, or asphalt in the right manner otherwise the road won’t last long. So maybe he needs to go and educate himself first…”

      Brothers and sisters , even if they say we ain’t good enough, look them in the eye and say, gonna do it anyway…..gonna do it anyway….

      I am a nationalist Zambian first. When our people have jobs and can afford student meal allowances for their kids , then we can welcome everybody….not now.

    • The fact that we have 10s of thousands of unemployed collage graduates without jobs and you think driving a compactor is beyond learning of our unemployed graduates tells us what kind of a person you are..

    • @Spaka, mate, you can’t be a Nationalist, because you only support 3_4 provinces in Zambia. I think more accurately, you are a Separatist? Facist….mmmmmmm, maybe not. Sometimes more like a Rubble Rouser!!!!!

      But no one can doubt your passion for your cause.

    • Patriot

      I am first and foremost a nationalist.

      2nd I am against all forms of tribalisim

      3rd I am against all forms of corruption and mismangment….

      4th I am against all forms of anti democratic crackdowns if the above fail in that order…….

  24. In as much as i don’t support Kambwili’s way of handling the issue, there is really need for something to be done when it comes to the so called expatriate staff. Can someone ensure that these people really come to do what they have applied for

  25. Spaka l have observed you for some time now.. Most of the time you support senselessily.Could l be wrong that if you are writing from an office you do nothing but waste a lot of time on blogging. You are being paid for that job why can’t you use your time wisely? If it is your kantemba you will remember this time you are wasting. Ka little mbwili is wrong in every way. I have been in UK myself . The job his wife is doing can be done by Britons.

    • Done by britons where ?? Why does the NHS advertise jobs in 3rd world countries including Zambia ???

      You don’t know what you are talking about….if there was a shortage of jobs here, Africans and Indians will be the first to be kicked out ……..

  26. Ck is right . All you condemning him it’s just out of hatred for the man because of your unfounded fears that he might become the next President. Well, it’s not up to you to determine. If God has said yes, Ck will be President one day and you can do nothing about it.
    Whether Lungu suffers from the same fears and gets rid of Ck, it won’t help Lungu. And now Lungu begins to fabricate lies in trying to justify his corruption ties with Chitotela….shame on him…let him know that Zambian are not stupid

    • I wonder if the president allocates jobs to expatriates or maybe Mr Kambwili has lost it, being MP SHOULD UNDERSTAND the right person to contact than Xenophobia tantrums. Can a president do that in a foreign country to a Zambian?

  27. The problem with Fat Albert is just throwing tantrums carelessly for political expediency. His wife is an enrolled nurse in UK? Are there no Britons who can do that simple job? Did he look at the contract that was signed? Why did he not check with the immigration why they gave work permit to that poor man?
    The question one can ask about this useless Kambwili is why was he the most reshuffled minister in the history of Zambia? Akanwa mambala.

  28. After going through these comments it’s sad to see that no one apart from myself has made mention of the fact this same Kambwil cretin employed Indian engineers in the past for work at his Mwamona company. Were there no Zambian engineers who could do that work? The chap is just a serious hypocrite and a crook. So sad to see how gullible Zambians are to these simple mind tricks the hippo is playing, he is simply diverting attention from his acts of corruption. Govt should be smart and just cage the crook before this coward crook causes violence.

    • Even if he is a hypocrite, the fact remains that he has highlighted and brought to the forefront a problem……

      If an ex convict turns state witness and testifies against his fellow theives , should that testimony be discounted ?

  29. In terms of monetary gain, there are more benefits to be derived by confronting expats at FQML, Mopani, Lumwana and Lubambe

    • Every where , where there are foringners doing jobs Zambians can do…..we have students who can not pay meal or collage fees and have to drop out while money is being needlely externalised…

  30. It not fan bein on that machine. It hot and. Dusty, sweaty. Meanwhile ck is in aircon suv and goes to London just to drink tea and come back same day to throws tantrums at hard working people

    If the work is shoddy its the same people insulting contractor.

    Let him try get on that machine for sesond

    • Spaka these kids are yuppies. Can they go on an earth mover

      They want to in aircon environment.

      In china military training is compulsory

      Practical skill is compulsory. A ceo can practically climb a ladder and repair an air con

      In Zambia you spend the whole day online insulting the president . No practical skills.

      A Zambian engineer cannt bend reinforcement steel. He is always in a tie. Driving suvs. To to RDA . You wouldn’t know these are engineers.

      They look like bankers

    • Spaka doesn’t know the Zambian engineer. Even grade 12 drop out won’t accept to work in garbage collection because they are “educated”. I remember the warning the late manager for ZCCM education unit gave us at one AGM. He advised us not to treat our children like “Europeans ” because we shall not continue to have the same privelleges forever. He added that the whites we were imitating did not have house servants where they came from and always trained their children survival skills. His words have actually been fulfilled.

    • where have you seen an Engineer bending reinforcement, thats thw work of a bender and a steel fixer, they are trained for that, Engineer designs or supervises the site activities.
      I know u are a Janitor at UTH, I equally dont expect you to diagnose patients, jus do your Job.

    • @ghost dog.

      The education system is not helping. Tell one a single Zambia engineer that has invented a basic machine.

      Even at VETS we made machine s which no unza trained engineer can invent.

      Israeli or Chinese engineer will loo at the bending schedule and practically bend the steel.

      A Zambian engineer thinks its degrading talking that system thats why the country is SCAM

    • You can blam our unemplyed but the buck stops at GRZ , they have spent $17 billion , yet nothing on artisan skills….if you are saying our people don’t do those jobs, it is the job of GRZ to sanitize the people….instead of borrowing endlessly

  31. However right or justified Hon Kambwili feels about the matter , that is not civilised behavior , especially from one who sees him/herself as a future president. ..It is extremism of a psychotic nature.


  33. Kambwili is indeed a typical baboon dressed in human clothing.
    This slob knows too well that he is and never will be presidential material. Keeps on ranting to be in the limelight. Most of the time through utterance of foolish comments. Truly a nincompoop.

  34. What about the zambians who work in european countries. They also do similar jobs like how europeans do. Do they get chased or taunted. To cut things short, This was nothing but a pure case of racism

  35. Final comment….if Kambwili was a normal concerned person with all faculties intact he could have simply asked this Indian to come down from the machine and ask him such as…where are you from? What were you employed for, what qualification have you, why are you operating the machine. The first question is important because the guy may not even be an Indian but a Zambian coloured who looks Indian. Asking such questions would have given Kambwili enough ammunition and even know the loophole used to bring in ill qualified people to simple jobs. Barking like a dog that can’t even bite won’t yield anything.

    • Very bezzar…

      … how some of you can be openly tribal bigots to your fellow Zambians but openly support forigner takeover of local jobs at the expense of unemployed Zambians……….

  36. That is most certainly a racist rant and attack. It’s illegal and should be prosecuted even if the victim makes no complaint since it’s on video evidence for the police to see a crime has been committed.

    I like comrade Kambwili, but he has lost himself and truly is trading off the Sata connections these days. He needs to take a hard look at himself and see how far down his career, and position in society has gone. He is lost in the desert and wandering about like a maruding lion looking for juicy meat. I think given, his last statement about President Lungu helping him out by comments he made; Kambwili is looking to ingratiate himself back into favour with the public. But President Lungu would need a brick head to fall into allowing that favour.

  37. Did I hear someone say an engineer is not supposed to turn metals etc? That’s how we lost ZCCM. For one to understand what a job entails one must practically participate in the process. We failed because we thought going to university meant that we are going to operate from offices. People from the former ZIT tended to be better miners because we spent more time at operating divisions. Unfortunately when it came to appointments in ZCCM we were overlooked. The result is that we ended up with theorists heading the goose that laid the golden egg.

  38. Nooooooo …….the majority of Zambians , who by the way are unemployed would support CK……

    We have thousands of unemployed parents unable to send kids to school because of unemployment….you have youth being given jobs in death traps like black mountain because there are no jobs yet we have foringners doing jobs Zambians can do ???

    GRZ should take note,

  39. Kambwili, are you also suggesting that your wife who s nurse in UK should be chased for working as nurse there because infact the British people can even be better nurses? The politics being exhibited by the opposition are outdated, no place in modern times. All this bitterness is sterming from the perpetual loser. People must be very very careful with power hungry chaps like Kambwili and HH just watch them and you will realise that there is more to what you see, dark forces behind…. but thank God our eyes are opened and we can see, evaluate and make sober decisions, they will not succeed to hoodwink the majority.

  40. The thing that stands out here is those against CK , are the very ones very vocal against their fellow Zambians based on tribe …….even suggesting purging GRZ of people from a certain tribe, but are in support of foringners taking jobs meant for zambians ….

    • Look your selves in the mirror before you condemn CK while you are openly tribal bigots against certain tribes in Zambia you suspect of wanting to take power……..

  41. Honestly I miss the CK who was Tailings Leach Plant Changa changa. My former workmate and neighbour needs a thorough medical examination. Am not joking. His Office was just 50 metres from the Deadly Lead Casting Plant which used to cast Lead Anodes for the Copper Tank Houses. A blend of Lead and Antimony fumes that used to engulf his office on a daily basis each time they do the casting is now taking effect on him. Those fumes were very toxic even his medical condition whatever it is must have resulted from his exposure to INDUSTRIAL TOXIC FUMES(Lead&Antimony fumes) Get a proper medical examination Bashi Mpundu before you drop dead and people start speculating. This is a friendly and brotherly advice having known you for over 30 years. You inhaled a lot of toxic fumes during that time…

  42. The toxic nature of lead is well documented. Lead affects all organs and functions of the body to varying degrees. The frequency and severity of symptoms among exposed individuals depends upon the amount of exposure. The list below shows many of the key lead-induced health effects.
    Neurological Effects
    Peripheral neuropathy
    Fatigue / Irritability
    Impaired concentration
    Hearing loss
    Wrist / Foot drop
    Gastrointestinal Effects
    Lead line on gingival tissue
    Reproductive Effects
    Reduced sperm count & motility
    Abnormal sperm
    Heme Synthesis
    Erythrocyte protoporphyrin elevation
    Renal Effects
    Chronic nephropathy with proximal tubular damage

  43. Sure ba Kambwili? You have no shame and you are even vying to be the President of Zambia. How on earth can you rant like that. Bushilu? I’m sure there still some Zambians working with our Indian counterparts. Having been a cabinet minister before you should know how these things work.

  44. @Spaka, calm down. One crime cannot justify another crime. You are just soooooo hysterical. Look at it calmly. Zambian migration services can sort that man out if he has no papers. No person in any part of the world can just insult, attack another with no provocation or at will because he is unhappy about something. As a civilised country, we cannot ignore this crime.

    But WE GET YOU! It’s true that illegal migrants deprive nationals of work and resources.if you want to criticise effectively, then note that place is govt and parliament. If the govt borrows loans or enters infrastructure arrangements, with India they will want to create jobs for THEIR citizens. The Indian govt is very particular on arranging immigration for loans and inter country arrangements. Blame the govt…

    • It’ll be worse under HH, because he wants to bring ‘investors,’ galore to Zambia. Cross party supporters can unite to march against these arrangements. It’s not one party. They have found a money source which will cause us problems as our jobs must go to the people who pay for our developments, sadly!

    • Patriot,

      If CK did not do this, this problem would have just got worse, some one will sadly have to do this again for GRZ to take notice… is up to the citizens to stop the takeover of their country.

      Even lungu was telling us we can’t stop the Chinese from comming , WTF…next we will wake up and there is no Zambia left….

  45. Encephalopathy
    Encephalopathy is a term that means brain disease, damage, or malfunction. Encephalopathy can present a very broad spectrum of symptoms that range from mild, such as some memory loss or subtle personality changes, to severe, such as dementia, seizures, coma, or death. In general, encephalopathy is manifested by an altered mental state that is sometimes accompanied by physical manifestations (for example, poor coordination of limb movements).

    I rest my case…

  46. Chishimba Kambwili should not forget that his wife and children live in UK.
    They are taking other people’s jobs as well.

  47. Am not CK’s supporter,but on this one I second it..people just remove hatred and see things from CK’s point of view..we are the people who cry high unemployment levels in Zambia meanwhile we even have papers…the fact is that we awarded that contract to Indians and we know we can’t get higher positions there,the least we can benefit from such contracts are the same jobs mentioned… for those who are failing to understand I will refer you to (BULULU’s) point,he has said it all..

  48. Latest. ..Mr Chishimba Kambwili has been fired by NDC as consultant. He’s been accused of making NDC to look like a party of clowns. He’s advised to fight his way back to the PF.

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