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Tasila Lungu’s Borehole Project in Eastern Province



    • Now it makes sense why the Delusional Dictator HH promised a borehole when campaigning in Eastern Province. He was just trying to copy Tasila. There is no originality in that mans bones.

    • This is tax payers money this girl was in America all along until her father became President …she saw opportunity like most African Presidents children to position her self for wealth accumulation activities and suddenly she has become among the richest young people in Zambia. Can she give us any philanthropic works even when her Father just Minister ?? For example Kambwilis son was involved in such works when he was Minister …now Tasila is giving poor people bread crumbs from their thievery. As Africans we don’t make big leaps in progress because of tolerating such myopic delusional and deceptive giveouts as development. This girl without the father being President wouldn’t be doing this I am 100% sure of that

    • Tax payers money put to good use then. It’s easy to attract potential donors when you are a daughter of a president. People will fall over themselves just to be in good graces. Look at people like The Clintons, Bill and Melinda Gates, Oprah, even Nelson Mandela’s foundations. Donors give them astronomical amounts of money on name recognition.
      But if your name is just Chanda from Zambia you think you will get the same support?
      I applaud her efforts. Young and responsible while most of her peers are busy on social media taking butt shots with loads of makeup for likes.

    • Koma bakumawa mudabwitsa anso. Mungazimwa mandzi pamodzi nginyama simungakumbe migodi ndikumanga zipupa kichingiliza? Ati banzelu bakumawa!

    • This girl came with MALIPOSA shoes when she heard that her father was president now she drives anything and everything. Where has she suddenly got the money from? Now some people want her to roll, roll what? Ibange?

  1. President Lungu has an arsenal in his re-election process. His daughter is easily likable and well spoken. You can say nepotism but even Donald Trump has his daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared working as White House top advisors. Cry me a river haters.

  2. Great work Tasila, wish we could be progressive in Zed and come up with permanent solutions though this is good with so many families the borehole might dry up after some time

  3. This is commendable. Imagine all those “looters” and “privileged” who are just drag racing cars in Lusaka and flying about in decadence. Tasila – whether she is using her father’s money or not – is doing something exceptionally different and must be commended and dare I say supported!!

  4. I pity FTJ’s children who only existed for trouble, begging, pilfering. What a legacy to leave for the Luapula Valley.

    • Go to Nkoloma ward 22. There is evidence of what she has done.
      We have had sons and daughters of presidents who have nothing to show apart from stealing for themselves.
      She uses her connection to make donors running to her.
      Let us give credit were it is due. She could have been drinking the so called tax payers money like others before her have done.

    • Matumbo 8.1, remember that son of former president Kaunda that killed a girl. Former presidents children, apart from Mwanawasa were always into dubious things.

  5. This foreigner Edgar Chagwa Lungu is a pricky thorn into our fresh. This shameless thief has completely destroyed our country. Now the daughter of this thieving viper has become a thieving viper as well.
    What ever year we are going to change government, Zambians will make sure that they get back all the stolen money and any other wealth accrued by the Lungus.

  6. ZRA must ensure that Tasila pays the required PF Borehole tax.Secondly Tasila Lungu is relying on state funds plundered from ZESCO by her father.
    However UPND princess and poster girl “DR BUUMBA MALAMBO” is just bagging award after award using her personal savings and resources.
    Dr Buumba Malambo at a tender age of 28, has 29 international awards for her youth activism and helping the vulnerable in Zambia.Her most recent award was 2018 Africa Youth Awards Winner African Youth Of the Year (Female)
    Ba PF , eat that…..

  7. @ shameless, you spot on. Every word you have said is true. The problem is that Zambian masses refuse to scrutinize some of these things. It is also not just about a perceived good thing being done but the fact that this was a position handed to her while thousands of Zambians living in Zambia do not get any opportunities. The money is not hers. Worst part is that everyone in Zambia should have running water, hold these people accountable and the money for proper water systems will appear. I am sorry but no kudos from me

  8. From distributing small shoes to young girls on behalf of a charity to sinking £10,000 boreholes in two years…these thieves

  9. One bore hole per 100 households is just exacerbating poverty. 60 yrs after people deserve more sustainable water supply systems

    • She has a charity sinking boreholes…main donors are Chinese contractors like AVIC, in essence this is just taxpayers money from all those over priced contracts and kickbacks. Once Daddy has left State House the money will dry up.

  10. I totally agree, whether it is stolen money or not she has demonstrated some levels of responsibility, sharing the spoils with the less privileged. I believe even the almighty God is happy about this gesture. On this one, I give her a credit. Just compare with other former President’s children, the Castros of this world. Henry Banda had to take to his heals after his father lost the elections. I don’t know whether he has returned.

    • This is why corruption will never end with such decomposing mindsets …its no wonder young Nigerian Pastor make it in Zambia; there are just too manyy fooooooools like you

  11. A councilor is doing this commendable, who is the moron that is the MP for this district. He is the one we should be angry at, in fact we should be angry at all MPs in the country. Then the District commissioners, PSs and provincial ministers. This and the local councils too. Where have they been for 54 years? By MPs, I am talking about the stoopid ones from the opposition that always fly crying to south Africa, and the ruling Hear hear screaming back benchers.

    • District commissioner Janet Pulakani I commend. Forgive me viewers for adding her to the people I am angry at in my above comment. She initiated the complaint of lack of clean water. Our gratitude to the honorable lady. The rest still keep my sentiments kikikikiki.

  12. Just taxpayers money being used to campaign for her father. Let’s see if she will continue with such projects after her father has left office.

  13. It is how many years after independence? At least, she is doing a commendable job, kudos to her!! And if she is using her father’s money and her connections, well done!!! More politicians should emulate her. It is just sad to see the poverty in these pictures.

  14. I dont like this girls father but we have to give her credit she is smart, she could have easily chosen a life of luxury , drinking at expensive night spots or traveling the world yet she chooses to do good things. She is smart and that is the beauty of education I am told she is also buying land and putting up expensive structures yet if you compare with the Chiluba kids they are all broke and destitute.

  15. Good job Tasila, I can’t believe how previous governments have neglected this , making pple drink from the same water source with animals . Apa peve mwalonga ma votes n if you can take this country wide ninshi ni muyaya balandile

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