Zamtel turnaround is commendable-Mushimba

Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba speaking during the launch of ZamPay
Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba speaking during the launch of ZamPay

Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba speaking during the launch of ZamPay
Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba speaking during the launch of ZamPay
Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba says the turnaround that has happened at state run telecoms firm Zamtel is commendable.

Mr Mushimba wrote on his Twitter account that Zamtel is truly impressing at some many levels.

He said the growth in subscriber numbers has seen the company meet all its operational costs and making month on month profits.

“Zamtel went down as far as only having 650,000 subscribers, losing millions of kwachas every month to now having a subscriber base of over 2Million and meeting all operational costs and making some profit every month,” Mr Mushimba twitted.

He added, “They have more work to do but this turnaround is commendable. Zamtel is truly impressing at so many levels. I’m very proud of them. They work hard and smart.”

Mr Mushimba has since called on all Zambians to support Zamtel.

“We should all support Zamtel and have their SIM cards and use their products and services. That’s our company and our pride,” he stated.

Mr Mushimba also emphasized that government has no direct interference in the running of Zamtel.

He said there is a standing instruction that the only interaction with government is at board appointment which is done by Minister as per the Act.

“Outside that, management and board must be allowed to do what they do best and run as professionally as they can. No interference.”

Mr Mushimba said Zamtel will continue to grow its network coverage especially with the Phase II of the Communication Tower project.

“Yes, especially with the 1,009 new towers that have been put in the mostly rural parts of Zambia through the towers phase II project from my ministry, the reach of Zamtel is much wider. But we want the other two to co-locate on these towers and also compete for this rural business.”


    • Mushimba is a Liar and I challenge him to produce independently audited books for ZAMTEL for the last 3 years … I only wish for this company to do well being our own and first Telecoms company in the Country but the lies coming from this Minister will not help anyone. Those who wish to believe him kindly do so at your own peril. That is why you hear him say “some profit” serious companies will tell you the last 3 quarters how the performance has been with clear numbers gross and net revenues etc. The subscriber base he has given means nothing it could be made up of mostly inactive subscribers and of the active he may have a very small proportion of proper Revenue Earning Customers… sometimes these numbers are driven by specific offers which customers go for. Let us support Zamtel…

    • …. but not with lies. If professionalism has to be maintained as he insinuates he should as well start producing professional financial statements for this company. 650,000 customers is actually a very good number if it consists of high revenue earning customers. You will never find anywhere financial statements that are open to the public for Zamtel despite it being a public company. This is more of a political rhetoric than a commercial statement. Zamtel has the most diversified Telecoms portfolio in the country he is not mentioning how the other services are performing and the impact overall on ZAMTEL finances ??? Go figure

    • Look at Uganda they put a tax on social media and look what has happened? About 5 million people have stopped using the internet…what Museveni has done is shot himself in the foot less people are connected. You have simply restricted innovation …same with Zambia with its internet phone tax.

    • I wonder where this dull chap Brian is tweeting from? Is he still in SA hospital nursing a bruised arm after drink driving and flipping a GRZ vehicle…we are still paying for his sick leave…this is the reason govt companies dont make profit with such reckless individuals at the helm.

    • Self glorification is dangerous.
      Mushimba is very worrying at the pase he is moving. First he tells us that Zampost’s problems will be solved then he tries to serve his mismanaging colleague about Zamtel’s performance. The only credible story is one that comes from the auditors reports. List this thing on Luse, remove the current crop of managers and employee learned business people with technology know how. Save this thing before it completely dies.

  1. Aside from totaling a government vehicle, he is right, you know. Zamtel staff are very polite and efficient. Buying a modem from them is way cheaper than buying the bundles Zambians are used to buying everyday for their phones. Instead of each member of the family buying their own bundles, you buy bundles for the modem and everyone has access to the internet in the house. The more Zambians have access to them, the cheaper internet services will be.

    • At what cost? Do you take your modem with you when you leave the house…do you know why people buy bundles on their phones.

    • He would rather talk about high subscribers …you would other Network providers talking that nonsense as they believe in profit not quantity!!

  2. Really laughable …this drunkard is talking about subscribers and overpriced towers which were obtained via an EXIM Bank which turn-around is this utterly dull chap Brian talking about….tell us about profit and loss financial statement.
    This is how he will be issuing statements when his airline ever kicks off..really sad.

  3. Not really sure if zamtel is making a profit or whatever is happening with their administration but on the data side zamtel has become the best data provider within towns and cities although they still need to work on reception between the towns on the highways.

    • Reception between towns is poor because this govt has spend over $200 million on substandard Chink towers with a laughable radius coverage compared to the towers provided by the competition …there is this clown patting himself on the back after he got very rich from that deal.

  4. Mushimba just shut up, you are just another id!ot in this party of thieves and dander heads, peace of sh!t….. PFoools are just morons, kaponya’s with 0IQ

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